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  1. Yes like one of your committee slaughtering ex players and saying the SJFA are rigging it for talbot to stay in the cup
  2. Is that you finally got data back in your phone , been very quiet since your defeat
  3. He apologised for slagging one of you’re ex players but I think the post you replied to there seems to be a lot more than that been said of DL.
  4. You aren’t allowed to ask clubs about business. There was a poster on another thread who got himself in to some state over it
  5. Was any of these semi final trans close to winning it last season ? I know castlemilk won everything but just can’t mind any of these teams been mentioned last season
  6. I had no idea he’s never been to game. He talks as tho sandys are the best team on the planet and will beat everyone. How’s he coming to that conclusion?
  7. You are just a nosey b*****d. Try taking your balls out your wife’s purse and your nose out Ferguson’s arse it’s embarrassing
  8. And they know your talking nonsense with your 20 mins podcast full of absolute shite. You keep Yourself out the dressing rooms and worry about all the other shite that’s going on behind closed doors.
  9. Nobody’s asking you to comment bawbag , away and talk to your wife if you want gossip. Your just a nosey so and so. My source will remain unnamed.
  10. You can’t go bunkrupt if you don’t pay your players , haha wouldn’t worry about releasing the players I’m sure you know the majority Won’t of the players won’t be there [emoji23]
  11. Few players injured Ferguson . Easy call off eh . Another game off , players not paid again . Shambles
  12. I’m not doing myself any favours ? And what favours is that I want off anybody connected to Glencairn? I’ll post stuff where I see fit on any page I want.
  13. Haha you continue to try pull the wool over everybody’s eyes because your club is getting run like a circus behind close doors. You can’t take criticism when it’s aimed at your own club.
  14. No I want the a run through of all the negative posts about teams I’ve done . If you are referring to camby I was proved correct
  15. Because I’ll post it where I see fit. I’m not going to ask permission from the likes of you. Baring in mind Ferguson was always going on about what darvel and camby we’re paying players etc (when camby were doing it ). He thinks it’s okay to post about other clubs business then so do I
  16. My pal lying then he’s not been paid ? Just you stay out the dressing room on match days and stop eating the players sweets and drinking their juices . 1 guy pays for that out his pocket for the players not for you to help yourself
  17. Is it only Glencairn supporters that are allowed to post on here ?
  18. Yes I do peter , stop deflecting it . You know fine well. And keep saying my name I couldn’t give a f**k
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