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  1. “It’s very early days with the development squad, but we are already seeing good players such as Ben Weekes, Cammy Willliamson and now Mackenzie Lemon being identified and going on to play a role in the first-team squad.” That reads otherwise. Gary trying to make it out like he is doing a brilliant job. Shock.
  2. Embarrassing narrative by the club that the development squad is feeding players into the first team.
  3. COYB…. Once a Bairn, Always A Bairn…. Pass the sweeties over here.
  4. Some of the fans who are gagging to get into the Albion Rovers game are embarrassing and absolutely part of the problem at the club…
  5. Back tracking... why didn’t you make that correction earlier on? 🤔
  6. Q&A initial thoughts: 1. Deans is a knob and came across the worst. 2. Colin McFarlane loves Gary Holt a bit too much 3. I give him stick but fair play to Lewis Connolly on this occasion. 4. Sheerin comes across awright. 5. McFarlane saying that the fans had to be more understanding was easily the most infuriating comment.
  7. Honestly who the f**k knows who it is. Who the f**k even cares anymore who it is. Everyone either speaks in code or talks sh**e. Get this club in the bin now.
  8. This group of potential investors calling themselves The Navy Blue would indicate they are fans.... yet they aren’t willing to tell other fans some major details of their bid. 😂
  9. Club? Pish. Deans? Pish. Holt? Pish. Sheerin? TBC. Falkirk TV? Pish. FalkirkTV Questions? Pish. Board of Directors? Pish. New Players? Meh. More ex Morton. So probably pish. Zero point emailing a question cause they’ll be vetted and the guy Lewis wouldn’t dare. Waste of f**king time.
  10. 1. Some sort of refund at least on offer for those who need it and as a sign of an apology for such a catastrophe of a season. 2. The video was bad. 3. Hosting a fans Q&A like they said before churning out the usual season ticket sh**e.
  11. The club can get to f**k with those season ticket prices, that pishy branding, the awful video and just being general fuds.
  12. Did Gary Deans not say the past week of announcements would really excite the fans? Mckay, Nesbitt, Williamson & Hetherington. Better than previous? Probably. Excited? Nope.
  13. Sheerin pretty well briefed for that interview by the club/board. Deans - “Remember and say that you are the first appointment of this board... and that we carried out our due diligence... and don’t call Corzo by his nickname” Also volunteers or not, when can we bin the Falkirk TV guys. Brutal stuff.
  14. If only CC52 was still about... 😥
  15. Pottzo making a t*t of themselves. Shock.
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