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  1. I’m sure he says he can’t comment on it the now
  2. Apparently that was in the warm up and another photo got put up with corner flags during the game
  3. I thought that with his posts , he’s obviously got something against the guy Disney
  4. Away you n sit on the bench for a la Liga side ....eh EOS side
  5. And rightly so , should be embarrassed with there selves putting An appeal in
  6. Well if they went to Harestanes and got knocked out I’m sure they wouldn’t appeal the decision through having no corner flags , it’s an embarrassment
  7. I’d be embarrassed if I was associated with Harestanes and playing that reply. As someone said early in the thread it was a free hit for Harestanes. If they won the game I doubt the home would be lodging same appeal
  8. Knapp wasn’t playing he has a 4 game suspension
  9. You’re patter is class mate , away back and play the PlayStation ya virgin
  10. Liked the wee guy up front was playing more to the right. Very fast. I heard someone mention Joe Gold was the best midfielder in Amateur football. Not on yesterday’s performance he isn’t.
  11. Big Marzy who personally I thought was class the day
  12. Probs about 100 odds I would say mate
  13. Aye I think will be close next week, obviously harder as it will be down at their park. Castlemilk missing few players but so were shortlees
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