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  1. I get your point, I think one thing we don’t have on our side however is time. We’ve got to get the right and we’ve got to get it right almost immediately.
  2. No doubt there will be a reason for no announcement so far… but everything this club does annoys me right now.
  3. Unfortunately there’s no obvious solution to how we fix this problem. Some people point to the fact that Sheerin is inexperienced as being the problem but we have just been pumped off a team with an inexperienced head coach. Every name mentioned doesn’t set the world alight but ultimately we are languishing in the middle of league one with a f**king horrendous team, what sane person willingly takes the gig.
  4. It’s alright though…. remember BPM has told us it’s time to pull together.
  5. You must be on here for the wind up. Fans like this should take a portion of the blame for where we are... totally accepting of this pure sh**e for years on end.
  6. Canny wait for the 5 new patrons on the board to do the right thing and sack Holt and Sheerin. HWG!
  7. So basically the FSS appointments will be temporarily held by Patrons, sounds a little bit bizarre so let’s hope it is temporary. You keep saying “pull together” and whilst I don’t disagree.... the only way that happens is by emptying Sheerin and Holt immediately. Time will tell I suppose.
  8. In a way we have finally got a little bit of what we have asked for in terms of a fresh board and more fan involvement on the board. Just a couple of thoughts..... 1. Presuming it’s the same guy, can David White be a patron but also be representing FSS on the board? 2. If this new board don’t empty Paul Sheerin and Gary Holt on day 1 then it’s absolutely pointless having a new board and they are just as bad as the previous lot.
  9. Absolutely tremendous news that. Let’s see if the Navy Blue group were actually serious and return with an offer now or if it was just a way to ruffle feathers.
  10. The facts are now extremely clear to see, ultimately in every department it’s just not good enough… and our league position is a very fair reflection of what we are and will continue to be… unless there is change. The conversation should now be focussed on how we can make positive change at the club cause we all know what’s coming if nothing happens.
  11. Scott Mercer and Robbie Leitch score this weekend again… slightly pleasing tbh.
  12. Would love somebody to dish out serious facts tomorrow night to bring the board etc down. Hopefully none of this “do we work on shooting” pish that always seems to happen.
  13. Whilst I would love John Hughes to return, the model the club is clearly going to continue with is a head coach working under a director of football… which ultimately rules out a return for Yogi!
  14. Anybody who thinks any of this is acceptable or tries to make any excuse for how we are performing really needs to get themselves checked.
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