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  1. I certainly don’t have any evidence, I’m just joining the chat on here. What I am saying is that if there is a JP led consortium I believe it would be the MC led consortium minus MC. Possibly a very pointless conversation but it least it fills a void.
  2. Not ITK but I would guess so. MC was obviously a terrible choice of front man so swap him for someone with a good reputation and try again 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Been saying this for weeks. McMillan and Sammon have had enough chances to prove they are not up to it. Not sure I ever want to see the Buchanan/Durnan partnership again tho.
  4. A disaster right from the start. Poor team selection and some really bad performances from us today. Dixon was awful but has been very good for months so can’t criticise too much. Buchanan is dreadful and was clearly terrified of Goodwillie. I’m sorry but being an ex season ticket holder doesn’t cut it. It’s time he was “rested” and Gary Miller took the arm band. McMillan should never be seen in a Falkirk top again, Telfer has shown up for about an hour all season, Sammon is an imposter and yet we could/should still win this awful league Heres hoping we see a reaction on Tuesday
  5. I’m neither obtuse or stupid thanks. Simply trying to work how you are trying to imply his sending off was for anything other than handball? He punched the ball off the line mate. We know for sure it was a hand ball 🙈
  6. So the referee might report handball as serious foul play?
  7. Serious foul conduct 😂😂😂. 1. What you on about? 2. It was handball mate.
  8. I’d drop Sammon and go 4-2-3-1. Miller and Gomis as the 2 with Longridge Todd/Devita and Connolly (on current form) behind McManus
  9. I agree our first 11 isn’t a whole lot better although from the little I’ve seen of Hall he should be an upgrade on either of our centre halves. On the other hand tho we could’ve been a lot worse. Realistically we could’ve lost McManus, Longridge and Miller...what state would we have been in then? The business we did in January keeping our best players was good, I’d have liked us to do a bit more improving the team I.e. sign a partner for McManus.
  10. So Raith beat a half strength Partick Thistle and all of a sudden they become un catchable?? Just a reminder that Raith are pish...the problem is we’re equally as pish. Was Raiths performance last night any better than ours against Hearts or Arbroath? Doubt it. Was anyone waxing lyrical about how amazing Raith are when they drew with Stranraer last week? We could and probably should win the league but it’s gona be close. Let’s not chuck the towel in yet.
  11. I’m of the understanding that money is available and the preference is to sign a striker. However M&M only want someone who is going to improve the first 11 (understandably). I would guess that finding that player is what is “hindering” our transfer activity not getting 2 high earners off the wage bill.
  12. Mr Dust you are very good at telling people they are wrong. Are you in the know and have info to share with us? For what it’s worth, I heard Tidsers signing on fee was closer to 10k with a further 15k if they win promotion. Add that to a decent weekly wage and he’s not gona scupper that move waiting on a pay off from us. I’m not saying he walked for nothing but we quite probably won out the deal. Bell was also desperate to get a way as I believe he was commuting from Ayrshire so wouldn’t have taken much to shift him either considering the wage he’s probably picking up at QP. Couod all be hearsay and no doubt you’ll tell me I’m wrong but just thought I’d share 👍🏻
  13. My mistake, thought that might’ve been an option. Could be slim pickings then.
  14. That’s my concern. Although there always seems to be ways around these things I.e the player we want is attached to a club but comes to an agreement to be released to allow us to sign him 🤷🏼‍♂️
  15. The fact we can only sign free agents does limit the pool of players that can come in and improve us but for me a striker is a must. McMillan and Sammon have had plenty chances and neither have grasped them. Sign a first choice striker (not another squad player) that can go into the team alongside McManus and I think we win the league. Don’t sign a striker and it’s a toss of a coin.
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