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  1. Just makes it even more sweeter knowing the Maroon Legal Eagles wanted him and he chose us instead.
  2. Wonder what that boring senile old twat Miller and his carer Dick Gordon have to say about this. What a national embarrassment those players are.
  3. Been a while since you won anything weesacks.....
  4. Was at this one too. What a fucking day out that was. Im actually in the video after the first goal I think this honestly might be my all time favorite away game. There was 5k Hibees in that end , it was fucking BOUNCING!!! Riordan got a rapturous welcome coming on, had he not bumped the **** that week? Im sure that was GOC's last game an all wasn't it? I got the subway back to Partick after the 90, was quite the experience.
  5. What a wondrous and emotional body of art you have posted my friend. I was at the Stokes goal of the season game, that pass from Zemmama 👊💧💧
  6. Amazing effort from everyone involved, great to see the donations going up and up as well.
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