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  1. aye hundreds of goals of Court mind [emoji848]
  2. Kane will be hoping he is not just going there to keep the bench warm, just like Rodger did
  3. Thats my season ticket arrived, with book number 26, last season I had book number 71 26 sold is just over 7k
  4. Thats my season ticket bought also a season ticket for the grandson so a new supporter starting on the highs and lows of being an East Fife fan 'mon the Fife'
  5. 2 year deal for Docherty at Forfar[emoji848][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Linton 30 yrs old injury prone lack of game time at Fife, life is to short, nothing to do with ambition, he just likes playing football and if earning a few more pounds playing at Kelty, then good luck to him
  7. Watson will be doing pre season, so another signing and I think Higgins will be back
  8. paying a fee isn't a problem for Kelty
  9. I would say Court, Kane and Sparky to go. Linton has had a few injuries and I would say he will look some where else for next season, Kelty Hearts[emoji848] Bell is a young laddie who has something but needs game time, is that on loan or to be played Hope we get C Watson and Meggatt to sign up Loan players keep Murdoch and Currie
  10. Montrose do not have a easy run in not sure about Airdrie' s, but we play both of them, so let's get on with it. Montrose has Arbroath, Forfar Raith, Us, Airdrie and Brechin who are still fighting for points. 'Mon the Fife'
  11. Liam, there is a work colleague who has two or three scrapbooks made up of newspaper clippings , pictures of the East Fife team during the 49 to 51 season. Which his Dad had collected. Is this something the club would like to have?
  12. Not being applauded off the park will hurt them KK.
  13. Today was disappointing but for feck sake the moaning and the comments were just ridiculous at times. No wonder people don't come to watch the team, most of those moaning have old fashion ideas on how football should be played, some need anger management counselling. DY got tactics wrong, team selection wrong today , but we need to support the team. Court is not gòod enough, Dowds is a target man so use him as that. Corner kicks are delivered but we never have anyone attacking it We run out of ideas in the final third It's getting tight but we do have the players to get to the play offs 3 more home games to go, hopefully the team and management are looking forward to these games[emoji15]
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