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  1. Good to see a band doing an old-fashioned trek around the town halls and clubs in places not often featured on the musical map. Probably plenty of cash in it as well.
  2. Kill 'Em All never had any covers on but perhaps later CD re-issues contained bonus tracks. As far as I remember, Garage Days contained "Helpless" by Diamond Head but not "Am I Evil"....I think that song was originally a B-side on the Creeping Death single. Just to confuse matters, a second Garage Days album surfaced a few years after the first on (Re-Re-Visited?) Perhaps "Evil" was on that? On the subject of Diamond Head, they looked set for great things, had a wealth of melodic riff-tastic material but it never really happened for them. Being managed by the singer's mum wasn't the best strategy for stardom. Nevertheless, the first album climbed into the UK Top 30. The second release, Canterbury, was a major departure from the tradition HM sound and alienated a large portion of the band's fanbase. Brian Tatler reflected years later "The sleeve was shit, the songs too experimental and a pressing fault caused the first 20,000 copies to jump...it killed us stone dead"
  3. No it's not. If a minority of disruptive pupils can be kept in line by the threat of the belt then that benefits the kids who are actually interested in learning. Discipline in schools began to fall apart the day the belt was withdrawn.
  4. Privately-funded faith schools get some of the best exam results in the country. Clearly they are providing their pupils with a good education.
  5. Murray is a fantastic player with many years ahead of him and we are all rightly proud of him. But he's a wee bit unlucky in the sense that he started his career while Federer - undoubtedly one of the greatest players of all time - was still at the top of his game and now the emergence of Nadal looks certain to deny Murray from picking up grand slam titles, although I do think he'll get a couple.
  6. If a religious order wants to fund their own school and it meets all the relevant educational standards then good luck to them.
  7. It's astonishing the number of people who mix up "lose" and "loose". They don't even sound the same. At least the people who write "I could of...." are trying to phinetically mimic their thoughts. We all have spelling blind-spots but anyone of reasonable intelligence should be comfortable with handling written language.
  8. Spelling is either right or wrong, you just have to learn it. Reading is the best way. But yes we do need to drill youngsters in grammar. I mean, we all speak English, surely 12 years of compulsory schooling should allow people to write it properly?
  9. Do you wear a helmet when cycling. They seem to be all the rage yet cold statistics indicate that you are actually safer riding without one. I'm not sure why this is the case, maybe because you take more risks when wearing head protection?
  10. Gazza is clearly very ill and has been ravaged by alcoholism. It's not nice of the media to make a laughing stock of him. Would they do this with a cancer sufferer? But Gazza himself seems to be making precious little attempt to seek help and unless he addresses his problems he will most likely fail to see his 50th birthday.
  11. Help is available for Gazza but he'd rather drink himself into oblivion. He's a pathetic creature - albeit a wealthy one - and will most likely be dead before he reaches 50.
  12. Triangle (2009) Young people on yacht that gets into trouble. Big ship appears out of nowhere to rescue them but nobody seems to be on board. Then strange things start happening..... Turned it off at this point, not because it was particularly bad but because I've seen it all before. 4/10
  13. Hiding women behind veils in the 21st century is a ridiculous practice and should not be allowed to become part of British society. If Moslems in the UK want to retain a bit of their own cluture, then fine, but there are less extreme methods than a burqa.
  14. A very mixed bag for me at the weekend. Flight 666 - Number of the beast - Fascinating documentary following the world's most enduring heavy metal band on a worldwide tour (9/10). Antichrist - Latest effort from Lars Von Trier. Couldn't get into this at all. Switched off after half an hour (1/10). Rollerball - Futuristic thriller from the 70s. All looks a bit dated now but watchable nonetheless (5/10). Black Narcissus - Oscar winner way back in 1947. Nice cinematography but the plot was a bit weary at times (6/10).
  15. Angels and Demons 5/10 Beautifully shot but the plot (at least, what I could understandf of it) left me cold.
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