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  1. Any chance of some news about season tickets … or even a wee “”
  2. Aero not coming back… Mr Julio will be delighted!
  3. If “silky soccer” isn’t the tag line for season tickets this year… I’m no buying one.
  4. Is HopeStreetWalker the new EdiBairn?
  5. I’ve been critical of the start the new board made but should also say fair play for the work being done now… Didnt really want McGlynn but he’s a far better bet than Alan Johnston / Jim McIntyre etc. Recruitment has been better than us, particularly in the loan market (ie. Jamie Gullan). Raith played some very decent football especially since being promoted to the championship. He seems to get better performances out of players that we couldn’t (ie. Aidan Connolly). On top of that, a quick start in terms of releasing players and sharing the news with supporters. Feeling more positive than ever before… Just need to get a smashing new kit, release Brad McKay, sign 15 new players and win the league. Easy x
  6. They could at least try. Something they haven’t really done yet. Hopefully soon though if what some are saying is going to be the case.
  7. Would hardly call it putting the boot in. For too long we’ve had board members holding zero accountability for their actions and it would be good to see this new dawn with a serious change in regards to this manner. So far…. Unsure.
  8. Aye we’re absolutely ganting and this squad needs emptied ASAP… however in the worst season ever, be good to share some of our “highlights”… I’d go for 1. Colborn saying fans booing was putting players off. 2. Getting scudded 6 zip by a Queens Park side who had just gone 5 without a win. 3. Rennie incessantly saying we started the game well even though we conceded in the first 10 minutes every week.
  9. Any idea if the BOD / club plan on holding a fans event to explain what the f**k has gone on this season and how they plan to sort it? People can say we need to “unite together as one” but there’s still so much shit going on and bad feeling between a lot of people involved with the club that even if they appointed a decent manager I’m still not convinced it would persuade me to get a season ticket. A proper clear the air session might just be what we all need.
  10. Anybody else find the social media / Twitter updates extremely annoying. Everything about our club is annoying right now.
  11. Binning this full team next Sunday cannot come quick enough.
  12. With the position we are in, unfortunately it will be slim pickings for our next manager. The candidate is likely to be experienced, free, without better offers & likely to accept a 1 year deal. That points to a McIntyre / Johnston type.
  13. I honestly don’t even know why Rennie staying is a conversation. Give him some modest targets (not even a league placing) to achieve in his time and he’s failed on them all… - Improve win percentage…. Fail - Be more competitive against teams above us in the league…. Fail - Improve individual player performances (Williamson, Hetherington etc)…. Fail - Improve on style of play / set up / in game management… Fail - More open communication with fans on performances and improvements… Fail
  14. Lewis Connolly accepting that only getting scudded 2-0 was an improvement on previous weeks is a feeling that’s voiced by a wider fan base which is extremely concerning, as it shows just how far we have fallen and continue to fall. Hold yer hands up Rennie and apologise, you came here with the minimum target of achieving the play offs and you haven’t even been pipped to the post. It’s now impossible with 3 games still to go. I said a while back that we were beyond fixing, shockingly BPM didn’t take too well to that. But I’ll stand by that statement if Rennie stays on next season.
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