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  1. Ian dick (ex buffs player)remember it well[emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Doing not 2 bad ,but think the other Stuart sums u up.bellend with a keyboard
  3. Your info is very poor ,new park is grass as well,but thanks 4 your input[emoji2] [emoji2]
  4. Think you'll find we haven't lost anything,we made the choice 2 move.
  5. Both 99 and current teams will be in attendance,sure 2 be a Great night.
  6. That drunken rabble from Kilwinning u blame, had no problems with any Kelty fans and mingled well with them.Their only problem was 1 when it emerged there was 1 player u employed that most of society wouldn't touch and made it clear.no problems with any other fans or player.
  7. Think the Buffs were looking at putting a similar size stand at the new ground.
  8. I'd say the Buffs had at least half the crowd at Largs as well.Pity the team didnae turn up !!!
  9. Do u not think thats poor 4 a Scottish cup quarter final??was definitely a lot more at Largs,600 plus I'd say.
  10. I also think he's done a great job,but lately our indiscipline and constant change of formation has baffled me .Time the club as a whole hammered the players letting the fans down.Great support down at Largs today but I agree,where r they every week???Maybe time we looked at the value 4 money some of the players r giving??
  11. Very surprised Largs r no favourites 4 the game,as both team rested a lot o players last week and they have home advantage on the 4g
  12. Hoping the home advantage will be evened out with a large Buffs support who r travelling up 2 the game and we seem 2 do well on the plastic pitches.
  13. Buffs(possibly after a replay),Lochee,Clydebank,Talbot
  14. Can u tip largs next week plz[emoji6][emoji6].2 b fair both team rested a few players,so hard 2 judge on today's game.
  15. Buffs 3 Largs 1.Pettigrew and og
  16. Totally agree,be bolder if he'd put his name 2 it and let the man defend it
  17. Do u mean when he hurdles the challenge of the boy wanting 2 take him out the park??
  18. I don't think it helps,but players have got 2 b responsible 4 their own discipline n could be a bit more clever,instead of right in front of the ref.
  19. Coleman sent off n other more interested in squaring up than getting an equaliser.
  20. Bit unlucky 2 lose today ,game could have went either way,but our lack of discipline after that was shocking.Time the manager spoke 2 players n sorted this ,as our squad is bare enough,without unnecessary suspensions,going in 2 a Scottish cup quarter final.!!!
  21. 2 teams well matched going on previous games.Buffs very inconsistent this season,but have saved their best 4 the Scottish.Look fwd 2 a few refreshments in jg sharps.
  22. Tough draw,but winnable if we r at our best.
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