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  1. At this time,there is no outlook 4 the future at Abbey Park,as those facilities won't last another cpl of years.Ksc gives us a chance 2 build something 4 the future and if we r saving the planned 16k n putting it towards the facilities,along with the money promised from a few who want 2 invest in the new park,I think it will take shape in cpl o years.The plans looked good.
  2. I would say he's just bn realistic.There is no 1 with the kind of money needed at Abbey Park.If the club is to flourish in the future and with junior football changing, we need 2 have better facilities.
  3. The advertising was brought in by the ex committee member who was drove out the club by idiots making up lies and being harassed while trying 2 work.Hopefully he could be talked in 2 coming back in time or sum 1 got a big job pre season.He was a big part in them want 2 advertise,not where we play.
  4. Definitely,know 1 or 2 teams have had reservations already.I hope when folk vote,they think bout the future .
  5. I'm along the same lines,no alternative but 2 move.If we don't we leave the future of the club in the balance,as these facilities aren't good enough,n how long b4 some 1 refuses 2 use them.
  6. Clydebank v Kilwinning usually a good game,2 teams who try 2 play it on the deck.last season was 3 2 ,so should get few goals.
  7. Not an easy thing 2 decide n as I said ,it's not as if the club hasn't stated this over last cpl o seasons.Lot o folk on the fb page etc haven't been at a game in 20 years,do u give them a vote??
  8. Fans have been told at every meeting for 2 years,only a season ticket would guarantee a vote on any matters.As 4 the players,surely your Ben Lewis(10yrs),Adam Strain and Bryan Boylan(5yrs plus)who have had 2 put up with poor and sinking changing rooms and having 2 wait 4 a shower,are entitled 2 a vote!!!
  9. Good 2 c us getting back 2 playing matters.Fine performance n could have scored a few more,if it wasn't 4 some good saves from the Cumnock keeper.Big game next week and a chance 2 go 2nd.
  10. Don't think in the 40 years I've attended Buffs games,have I witnessed so many troublemakers.Most of this nowadays is done by keyboard warriors.Everyone has been given the opportunity 2 put there points fwd or cum up with plans,but no 1 really has.The only folk who have a plan and have been very open,are the current committee who have the future existence of the Buffs at heart,as they are all genuine guys.We lost a good 1 in Colin Evans n I hope that will be the last.
  11. Let's b honest here,there has been troublemakers,or why has 1 committee member,who raised a lot of money 4 club walked away n why has countless lies been said bout the chairman and current committee.B glad 2 c it all by with n the club hopefully moving fwd.
  12. Keeping it going 4 a whole season might be different,as my own team found out last season.Few cracks appearing lately n Talbot getting stronger again.
  13. Think folk need 2 realise that it's not the chairman n committee that realise the Buffs need 2 move,the sensible fwd thinking fans and players do as well.
  14. U must be reading that wrong then ,as that's probably only a third of the support at most and basically members.
  15. Don't think that's bn decided yet,but there talking season ticket holders,committee n volunteers voting.
  16. Think that's how things r moving fwd,there is no concrete plans or funding n they've had long enough.
  17. More like 100k plus or Ksc I'd say.the folk who had plans 2 stay have came up with nothing in the last year.
  18. I think it's more 2 do with the club having an ambitious future,which can't b realised at Abbey park,due to decades of neglect and no chance of raising the money 2 get it up 2 standard.
  19. From what I've seen and heard,the group that wanted 2 stay and raise money 4 improvements have came up with nothing in last 6 months.Now is the time 2 put up or shut up I'd say!!!
  20. I have ,along with others,watched,played ,even painted stands as a 10 year old at Abbey park n protested years ago 2 stay there,but sad 2 say the money is not there 2 bring it up 2 an acceptable standard 4 the future n if it means in 3 to 5 years we have a new stadium fit 2 progress in the future I'm all 4 it .coyb.
  21. The problem is the 1s waiting in the wings are dinosaurs who can't see junior football is changing and we need 2 keep up with the times.The old chairman had his time n I for 1 don't want him back near the committee.
  22. Your right there,but something has 2 give n maybe he's not the last,if crowds don't improve.
  23. They had a reduction last season and I believe some of them beginning of this season,so this move has been forced on the committee, by lack of fans this season.
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