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  1. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Girvan 1 Darvel 3 Kilsyth 3 Irvine Vic's 0 Rossvale 6 Dalry 1 Glencairn 1 Larkhall 1
  2. Transfer List

    Legend is just a fan It's a junior football site so surely he is entitled to get a bit carried away with the ambitious plans his club have unveiled . I have never understood this target on the back nonsense as if your club can only lift themselves to beat Darvel cos of one guy then there is clearly bigger issues at that club.
  3. Transfer List

    Of course it does not guarantee anything but they feel they now have the right management team in place and fancy there chances for next season but rather than greeting about it my view is simple match them on and off the park or don't complain simply cos they are more ambitious
  4. Transfer List

    The hardest aspect for me to deal with is player loyalty if there is even such a thing in the junior game or should there even be ? Players are part time so should it be expected they chase the money or should they show a bit of loyalty to the guys who give up there time and money to follow them up and down the country it's a tough one tbh
  5. Transfer List

    Why ? He is simply telling it as it is ! Darvel are the man city of the juniors they have the means to sign any player they want and there is nothing we can do about it other than get our own houses in order and try to match there ambitions . If we can't then we can't moan about them going to the next level.
  6. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    For me always play cup games on Saturday and should take precedence over leagues games as the cup ties are always special especially if you have not won anything since Moses was a boy
  7. Transfer List

    I can't argue with that .it's clear your putting the foundations in place and that will protect the club in the long term once your self sufficient . So it makes sense that the management team and top signings are the next logical step to try and get the club where they want to be . I'm sure there will be a lot of jealousy directed at yourself and the club as I find Junior football incredibly petty at the best of times but I wish you guys every success and think it's great for junior football to see a club growing than rather being dragged along with the times
  8. Transfer List

    I think Darvel deserve great credit for targetting Talbot who are unquestionably the best side in Scotland bit for me it's a risky strategy as it's all fine and well filling the pockets of some players with a cartload of cash but unless the piggy bank is neverending then it will only last as long as the benefactors stay interested where as for me what Talbot have achieved has been 30 odd year in the making building the club brick by brick and a few years of Darvel winning the trophies won't shake that foundation.
  9. Transfer List

    Nope he clearly thinks yer bluffing legend but he will see soon enough it's no bluff
  10. Transfer List

    Oh I fully expect to see a few shocked faces in Ayrshire when the deals start becoming public knowledge
  11. Transfer List

    Darvel are running about like the Man City of junior football expect a right few big moves there this summer
  12. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    That's a completely different issue After next Saturday we don't have a home game for a month and face the same issue but that's just how the fixtures have fallen and no point crying about it as Kennie is trying his best and can't please everyone .
  13. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    Clearly missed the point He does not deserve any criticism whatsoever He has made his decision and given us all an explanation to why decision was made plus everyone has been given plenty of time to make / change arrangements so move on.
  14. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    Cup games will generate more income for the clubs involved rather than many meaningless league games if played on a Saturday but as usual the same old faces finding something to greet about. Guy has done a brilliant job but it's impossible to please everyone so just get on with as it's night and day from the previous guy in charge of the fixtures
  15. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    Well done Kennie You can't please everyone so just keep doing what your doing [emoji106]