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  1. Was 6 feet away fae tackle,so think I had better view than him
  2. To say Frye deserved 2 get sent off,tells me you've never played the game,50/50 challenge,which he wanted more.took the ball.pollok player rolls about ,then gets up n gives a team mate a high 5 n a wee smile.disgrace n he was the 1 who should have saw red.
  3. Any glens fans tell us if game v buffs is in any doubt.heard it was quite bad down there??
  4. buffy1899

    Fluid Fans?

    Was told by an old talbot boy,the biggest away support hed seen was the buffs the year they won the scottish and the other 5 trophies.??
  5. Weather killed it,I'd say 5/600.
  6. Probably b in the top 6 crowds in Scotland then[emoji23][emoji23]
  7. SEE BELOW A TWEET FROM THE BUFFS MANAGER CHRIS STRAIN Tremendous. I'd like to issue a challenge [email protected] fans to break the 1000 barrier this week. We play Glenafton Scottish cup holder and league champions to Abbey park with our team currently top. Let's support the boys #1000 WHOS UP FOR BREAKING THE 1000 attendance numbers at Abbey Park this week Pollock has over 1000 at there game on Saturday!! With no senior games on this could be manageable[emoji460]️[emoji460]️[emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji836]️ #bringapal #topoftheleague #COYB
  8. Buffs had Andy walker,1 game 1 goal!!Ted McMinn as a coach 2 name a col.sure there's more
  9. Totally agree with the above comment,the ref ruined a good game of football on a poor pitch.he got the basics wrong and let the hurlford players influence Pettigrew sending off.after that he had 2 even it up late on with the hurlford player,who was struggling with injury.more disturbing was he didn't seem 2 know the advantage rule all the way thru the game.time the supervisors demoted these poor refs.
  10. What's the chances of the game being on morra ??
  11. Watch out 4 an interest in Isaac from Hurlford!!
  12. Maybole 0 kilwinning 2 ft score
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