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  1. Aw f**k looks like I’m gona fall out with a few folk tonight again. Doyle, Muirhead, McHugh…being an ex player that is better than the shite we had last season doesn’t make you a good signing. Limited ability and will run in a straight line until he runs into someone or gets far enough up the park to cross it into the stand behind the goal. It’s ok tho cos he tries and has good patter. Get this to f**k - big no. Henderson is a big yes tho. Well done to McGlynn and the club
  2. Sorry but I can’t agree. Social media is a platform for communicating and improving transparency. He was asked a question and he answered it . If I bumped into him and Tesco and asked him would he have to say “I’m not telling you” or put a statement out so everyone could hear the answer? Absolute nonsense. Knickers in a twist for f**k all.
  3. I’d be surprised if we release ST info without having made any signings. With Swinney suggesting that could be the end of the week then we could be in for a good week. Buckle up folks, HWFG
  4. Aye this is boring. Been waiting months for the season to end and nothing is happening. The same guy who told me we were appointing McGlynn also said Dylan Easton had signed a pre-contract. No idea on his reliability or the reliability of the contract but would be a great signing. Apart from that I’ve heard f**k all - get the rumours out please.
  5. Dennon Lewis is my worst ever Falkirk player for a number of reasons. 1. Being completely shit. 2. Being completely shit but thinking you are a player. 3. His shambles of a performance against Dunfermline. 4. Being a complete and utter bellend. Honorable mentions to Leo Fasan for costing us at least 1 goal every time he stepped on the pitch. Joe Tortalano for being absolutely abysmal and showing his arse to the choir and Ally Graham for being 1 of the biggest downgrades on a player ever.
  6. Parks Weir Hughes Gray McQueen McCallister Latapy Vaulks McWilliams Stainrod Cadette
  7. Ok so far we’ve had penalties, ‘bursting a gut’ and baw twanging a ***. Any advances of this guys strengths?? We also need to get away from ‘better than what we currently have’ as a an indication of whether a player is good or not. I’d be confident we could field an 11 from here that would be better than what we currently have, that doesn’t make us good enough. I see the Ayr fans are devastated at the news…(cue ‘but but but…)
  8. His complete lack of ability perhaps. I’d love someone to point out his strengths and not mention penalties or ‘giving 100%’
  9. There was nothing solid about him. I don’t care what position he’s meant to play he’s an awful footballer and a pretend hard man.
  10. Jean would be an upgrade on our current options, doesn’t mean she’d be a good signing.
  11. Absolutely fucking not. A shocking footballer.
  12. Excellent result for us and another excuse in the bin. When will we be announcing Easton
  13. Disagree. 1. All clubs at our level need backing from the fans in order to generate money. They obviously need us to do our part cos there’s no sky TV or foreign billionaires gona do it for us. 2. There are huge numbers of volunteers at all football clubs and the volunteer and the club clearly benefit from that. No issue with the guy who runs the social media etc doing so on a voluntary basis. 3. There has been a lot of talk about disbanding the academy again. Although we are a while away from any real benefit from it, it’s pleasing to hear it’s part of the plan. 4. Tangible change? Appointing a proper manager is a good start. I’ve always said I’ll criticise the club when I think they’ve fucked up and praise where it’s due. Since the season ended the club deserve nothing but praise. The next bit is key - getting the right players in. Here’s hoping the good work continues.
  14. Great update from the club. Some decent signings in the next week or so and I’ve no doubt the season tickets will sell.
  15. Not a single fucker that pulled on our jersey last season gave a f**k. Yet the mutants offered Sibbald £1500 a week and he knocked them back. He should be brought back for that alone - he gets it. Make it happen.
  16. Can I just ask how long we are going to go round in circles about Goodwillie for? Nobody is going to win, nobody is going to lose, nobody is going to reveal sources, nobody is going to back down. Can we call it a draw and move on?
  17. I wish folk would stop pissing their pants at how difficult the league is going to be. These teams are hardly brilliant and this nonsense about 4th being a good achievement needs hit on the head. With good recruitment we have every chance.
  18. Don’t know what’s better - The fact Yogi relegated you or the fact Peter Grant was in the away end today supporting his son as he helped to relegate you. I can feel the seethe from here
  19. Now that the manager is in place can someone start leaking signing info…
  20. Great appointment . What a difference a few days and some good decisions makes. On Saturday we finished our worst season ever with fans disappearing in numbers. By Wednesday we’ve released a dozen imposters and appointed a proper manager and some feel good factor is back. Well done to the club.
  21. The fact Charlie Telfer was our best player this year tells us everything about why we are where we are. Being the best player on that release list isn’t exactly a great achievement and I’m glad we haven’t fucked about trying to keep any of them. Cheerio. Next.
  22. Good start . Hoping the manager is announced soon so the rest of the clear out can begin.
  23. I’m going to speculate here (and I know you are in the process of trying to ban speculation but I’m going for it anyway) Raith probably couldn’t give a f**k about what is being said on a fans forum. Also, who gives a f**k what Raith think anyway.
  24. So the asking price was the stumbling block and not the rape? And yet we are on here questioning others morals? f**k me. If McGlynn is appointed he’ll certainly have my backing. A much better manager than any of our last 4 or 5 appointments.
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