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  1. Sorry I couldn't make it today due to work commitments as I was looking forward to a catch up with you lads. Well done on a very good result and performance today I heard the candy were not at the races but while I hate getting beat the teams around us also lost so as we were and better teams than us will get taken apart by Darvel . Good luck for the rest of the season guys [emoji106]
  2. For us who need to book buses or potentially put in holidays from work it's better if we are given the draw as soon as possible but let's wait for replays to be played or given the recent weather not being played .
  3. RENFREW 1 ST ROCHS 2 Another absolute worldie from young Coogans to win it . Morton for Renfrew Mcstay ( Pen ) Coogans for Candy
  4. Newmains v vale of Clyde Glasgow Perthshire v bellshill
  5. Lesmahagow 0 St Rochs 2 ( McManus & Tierney ) FT Candy into round four
  6. Glasgow Perthshire 3 Larkhall 6 Saltcoats 1 Ardeer 1
  7. Port Glasgow 2 Lanark 0 Lanark down to 9 men
  8. Shettleston 2 Girvan 0 Saltcoats 0 Ardeer 1
  9. Glasgow Perthshire 1 Larkhall 5
  10. Matches postponed so far Forth v Yoker Kello v E K Thistle Wishaw v Winton Shotts v Renfrew Annbank v Saint Anthony's Blantyre v St Rochs Bellshill v Greenock Thorniewood v Muirkirk
  11. One final comment I get a bit of stick on here for backing Darvel but the reason is very simple I met and was given the guilded tour by DL last season, he introduced me to a few faces and with a beer in hand we had a right good chat about football and remember we had a few ding dongs on here ourselves, once over candyman playing whiskey in the jar when we beat them 1-0 lol but despite what I had read on here and what some had said I met a guy who loved his club and was excited about what was planned for Darvel and despite us being rivals he still wanted to pass on advice,information and even help when I nipped his nut about a few things and on my encounters in junior football DL and the folk at Darvel are a rare breed and I have the utmost respect for them and if folk don't like it then tough . Then when the lads came down the Roch earlier this season I met up and enjoyed a good old chat with ceejayar and co who despite signing more players than the all stars were very humble and far from being big time Charlie's they in fact had spoken at length on how tough the championship would be to get promoted from which is what you get when you meet good football people. Am I jealous of Darvel ? You better believe it I wish it was St Rochs buying the top players and building a cracking venue but I certainly don't begrudge them any success that comes there way as they have put a lot of time ,money and effort into making there club not just a good footballing side but also a place that can be the hub of the community and be something the town can be proud of so if folk want to give them stick for that then they need to give themselves a right good look in the mirror cos for junior fitba to survive that's what all our clubs need to be doing,that is being the hub of the community and being a club the local folk can be proud of
  12. Cheers m8 In life you take folk as you meet them and you lads were sound when I first met you and I'm looking for to coming back down just before Xmas to see yourself ,DL and the pie man get the latest chat and a bit of banter before going in the away end and cheering my team on while DL is going bonkers on the other side ( well I hope is anyway cos we are winning lol ).
  13. Haha never went anywhere clown shoe Our page has sadly died a death , a bit like your patter image wanting a team relegated cos you dislike one of there fans [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Considering my role last season being involved in candy merch and the social media aspect Andy was indeed my Gaffer so don't know why your getting your frillies in a twist
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