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  1. I think any senior team outwith the big 2 would be glad of the revenue.id b delighted 2 go back 2 Firhill again 20 years on.
  2. I'm sure,as has happened up until now the committee will listen 2 any ideas or members questions,but time is tight 2 get it ready 4 next season,so they need 2 push on.
  3. Meeting 4 what??the timescale n plans were put out in the statement by the committee??
  4. I believe they've started the surrounding fencing.
  5. Being honest,I loved it ,1st old fashioned junior battle on a heavy park I've seen in a while,Buffs just had that bit more quality in final 3rd.
  6. Much better performance after a slow start.
  7. An sfa official from crowd had 2 do the line.off with concussion, I think
  8. Not even half time yet.ref off injured.
  9. Buffs 3 Thornton Hibs 2.Good cup tie
  10. Very poor from Thornton Hibs asking 4 3 quid 4 kids.Good gesture from the Buffs 2 then 2 give all kids juice n crisps.All about attracting the fans of the future.
  11. I'm sure the 1 behind the goals is going 2 the new park
  12. Thanks,next week at home 2 Thornton Hibs.
  13. The new park will be all fenced off and b well kept 4 The Buffs and in time it will be a cracking wee stadium fit 4 the future.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong,has your park no got another park next door.Im sure the Buffs will make sure it's a decent ground n time n there's no way it will be quiet [emoji23][emoji23]
  15. There's also the 20th Anniversary of our Scottish win,which I now hope we can concentrating on marking with a decent occasion.Its all bn shelved ,due the move debate.coyb
  16. Buffs have made a loss nearly every season and the park has been neglected 4 20 years.it was attempted 2 start bringing it up 2 scratch ,but kept finding more work in other areas needing done and the type of money needed is not there.
  17. Common sense at last,shame 2 leave Abbey Park,but 4 the future of the club it's a no brainer.70% 4 moving,pretty resounding.
  18. Come on,the park was neglected long b4 then n we have a hospitality suite that does very well.The current chairman has put 18k at least of his money in 2 the club and along with Colin Evans attracted numerous new sponsors.Be very careful what u wish 4 ,as I don't member any previous chairman in last 15 yrs doing the same.
  19. Maybe we,'ll get his payment 4 his advertising boards now from his 1st time as Chairman[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  20. The costings r there n so r the pledges
  21. The costings r all there 4 Ksc ,so where's the ifs n buts??If u save 16k a year,then it's not rocket science,u can put that 2 facilities and playing staff,along with the pledges of money from fans as well.
  22. I don't really see any alternative. Stay at Abbey Park,where teams have complained bout changing rooms,or couldn't fit in the away 1??a boiler in the refs room,that falls thru the floor,or the lot could end up in Ladyford Ave???
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