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  1. Except it was actually 50+ games. Like you, I have concerns over his fitness but you can’t just make shit up
  2. I assume this is to help him maintain his fitness levels while he’s not got a club, not with a view to signing?
  3. Lads, we’ve just made a fantastic signing and rumours are rife that our sexiest ever player is preparing to buy out Lex the plumber yet people want to complain about Charlie Telfer 🤷🏼‍♂️. Have a beer and enjoy today 🙌🏻
  4. Why are people still entertaining this shit? It’s clearly a poor attempt to wind people up and despite numerous pleas to give it a rest folk continue to bite. Its getting more tedious than folk hilariously pretending a signing is about to be announced when it’s not. Closely followed by the even more hilarious “heard it’s Lescinel/Moutinho/De Massis” banter 💤💤💤
  5. Maybe we withdrew from the deal to sign Brown as we were alerted to the fact another midfielder had become available 🤔 Overly optimistic 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. Grant was the best player on the park everytime we played Clyde. How anyone thinks this would be anything other than a good signing is beyond me 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. I hope you are right but I’ve heard this for 10 days now so think I’ll just wait n see.
  8. Is the Keena deal off? Over a week since his club announced we were signing him and there’s been nothing? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. Sorry to interrupt the reminiscing, but BPM said something last night about the MSG selling up. Can anyone confirm if he was 5 hours into a Sunday sesh and talking pish or is there a story here?
  10. Is there a story you can share with us here cos I definitely feel like I’ve missed something 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. Will be good to see this getting over the line. How minor are the issues given that it’s now been a week since the Hartlepool manager announced that the deal was done?
  12. More reliable than our in the know crew by the looks of it. Another wasted day 🙄
  13. Shite shirts & supposed good banter. As a player he will run in a straight line until he either runs into someone or gets far enough up the park to cross the ball into the stand behind the goal. Tries hard tho.
  14. Well this is pish. What a waste of a day. Thanks tho.
  15. Any of the in the know crew able to give a wee heads up as to when we might expect some sort of announcement? This constant refreshing of Twitter is getting a bit boring.
  16. Snedden has been signed for the future. I can’t see him being considered this season and time will tell whether he ever reaches the first team. I suppose that will come down to how much he develops playing full time. However this is absolute nonsense. He was in the Camelon first team squad and he left Stirling to go there and experience “men’s football”, he wasn’t kicked out of Stirling. A decision that appears to have done him good. If you are going to have a go at a young player trying to make his way in the game at least get your facts right.
  17. For me Dixon is a certainty and I think Connolly and Hall have shown enough to be kept on. Durnan will be an interesting one. The biggest disappointment is Telfer. As a footballer, he is better than most on the list of ‘maybes’ which makes the fact he is a massive shite house who is anonymous most weeks even more frustrating. I wonder if he’ll go part time and concentrate on the career in law?
  18. Where did you get the figures? I’ve not seen them quoted anywhere.
  19. Season tickets flying off the shelf and we haven’t even announced Dowds yet. Shadwell must be raging...
  20. Feel like Dowds is getting unnecessary criticism here. He’s a young guy with decent potential and is very highly rated at his current club who play in the same division as us. Yes we’ve fallen from a great height but it’s not Dowds fault. This is the level we are at and I’d much rather a young up and coming player than the journeymen we’ve endured in recent seasons. He might do well, he might not but surely we give him a chance.
  21. Apologies if I’ve just missed this but when will season tickets be available to buy?
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