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  1. This thread should be a brilliant read after today’s news but f**k me it’s sh*te.... Rays a dick & Paul Dixon is pish... move on.
  2. Only disappointment is that Mark Durnan wasn’t also relieved of his duties with immediate effect.
  3. Where’s that bloke earlier who said we didn’t have the money to sack him.... canny be bothered scrolling back hunners of pages to find him...
  4. Some shocking shouts so far... would be interested to hear who genuinely could be a good shout and would be keen...
  5. Really shocked we didn’t hear a shout of “cmon boys we’ve not started yet...” right in front of the south stand. Plays to his audience cause he’s so bang average.
  6. Personal highlight today was the runner up BairnforLife prize getting jeered once he said it was to do with the manager. Then didn’t mention it again afterwards. Ps. Get Ray to f**k.
  7. “Ray McKinnon looks ahead to tomorrow’s match against Airdrie...” Nah yer awright.
  8. More than likely already been said... but the news today is both great news and horrendous. We knew already, but this whole episode shows just how badly we are run but also we have dodged a major bullet. Now sack Ray boy pls.
  9. Fair play to anybody on this who reads a post that’s longer than 6 lines, f**king boring seriously... The only exception to that rule being cheerio from chiggsy.
  10. RM has been let off so lightly after his part in our relegation and even yesterday he got away with it, bar 1 chant.
  11. Averaging 1.7 points per game this season, over 36 games that’s 61 points. That usually means you finish 3rd in this league... exactly where we are right now. Nothing will change if he continues to be in charge.
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