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  1. If Darvel were the most professionally run club in the country or whatever is being claimed, they'd be sitting Darvel Legend down and revoking his internet access. People are laughing at the club because of him.
  2. Any chance you could write in English so we can understand what you're saying without having to decipher it? Jesus christ.
  3. I don't know much about the club at all, but the arrogance of a few of their fans on here has made me wanting to see them get gubbed tbh. Fair enough they've spent a bit of money and look to have a great setup - good on them, but a bit of humility wouldn't go amiss.
  4. Been looking in at this thread for a while and you've got to laugh... Darvel fans moaning about other fans being jealous but at the same time, the arrogance from them is astounding - especially after winning 3 pre season games.
  5. Would be good if people stopped quoting the images. Absolutely murder on the train trying to load pages when the same images load countless times.
  6. Genuine question - ever thought about having someone re-design the website? I doubt it'd be a big job and it'd be a lot more user friendly...
  7. Anyone know if the surface will be anything like the new surface at the reccy in Mountblow? Had a look at it the other night and the pitch was shocking considering it's brand new.
  8. I could be wrong but I think the current manager only joined after the new year?
  9. Who was the Colville #6 the other night? Heard good things about him.
  10. Shame really. Watched some of the earlier games in the season where you only lost by a single goal. Never seemed to get the rub of the green in close matches.
  11. Updated squad list anyone?
  12. Who all left at the end of last season?
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