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  1. Shocking m8 and last Wednesday night seems worlds away after the two performances and barely even created a chance in those two games but we will get it right tho might need to bring in a few new faces for certain positions

    Another piss poor performance. Really need to get the finger out or it will be relegation dog fight in our centenary season.
  2. Sounds like a poor affair all round, especially after I thought the Roch played some good stuff against Petershill a few days before...
    Back in the days before mobile phones and sat nav when I was playing for the Roch... (maybe 1993?) we were playing Thorniewood away and “remembered” seeing a sign for it whilst driving so told the gaffer I would meet them there... ended up in Thornliebank... by the time I found the right town/ground we had started with a coach called Joe as we were short so I got changed quick and went on... they never delayed THAT game.... and we got beaten too... [emoji23]
    How long do you delay a game for? What about the fans who are there and need to be somewhere after? Sounds like a fair shout to start on time but must have stuck in the throat on that bus..... chalk it up to experience... getting there late (most of my tackles were like that too)...that’s what happens when you are 100 years old...
    MTC! [emoji517][emoji460]️[emoji106]

    Fair point big man but it was not just the bus nearly all our fans were late due to road closure.

    I understand and accept what your saying but I would argue ( that's no like me [emoji1787] ) that is a Saturday afternoon during the summer and pushing the game back a wee bit would have been just a nice touch by craigmark as we have travelled over 50 odd mile to watch a game of football and put money in there pockets .

    Junior football struggles enough not getting either enough punters or money into the game without treating the guys who are actually making the effort to be there with contempt .

    Yes we take it on the chin and lesson learned but as a wise old candy fan once told me ....

    football without fans , Is just a kick about doon the park with yer pals
  3. We will be back league survival permitting m8 [emoji106]
    Just one of those things that happen we all move on from it .
    Personally I enjoy a wee trip to Dalmellington and last couple of visits we have certainly got the weather and the steak pies are superb

    LOL.hope so ma man.
    Mate a hope u guys aw come bac next season. sum crowd u have.
  4. Get there on time ? we left 2 hours before kick off but unaware A77 was closed and we were not late last season in fact we were there in good time spending our money on food,raffles and beer but we won't be next season we will arrive just before kick off as it's clear our presence is neither welcome nor wanted

    Don’t think craigmark won’t to get involved in this but this happened the last time they played the rochs . Get there on time like every other team has too . Team was there so don’t see what the problem is . Any way thought it was a great game played in a great spirit, and good luck to rochs for rest of season [emoji106]
  5. Ref said he was happy too wait but Craigmark said no DL and it was our own fault that we never checked to see if the A77 was shut ( booking buses is a pain in the arse and now I need to check the traffic reports aswell [emoji1787] ) personally I thought it was shite from them tho kept someone on the gate to make sure we paid full price for slightly more than half a game kids aswell .

    Surely the game could have been held up 30 minutes Chris at this time of the year to let ur guys in ? 


  6. A very angry post but the information I was given was that Hurlford rejected that offer .
    So I can only comment on the information given so if they did indeed offer to wave the fee for under 16 but over 12 then I applaud them as I think that offering free entry to kids is a wonderful incentive to get the kids involved and hopefully they become the next generation of fans of that club .

    Hurlford were asked if they were ok with free entry for U12s. They said YES.Later that day they were asked if they were ok with free entry for U16s. Again, they said YES. I would be amazed if Talbot responded differently as, to my knowledge, they never have when Hurlford have asked them. 
    But PLEASE don't let the facts cloud your judgement in the blame game.
    Hurlford have free entry for 16 and under at all home league games and home cup ties where the opposition agrees. They always agree to the same rules when playing away in cup ties.
    I understand it becomes tricky in the Scottish Cup when the association gets a share of gates.
    If a club allows UNACCOMPANIED young children into the ground the question of Duty of Care becomes more complicated and therefore it makes sense to give the gate officials some element of control should, for example, a 13yo arrive with younger kids in tow without any adult supervision.
    Good look at ourselves over.
  7. Where are the odds DL

    Tbf that is generous given the players at your disposal but what's the odds for the Scottish cup that's where we will see what the bookies really think


    4/6 for the title , Mick what u doing to us [emoji23][emoji23]




  8. £9 if he comes down himself although you might already be in?
    I think this needs to be addressed next season.
    Nothing Darvel can do if the other clubs in the cup tie don't agree to waive the fee for under 16s as it's a shared gate .

    The teams who really should look at themselves are Hurlford & Talbot as they refused to let kids in for free.
  9. Park on the main road outside the ground which is free .
    Pies I think are average but the bridies are superb tho and would be my recommendation .

    Going to come along to this on Friday after work. Where's best to park? And what are yer pies like?
  10. Come m8 you have deep pockets just give the wee teams in your group your loose change and let the weans in for nothing .

    It's a bit of a bear bug of mine tbh DL clubs charging the kids but it's not your fault if other clubs don't agree .

    It always seems to be the so called big boys that want every penny but at the candy we have been quite lucky as team's we have drawn in the cup have almost all waived the kids free except for a couple of super League big guns .

  11. Yes very disappointing
    I would have thought that given the wealth of the club and the wages they pay they could have covered the cost of letting the brae kids who dream of seeing the new Darvel legends in the flesh in for free .

    Whit ? youngest boy claims he is going with his friends . He obviously doesn’t no he has too pay too get in 
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