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  1. Don’t flatter yourself, you’ve caused absolutely no stir. Congratulations on your title win, have a good day.
  2. With all due respect mate...what the f**k would you know about it? McKinnon has been out coached at Peterhead, Airdrie, Clyde and Raith. He is negative, tactically rotten and has no ability to change a game. The blame absolutely lies at his feet. Thanks for caring tho 👍🏻
  3. As good as I was expecting 😂😂😂 This league is every bit as bad as I thought it would be. The fact that we’ve been pish doesn’t somehow make the league any better.
  4. I never said we were any good. In fact we’ve been awful and the fact we’ve been so bad, only won 4 games out of 9, failed to score in 4 games and still could’ve gone top today supports my case. The league is shit mate
  5. Ray McKinnon is now being out coached on a weekly basis by bang average managers. How he couldn’t see they were going to score is beyond me. Everyone in the ground could see Dixon needed a hand and our midfield were being over run except the guy that’s being paid to do something about it. He absolutely told the players at half time to keep a shape and we got battered in the 2nd half. He then brings on a winger and plays him f**k knows where whilst Connor Sammon is on the left wing. Surely you just put Sammon up front (his natural position) and Connolly wide left (his natural position) and go 4-4-2 🤷🏼‍♂️ The manager is killing us and needs to go.
  6. Ok so maybe MC did bump some poor old dear out her change during his taxi driving days but if he comes in and empties McKinnon then I’m all for him. This is awful
  7. I’m not convinced we have the ideal personnel for a 3-5-2 either but still think we could play it. I’d even go for a 3-4-1-2. Teams are sitting in and playing 1 up front against us so if our 3 centre half’s can’t cope with that we’re as well calling it a day the now. It would then allow us to get some width on the pitch...something we are drastically lacking. It would take away the fact that Paul Dixon is our attacking outlet down the left. It would allow us to play one of our numerous number 10’s (be it Telfer, Tidser, Longridge) in an actual number 10 role and have our 2 up front. It wouldn’t be perfect but by f*ck what I’ve watched so far this season certainly isn’t either.
  8. You seem to know a fair about MC. How do you know him? Can you give us any info on the takeover?
  9. Have I missed something re John Park. Is he not waiting until the guy who is giving him a job is actually in charge or has he come out and said he is no longer involved?
  10. Whilst I agree there is probably better to come from Tidser he has been pretty heavily involved in about 4 of our 8 goals and his pass for Telfers goal last week was magnificent. Comparisons with Paul Paton are ludicrous and if he’s making that kinda contribution without being on top of his game then I’ll take it
  11. I can get out the house whenever I want, I don’t need a football match as an excuse. I see the bigger picture and believe that attending last nights has no impact on it. If they want the colts teams in the leagues they’ll do it. If it goes to a vote the vote will be no. Me supporting my team last night doesn’t influence either of those things 👍🏻
  12. It’s not the talking that’s the problem, although it is becoming a bit boring. It’s the fact that people believe that by attending/not attending last nights game they are somehow influencing the future of our game and have a right to tell people they shouldn’t be going Sadly, the people running our game will make decisions and the bigger teams will protect their own interests whether Falkirk fans turn up or not.
  13. Are we allowed to attend the Raith game?
  14. I think the paying customer should matter but I’m not running the show and I’ve seen plenty of evidence to suggest they don’t care. Anyway I’m not a fan of the SFA, Project Brave, the playoff system, the colts involvement or the Welsh teams so I wish you and Hughsie all the best in your quest to send a message. I’m genuinely right behind you in your attempt to force change but I went to support my team tonight
  15. You’ve lost me. They put Rangers in the bottom division because some fans made them?? If the fans had a voice we’d have a 16 team top league, tonight’s cup and the league cup wouldn’t have been messed about with and we’d have a fair playoff system. The big teams look after the big teams I’m afraid and whether the was 17 or 1700 there tonight matters not one bit
  16. I didn’t get one. Too many people in the ground before me unfortunately
  17. If they want the Colts teams in the league they’ll do it. Since when have they started listening to the fans?
  18. What exactly are you trying? They will do what they want when they want. Our attendance tonight will have no bearing on anything
  19. Do you actually think going/not going to the game is going to mean anything to Neil Doncaster and the SFA? You’re not that important I’m afraid but keep convincing yourself that your gona somehow change the future of Scottish football by not attending a first round fixture in Scotland’s smallest competition 🙈
  20. Neil Doncaster will get paid at the end of the month whether we turn up tonight or not. If the clowns running our game decide to put Colts teams in the league they will do it whether we turn up tonight or not. Im not convinced Neil Doncaster will have any idea how many are at tonight’s game but I am convinced he won’t give a f*ck. As harsh as it might sound we have no control over anything that happens so put your super hero pants away and enjoy your biscuit. COYB.
  21. With all due respect MrDust have you had a liquid lunch or something today? If it’s not extremely boring stories about Leeds it’s this even more boring Celtic tripe. We won 6-0 today
  22. Sound mate. Thanks for your input 👍🏻
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