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  1. Absolutely tremendous news that. Let’s see if the Navy Blue group were actually serious and return with an offer now or if it was just a way to ruffle feathers.
  2. The facts are now extremely clear to see, ultimately in every department it’s just not good enough… and our league position is a very fair reflection of what we are and will continue to be… unless there is change. The conversation should now be focussed on how we can make positive change at the club cause we all know what’s coming if nothing happens.
  3. Scott Mercer and Robbie Leitch score this weekend again… slightly pleasing tbh.
  4. Would love somebody to dish out serious facts tomorrow night to bring the board etc down. Hopefully none of this “do we work on shooting” pish that always seems to happen.
  5. Whilst I would love John Hughes to return, the model the club is clearly going to continue with is a head coach working under a director of football… which ultimately rules out a return for Yogi!
  6. Anybody who thinks any of this is acceptable or tries to make any excuse for how we are performing really needs to get themselves checked.
  7. Bet you went tonto at the equalising goal yesterday. Delighted with the point. COYB lads and onto next week.
  8. The worrying thing is when people start accepting this level and we should give people more time when we are sitting in 6th place in league 1 after finishing the previous season in 5th place. Expectations and standards have dropped massively. Soon Deans and co will be congratulating the team for pushing hard to make the play off places in league one and some Falkirk fans will clap the team off the pitch as we unfortunately miss out on 4th place to f**king Dumbarton.
  9. Easily one of the worst Falkirk TV interviews of all time. A proper disaster from start to finish from all involved.
  10. We’re still embarrassing and still shite.
  11. The exception being the “PR” guy McFarlane who actually had hair…. Mind when he said fans should be more patient? Whit a laugh that was.
  12. No gonna lie but this feels much better. 3 league defeats on the trot, shite football and fans arguing amongst each other. It all got a bit too positive for my liking earlier in the season, felt strange.
  13. Hate when managers try pull the wool over fans eyes by claiming we played well and that things are moving in the right direction, when it’s clearly not the case. Sheerin has been honest up until yesterday.
  14. But I thought things had changed… Sheerin said we were Barcelona… Deans said it wouldn’t get better without him… Holt identifies 3 players for every position… Carrie Rawlins pretends she knows who Kevin McCallister is and we’re told there’s a new positive atmosphere around the place.
  15. Only seen us 3 times this year because I refused to buy a season ticket. Airdrie away, Queens at home, Alloa away and yet to be impressed. Don’t get me wrong I think Sheerin has improved things and we are at least attempting to play football. But when does someone actually take blame for this constant sh*te… doesn’t look like we have turned a corner at all.
  16. “It’s very early days with the development squad, but we are already seeing good players such as Ben Weekes, Cammy Willliamson and now Mackenzie Lemon being identified and going on to play a role in the first-team squad.” That reads otherwise. Gary trying to make it out like he is doing a brilliant job. Shock.
  17. Embarrassing narrative by the club that the development squad is feeding players into the first team.
  18. COYB…. Once a Bairn, Always A Bairn…. Pass the sweeties over here.
  19. Some of the fans who are gagging to get into the Albion Rovers game are embarrassing and absolutely part of the problem at the club…
  20. Back tracking... why didn’t you make that correction earlier on?
  21. Q&A initial thoughts: 1. Deans is a knob and came across the worst. 2. Colin McFarlane loves Gary Holt a bit too much 3. I give him stick but fair play to Lewis Connolly on this occasion. 4. Sheerin comes across awright. 5. McFarlane saying that the fans had to be more understanding was easily the most infuriating comment.
  22. Honestly who the f**k knows who it is. Who the f**k even cares anymore who it is. Everyone either speaks in code or talks sh**e. Get this club in the bin now.
  23. This group of potential investors calling themselves The Navy Blue would indicate they are fans.... yet they aren’t willing to tell other fans some major details of their bid.
  24. Club? Pish. Deans? Pish. Holt? Pish. Sheerin? TBC. Falkirk TV? Pish. FalkirkTV Questions? Pish. Board of Directors? Pish. New Players? Meh. More ex Morton. So probably pish. Zero point emailing a question cause they’ll be vetted and the guy Lewis wouldn’t dare. Waste of f**king time.
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