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  1. Longridge is 100% holding out for more money. If someone offers him it he’ll be away if not he’ll sign. He won’t be in any rush to commit to our offer as he can’t play for a few weeks anyway. The club may well set him a deadline but if not this will drag on until he’s fit to play.
  2. Totally agree. I believe we have 1 loan option left so think we’ll utilise that and try and get someone in from the leagues above. That aside, any signings will be to replace those who leave. IMO we will see McShane go and we’ll probably try and free up Tidsers wage one way or another. Cammy Bell might be another as although he hasn’t let us down I think his wage might be better used elsewhere. Surely 2 or 3 good signings and keeping McManus wins us the league?
  3. I don’t think Tidser will go to Queens Park, think he will end up being loaned somewhere. McShane to QP I think is a possibility. They are looking to go full time
  4. Can’t see us signing anyone unless we ship a few out so think M&M will move a few on. Personally I think McShane will go, wouldn’t be surprised to see him join up with Ray again. I think there’s a player in Tidser but he’s not playing and is a high earner so wouldn’t be surprised to see him go and Robbie Match’s form (and the fact he’ll be on peanuts compared to Bell) might see Bell go elsewhere. That should free up the money needed to get the 3 or 4 we need to win the league. Keeping McManus is a must
  5. The same Connor McBride that’s been at Stenny since the start of October and has scored 1 goal in 11 games? Quite happy to miss that trick.
  6. Could you point me in the direction of something to be positive about please? We’re 3rd in league 1, we’re playing mind numbing football, we have no academy and have lost all connection between the club and the fans. Not exactly a joyous time.
  7. Can’t wait for a month of “I know something but I’m not telling you what it is or how I know” 💤💤💤
  8. Leahy at Livi was another thing of beauty.
  9. I don’t think I agree with this. Tidser has liked a tackle way more than I thought he did, his tackle at Raith being a perfect example. He’s not been great but he’s not been the disaster he’s being made out to be. Imagine if we actually used him properly...
  10. The number one problem with the defence is that they are minging. That aside, I think it’s where a lot of our lack of creativity stems from, we have absolutely nothing to build from. Durnan passed 3 into the stand today when trying to pick out the right back and even if he found him the right back would only have run into someone or crossed it into the stand behind the goal.
  11. I tend to agree with this. He’s not been the success we hoped but I also don’t think he’s been as bad as has been made out. We are crying out for quality footballers and that’s exactly what he can be. Unfortunately the fact he was overlooked again today suggests there is an issue and his time may be up
  12. Mark Durnan produced the worst footballing performance I’ve seen in a very long time today. I know Tidser hasn’t been a huge success but in what world does replacing him with Durnan make us a better team? Doyle, Durnan, Buchanan and McShane are dug meat and even some of our better players (Gomis, Miller...) are not exactly the creative types. If you stop Longridge and McManus you stop us. Awful to watch and easy to play against.
  13. Can you elaborate on what was actually said and who it was directed at? Can’t say I heard anything overly personal so intrigued to know what was said to embarrass our good name
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