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  1. Before the signing of Yeats we were a stick on to start the season with Hetherington in midfield, his signing was essential. He has also been our best player in both our games so far, he’s far from a waste of a signing.
  2. On the face of it 2 good additions. Not seen much of Carroll but seems to have bags of potential. Yeats definitely improves us. Centre forwards next please.
  3. Would take both in a heartbeat. Those 2 up front, Sibbs in behind and a roaming right back and we pish the league
  4. I have no doubt we are short of quality and physicality. I expect at least another 4 additions tho so hopefully that is addressed
  5. Tbf out of all the dross that’s been left behind, at least Nesbitt showed something at some point. Granted from October until the end of the season he looked like he couldn’t work his legs but if he can get back to his August/September form then I’m sure we’d all take that.
  6. We are 100% in the race for Sibbald. Whether we win that race is another thing entirely but he cannot sign for them.
  7. I’m not so sure on that. I fully expect to see at least 4 new faces arrive. Obviously the quality of those additions will be key but 4 good signings puts us in the mix IMO.
  8. Yeah I included Innes Cameron as he’s the only name that’s really been mentioned but as I said I’d much rather sign Henderson or someone. Seems we are on a similar page in regards to Williamson, Hetherington, McGuffie… What I would say is that 4 good additions turns that team into genuine contenders. Do we stick or twist?
  9. Given the talk of limited budget and the fact McGlynn has favoured a 4-2-3-1 so far, the team below might not be a million miles away from how we start the season. Where do we think the following team would finish? PJ Williamson Henderson Donaldson Mackie McGinn Yeates/Hetherington Morrison Oliver McGuffie Cameron For me, an upgrade on Williamson, McGuffie and Hetherington (if we don’t sign Yeates) and signing someone like Henderson over Cameron gives us a chance. Surely that’s not inconceivable?
  10. I expect the team that starts the first league game will have a least 5 different players from tonight’s 11 but there is a lot of work to be done. Finishing the game with Wilson and Malcolm up front was like watching the chuckle brothers.
  11. I get that point but 4/10 teams in the league have changed, we have a proper manager in place and I’d guess that 7 or 8 of our starting 11 will have changed from last season. I don’t think how we’ve performed in the last couple of seasons will have much relevance on how we do this season but I may be wrong.
  12. Absolutely no way we should be accepting 4th place before a ball is kicked. Absolutely no way we’ll only make 1 more signing either.
  13. I’m chilled. That was the 4th time you said that. It was also the 4th time nothing happened
  14. Well he’s bound to be right one day I suppose.
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