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  1. The fact you’ve used a “not” joke is bad enough. I’m not even gona bother with the rest of it…
  2. Can’t believe Holt got rid of the goalkeeping coach cos he put his son out on loan 😳#ItsAConspiracy
  3. Genuinely don’t know what a cad is. Genuinely not interested in you telling me what it is either. Enjoy your night mate.
  4. I’ve no idea. The only possibly reason I can think of is that they’ve fudged the numbers 🙄.
  5. I bought mine last Friday, the same day as they announced 1000 sold and I don’t have a ticket for Albion Rovers. Slightly damaging to your latest theory 😢
  6. Whilst I’d much rather have seen a centre forward being announced this morning, if we are going to be making such appointments then that is a very good one. Between Swinney and McGivern it’s been a good week for off field appointments. Just hope we have at least 4 equally good ones on the field lined up…
  7. Could you not argue that it’ll be the loan market that’s gona make or break our season? Rather than signing the “dross” we bring in 4 who we wouldn’t be able to sign permanently. Granted our use of the loan market is terrifying but if you look a previous years it’s been players like McManus, Jamie Gullan, Bruce Anderson etc who have been the standout signings at our level.
  8. Please nobody email the club asking about signings 🥴
  9. Our fan base is full of flat Earthers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is enough shit going on at our club to get concerned about without making up conspiracies. A fake fixture…f**k me 🤯
  10. Brilliant 😂. You genuinely think teams won’t sign players cos they’ve played for Falkirk. Classic.
  11. Why are folk trying to pretend our boardroom is having any impact on our signings. Players will sign for the club that offers them the most money. You could have Donald Trump in the boardroom and it wouldn’t matter a f**k. We are signing the players we are signing because we are in league 1, not because GD is chairman.
  12. Folk made their mind up that the squad is shite despite us still having about 6 players to bring in. Folk pretending Bob McHugh is decent 😳. The same folk who’d be absolutely raging I f we were going into the season with McHugh upfront. The squad may well end up shite, likewise it may end up decent. Why don’t we at least wait until it’s complete before making a judgement? As it stands, the fact we never have to see Durnan, Leitch, Sammon and Francis play for us again is already an upgrade.
  13. I don’t actually think there’s many who have a “love affair with the board”. I dislike the board as much as the next person and I’m sure we’re all totally fed up with the way our club is being run. I also think the treatment of the CI guys is a disgrace. However I disagree with the statement that fans take umbrage at fans. The fans were massively behind KJ and the Back the Bairns bid. The only time KJ got stick (as far as I am aware) is when he started talking in riddles about MC and the fans (quite rightly) wanted more info. As for the Navy Blue…I’m sorry but I can see exactly why it was rejected. For me they made too many demands and made a huge mistake not getting the fans on board before submitting their bid. The fact that most fans knew nothing about it until it had been rejected was poor. There was a campaign to get Rawlins in and there now seems to a campaign to get him out before he’s even set foot in the country. Is that because peoples noses are out of joint or is there more to it? Until the riddlers on both sides of the table start talking straight then I’m not sure I’ll ever know.
  14. I must’ve missed this. Can you point me in the direction of where this was said? Thanks.
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