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  1. Well the season officially starts in two days time with a league cup tie against close neighbours Ashfield . As the club begin there centenary celebrations there is plenty happening off the pitch as well as improvements to the pitch and the ground. 7 new faces and some old faces make up the core of this season's squad tho we used 26 players in 5 pre season matches so I think that will be trimmed down before Friday night . My prediction for the season . We will hold our own and I believe we can finish in the top 10 which all things being equal will be a successful season
  2. Never mind the fighting talk I'm disappointed Darvel are charging kids from 12-16 to get into the game on Friday night Poor show DL let the weans in for nothing [emoji106]
  3. Spanks is at Girvan I'm led to believe so maybe that's the underlying issue why he wants to a fight with craigmark guy Joke I'm led to believe is on coaching staff at Darvel so that is what ties it all together . Basically guy from Girvan and guy from Darvel want to fight guy from Craigmark but guy from Craigmark only wants to fight guy from Girvan and has also offered to fight a poster on here KH7 if he does not stop making cheeky remarks . Hope that makes sense [emoji23]
  4. Will the Ayrshire media run will this story the morning of the Hurlford game or does DL also have them in his pocket dancing to his tune [emoji23] Season not even started and we have square go's happening all over the place I love junior fitba [emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Let me interpret Spanks said joke and Mick want to meet the guy for a fight cos he bad mouthed them . Mick denied it saying he has no clue who the guy is nor does he wish to fight him But the guy does not believe that as spanks worked with Joke and now Joke works with Mick so he thinks they must have discussed it and that's why he got private messages offering him out for a fight . Hope that clears it up for you
  7. Can't argue with any of that tbh and 4 games in a week also puts pressure on fans aswell both in terms of time spent attending the games and financially . The problem really goes back to the calender we use and the problem of having 2/3 months of games getting postponed all over the place which means we are trying to fit as many games and competition's into such a short period of time before what can potentially be a winter shutdown especially for teams who play on grass . This leads to an utter nonsense in spring when clubs are trying to play 8 games in 16 days which happened to the candy the season before last.
  8. He is speaking late modern English which includes Jargon and slang .
  9. Madness we don't play summer football or set our fixture list like league of Ireland but for some reason some folk think trying to play in the winter is beneficial to the game
  10. Its just a way to try and boost attendances for a local match by trying to get folk to go if there senior team are playing on the Saturday We played Friday tail end of last season and attrached a decent crowd so given ourselves and Ashfield are close neighbors it's certainly worth a try
  11. I'm sure kinky has forgiven you Peter [emoji106]
  12. Proper city derby on Friday night as St Rochs take on Ashfield in a battle of the North Kick off is 19.15 Admission is as follows Adults £6 Concessions £3 Kids go Free The only game in the second city of the empire on Friday night
  13. Would that be old English ,middle English or early modern English or maybe even queen's English ? Personally I can understand him fine but maybe I'm just more cultured in Scottish localisms
  14. Good luck kid Decent standard and I'm sure you will do someone a turn [emoji106]
  15. Largs 5 largs ams 0 HT Arthurlie 1 Maryhill 0 HT
  16. We all know how that worked out [emoji23][emoji23]
  17. Thanks m8 we meet next Monday night on cup business and I'm sure it will be an another hard fought affair . Good luck too for the season just not on Monday night [emoji106]
  18. Coffee and cake [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  19. Thanks Mick I'm just stirring the pot [emoji1787][emoji106] Aye it was a good performance on the night against a strong Clydebank side . Good luck this season m8 a very high caliber of player you have brought in and I'm sure every junior fan in the division is looking forward to see there team pit there wits against you as even at this early stage your the benchmark of where others need to be if we wish to be successful .
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