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  1. Game changed on 2nd goal,blatant offside,when buffs on top
  2. Thought there was a decent crowd at the game today n heard an auld boy say it's the busiest hed seen the club takeaway aw season.
  3. Think u need 2 pay more attention 2 your own club and let others deal with theirs.We dont deny he overstep the mark at times,and the club have dealt with this,but your manager is nae snowflake.Anyway give me a manager with passion on the touchline b4 a Statue anyday[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  4. It was 2 Buffs player who collided and he gave the free kick 2 Hurlford,resulting Penalty looked very soft as well.Hard on Davie Syme who was outstanding,with the Buffs playing n hour without a keeper.
  5. Lot of good work being done on the surface by local company Gt groundcare,even after this weeks rain it was still immaculate.As for Chris,he has his faults and can go 2 far,but give me a passionate manager who makes decisions to 1 who sits in his dugout doing nothing.
  6. Hes telling him"Stick with the Buffs son,youll go places"[emoji6][emoji6]
  7. Looks a real find and everybody says the same,he was outstanding at Amateur.Big step up 2 the Premier,but doesn't look out of place.He ll get even better as he toughens up 2 the Junior.Reminds a few of us of Ross Stewart wen he 1st came 2 the Buffs, and he done not 2 bad!!
  8. Totally agree,the whole mood and atmosphere around the club has lifted.Time 2 look forward .
  9. Heard it was hoping 2 b started in September, but not sure.
  10. Massive game 4 the Buffs tomorrow,bout time we got a result against them.They bullied us and wanted it more in the games last season,so need 2 stand up n b counted and we should be confident after 2 decent performances. Coyb
  11. Clyde bank 0 Buffs2(Wilson)
  12. Clyde bank 0 Buffs 1(Monti)
  13. Probably not[emoji2] [emoji2].Never understood why they dont encourage ex players 2 have a go at refereeing.Keeps them in the game and uses their experience 2 make better decisions.Think the players would probably have more respect 4 them as well.
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