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  1. I’m sure Dallas is signing for pollok
  2. And you’re a bawbag but hey [emoji867]
  3. Where did I mention I didn’t like Protestant? Well Steve I am a Protestant so get it round ye
  4. Dreaming about Darvel again. You really are a sad tit of a boy
  5. Well he was shite , unfortunately for you won’t see him refereeing again ;-)
  6. Ps does everybody who hates Lennon have access to browns twitter account and offer to resign for him ?
  7. Because he tweeted it from his twitter account and then offered his resignation. That’s a big clue
  8. Never got sacked for bad decisions. He abused Neil Lennon on social media . Is that okay ?
  9. [emoji817] mate . Horrible decisions against Arthurlie n was a smug c**t whilst doing it.
  10. Let’s make it 6. You still raging Wee Del left. I know you are [emoji23]
  11. I replied to you’re smart arse comment , don’t go in a mood because you’re best players left yous
  12. I’m not concerned , couldn’t care less what happens next season with yous too be honest [emoji106]
  13. I was speaking to 1 of the players tail end of the season n he said if yous don’t add quality to the squad you’s will struggle in that league
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