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  1. Love this. Can we now bin the idea that finishing 4th in this shit tip of a league is some sort of achievement because a completely different 11 players couldn’t do it last year. Winning this league should be the only thing in our mind.
  2. I don’t know why more haven’t signed up. I’m struggling to understand why instead of signing up you’d hand your money to some guy at the turnstile and ask him to pass it on for you tho. Anyway very comfortable today. As easy a win as you’ll see and results going our way was a bonus.
  3. Just they just join FSS then Rather donating money at the turnstile then diverting it to FSS?
  4. I don’t think it’s just the 90%/10% comment, I think it’s the use of the phrase “it’s not fair”. What’s not fair is that the group of people who are privileged to get the opportunity to run our club continually run it into the ground. It’s not fair that fans are then just expected to bail them out whether they can afford to or not. Tbh it’s not fair on the current board either as this is not their doing. I have no doubt the fans will play their part as we are emotionally invested but I think a message of “help…we’re fucked” would’ve seen more fans put their hand in their pocket than that divisive garbage.
  5. The new regime have got a lot right to be fair to them but holy shit that is bad.
  6. I’ve never bought into the argument that the playoffs would be some sort of achievement. The aim has to be to compete for the title but not bringing a RB in this week could be significant. I think everyone at the club will know that so just hope there is some sort of budget available to do it.
  7. Shadwell trying to pretend there’s not a boardroom leak and folk discussing Charlie Telfer getting a new deal. Have we gone back to May?
  8. Today stinks of last season - a goalie chucking them in, centre halves giving the ball away all day, a powderpuff midfield and no threat up front. McGlynn is desperate to play Mackie at LB and I have no idea why. A team including McGuffie and Nesbitt will never compete for this league. Just when you feel we’ve turned a corner we get hit with that. Let’s hope it was just a bad day
  9. he can have as much experience and be as motivated as he wants. He can also play any position he likes. He’s utter dug shit and you lot trying to convince yourselves otherwise is hilarious.
  10. 3 at the back is pish. Can we leave it at that.
  11. Henderson has had 2 training sessions after being out for about 5 weeks, think it’s a pretty safe bet he won’t be in tomorrow’s starting 11.
  12. f**k Arbroath. f**k Dick Campbell. f**k Anton Dowds. f**k their 500k handout and f**k their style of play. I think that covers it.
  13. Yes. I am aware a number of them will be here, my disappointment is the fact they have been on the park as much. If Kennedy and Henderson were fit, added to last weeks additions then that moves 4 of them out the team. 2 loans - RB and CM and they are all gone. I don’t think we’ll see them feature as much from here
  14. That is my point. Despite better recruitment we’ve still had to include 6 of them far too often. A couple back from injury, the new boys from last week in and another loan or 2 and we won’t need to watch any of them as none are good enough.
  15. I don’t think we were under any illusions that too many of last years dross were still going to be hanging around this year. The big disappointment for me is that 6 of them have featured so heavily. These guys should be spending their Saturday afternoon in Tesco not wearing our shirt. We need a few back from injury but I think we still need to find another couple of loans one way or another.
  16. Disappointed that Mochrie has gone there as it massively strengthens them but pretty optimistic about our new boy
  17. I’m sorry but what the f**k is that? Never mind this “I’ll see you at the games” pish. This guy had been elected by a group of fans who are investing money every month and he’s suddenly chucked it. Why? Staunch fan, worked hard, enthusiastic participation?? Why has he left??
  18. It may turn out not to be a big deal but I think people are within their rights to be concerned about the number of people stepping away from the club. Not sure where the “move along there’s nothing to see here” attitude has come from. We don’t know if there is more to this. Likewise we don’t know that there isn’t but can fully understand the concern.
  19. Quite prepared to take these rumours with a pinch of salt but the wording of the statement is telling for me. IMO if there was a simple explanation it would be suggested in the statement but maybe reading into things too much
  20. Hearts lining up another striker. Go and get Henderson now.
  21. I didn’t actually mind Charlie Telfer but the idea of bringing him back can get tae f**k. He’s part of us under achieving for 3 years, gets released, can’t find a club so we bring him back 2 months later. f**k right off.
  22. So we learned absolutely nothing from that today. Defensively we are much improved and seem to have guys who actually want to keep the ball out the net. Attacking wise we are minging. A new RB, attacking midfielder and a striker needed urgently. IMO 3 good additions gives us every chance tho.
  23. I have to agree with the last few posts. We’ve had people suggesting you can’t ask a question unless you attended a meet the board/manager night, you can’t criticise an organisation you are not a part of and you can’t call something out for being pish unless you are going to take the job on yourself . We are making massive improvements but that mentality can get tae f**k.
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