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  1. I'd like this game to be a turning point for us, for the better.
  2. A win would be good for morale. We seem to need that, bizarrely
  3. Absolutely fucking TRIGGERED. Magnificent stuff bois.
  4. Not yet. I thought his team mates salvaged a draw.
  5. Absolutely fantastic to see the great red hope f**k up on his debut! All these sheepshagging granite snorting fuckwits told us he was the signing of the century. Sooooooo umami😂
  6. Taking my visiting Dad and Brother to the Whitecaps v Cavalry game tonight . Couldn't really give a f**k about the Caps tbh , however theres a wee felly that plays for Cavalry i'd like to see score tonight......
  7. Cockhead triggered again! He just cant help but obsess over Hibs!
  8. AFC Cockhead seems very triggered about Hibs. Fapping away at his wee nub over Ojo , despite us being on record withdrawing our offer.
  9. Point me to where you asked a question? You were champing at the bit to get a mention of the old firm 😂 Please stay on topic.
  10. When was the last time your shitbox team sniffed Europe? Don't get involved in topics in which you have no knowledge. ON TOPIC , i hope Killie hold out. A trip to Belgrade would be superb.
  11. Anybody make it through to Dunfy? Keen to hear about the new faces , and cant quite bear dot net.
  12. In actual fact he has, but Hibs have also....seen this post on Twitter and its absolutely on point!! Scott Allan has been the best transfer in the history of football. Signed for free in 2014 POTY 2015 Linked with title rival Rangers Sold to Celtic Got McGeouch, Henderson and 275k for him Signed back on Loan Scored v Rangers Snapped Rossiter Signed for free again 6 months later
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