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  1. Save this type of pish for Facebook please. This patter is boring enough on one site without needing to bring it to another.
  2. Great business today and a brilliant window. Well done to all. Im confident we’ll get more points in the 2nd half of the season than we did in the first half. Let’s hope those c***s start dropping a few.
  3. I’m lost. Why are we harping on about the NB group? That was a proposal that was put to the club and rejected so I’m not sure why it’s relevant now? People seem to be having a pop at Patrons, what have I missed? As far as I’m aware these are a group of people who have put significant money into the club at a time of need for next to f**k all in return. Why do people feel they have the right to know every last detail about who has invested, how much they have invested and how many shares they had/have?
  4. #ITK I’m not convinced he’s good enough but time will tell. Certainly not a signing I’d be looking for us to make.
  5. Getting rid of Sneddon, Wilson, Ross and Hetherington is tremendous work from the club, well done to all. Now let’s see who else arrives
  6. Given that Southstander is clearly John McGlynn or someone, I’m gona assume there is some truth in this striker rumour. The window has only been open 5 days and we’ve added a right back, a striker is incoming and we’ve shifted 2 diddies with Hetherington rumoured to be next. Sensational stuff
  7. Of course you tried to get it on. Every c**t in Dunfermline had contributed to a Go Fund Me page so some bellend could wave a flag on their behalf. Thoughts and prayers go out to the tifo.
  8. We announce a right back and they call the game off. Massive shitebags
  9. I’m hearing the boy Daramola is signing for Kelty. This provides a number of questions. Is he good enough to play at this level? Personally I don’t think so but time will tell. Are they preparing for the loss of Agyeman? Most importantly, given that this rumour has reached Falkirk, how many heads are gona roll at Kelty for such a leak? Disgraceful.
  10. Looking forward to the transfer window opening. I’m convinced a right back will arrive and it’s another chance to rid ourselves of some of the leftovers from last year and replace them with footballers.
  11. The transfer window really brings out the best of this forum. One minute we should be signing a striker from the 9th division, the next we should be signing Sibbald who’s just played 90mins and scored in the Premier League. I’m gona suggest we maybe aim somewhere in between those 2 but it’s just a suggestion.
  12. There are 2 types of people. 1. Those that are happy that the huge hole in our finances has been filled. 2. Those that are raging it’s not been tweeted yet. I’m sure the announcement will come when the time is right
  13. I thought RC Bairn was having a disaster but when he mentioned McGuffie being a good signing I realised he’s on the complete wind up. Thanks for playing but enough is enough.
  14. Folk jumping on a bandwagon here. McGlynn is a fault over his team selection but let’s not get carried away. During Holts tenure we signed Jamie Wilson, Sammy Omperon, Luke Holt, Cammy Williamson, Mackenzie Lemon, Michael Ruth. That’s before we even get to the current crop of shit that includes McGuffie, Hetherington, McKay… Anyone telling me McGlynns recruitment hasn’t been better than that is on to plumbs. He needs to get his best team on the park quickly tho.
  15. I can’t believe I’m still watching McKay, McGuffie, Nesbitt and Hetherington in the same team. Who knew a midfield containing McGuffie, Nesbitt and Hetherington would be absolutely chronic…who knew. It’s not as if it’s not worked before. Baffling.
  16. Sorry mate but I’m not the least bit ragin. The fact that most of my post was about us losing to shite teams yet you refer to us as the invincibles tells us everything we need to know. You’re either on a shite fishing trip or you’re miles out your depth so either way I’ll leave you to get on with it
  17. Another one who likes to come on here to break to us exactly what we’ve been saying for years. We are very aware of our level thanks. Last year it was clear that you were better than us, I don’t think that’s the case anymore. My original point stands - Airdrie are pish.
  18. Thanks for this. My exact point in 1 image. A picture paints a thousand words as they say.
  19. Yeah that’s what I said. Keep entertaining yourself ya fuckin moron.
  20. This is starting to become very frustrating but the shouts of McGinns legs being gone and the comparison between McGlynn and Miller and McCracken are just nonsense. McGlynn is by far and aware the best manager we’ve had since Houston but he can’t go without criticism. Playing Gary Oliver over the player of the month is crazy and the constant swapping one striker for the other after an hour is very predictable. I know we were saddled with poor players on long contracts but while there are alternatives he is choosing to play McKay, McGuffie, Nesbitt, Oliver n co over the likes of Yeats and Ola - that is his choice not Gary Holts. We are undoubtedly better to watch and on our day we are better than anyone in the league. However Airdrie were pish, Dunfermline are pish, Clyde are pish and Kelty are pish yet we continually drop points to them and we’re a behind a really shit Edinburgh team. We are improving but the frustration comes from the fact the league is there for the taking but we continue to let Dunfermline off the hook.
  21. Congratulations mate. You’ve just shown yourself to be a bigger divot than that Morton clown. Miles off it.
  22. If you can’t work out how an immediate cash injection of £125k might help then it’s probably best you don’t worry about it . Cheers for trying tho.
  23. Holy shit this is tough going. Folk losing their shit over us getting a very winnable cup draw followed by them losing their shit over the club launching an initiative to try and fill a well document £400k hole in the finances.
  24. Put the following poor decisions in order. Binning the Academy. Accusing the fans of racism. Suing fans over the use of the club badge on a t-shirt. Signing 57 shite players. Poaching McKinnon and having to pay compensation. Gary Holt. Super Scout and the Brentford model. Not bringing Ola off the bench last week.
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