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  1. spot on Tbf last year 51 points would have had us with the playoff place, realistically this year i think 60 or thereabouts clinches it. Its been a tougher league at the top end this year. Obviously there are still games to play and points to be won and dropped. But last year the gap between a playoff place and 8th was only 9pts, this year its already 19. Not really sure what caused the big difference, or maybe last year swas just an abnormal one.
  2. If they brought a retro top out like that 1973/4 number i reckon you would have a top seller on your hands
  3. Im no a fan of this latest season. The thing i couldnt get my head around was the change in Dee's face!
  4. Disappointing defeat, crazy defensive performances, and probably the most angry i have ever felt leaving Bayview (and ive been places and done things) I cant help but feel we have needlessly thrown away a good cup run by not seeing the game away. However, fair play to Glasgow and good luck to them going forward. They wanted the win, never gave up, and grafted it out. That's what cup football is all about. The players need to show this was just a bad day at the office, and not the return of the crazy form we had toward the end of last year. I'm not pushing the panic button quite yet, we have taken enough bigger team scalps in cups that eventually you are going to come a cropper yourself, but if a few bad league performances follow i may start dusting it down.
  5. Personally I don't think Falkirk's squad is a league winning squad, i've said this from the start of the season, however, due to the amount of cash spent, there is no upside for any manager taking that job now, especially one like DY who is trying to push on. The squad is capable but not exceptional. The fans expect to win most games - win them and you are only doing what is expected, draw or lose and there is some hefty criticism coming your way. Dont win the league/promotion, and your reputation takes a fairly major hit, a load of pressure mounts for the 2nd season response, and like most previous incumbents of the 'should've won the league last year' award - you are out your job by Christmas. Veterans of the lower leagues have seen this story unfold so many times It would take a brave man to go into Falkirk right now with the boardroom shambles, and a hit and miss squad. I suspect they are more likely to get someone who has been at a 'bigger' club before and is trying to restore their reputation, than someone on their way up.
  6. This is a difficult one, as i agree that i think we will see a different montrose side now they seem to have found their feet this season. But, if we want to try and keep pace for the playoffs, home wins will be crucial. After this, in the league, we have dumbarton and airdrie away and then falkirk at home. A fairly difficult set of fixtures, which once we are through, i think we will have a much better grasp on where we are heading for the season. Hopefully 3 points on saturday sets us up to go on a mini win streak. I'm optimistically predicting 2-0, Boyd (2) to keep his run going
  7. Surprised, but at the same time glad DY stays. I think FT clubs will come knocking for him eventually, and rightly so. If he can put himself in the shop window by keeping us on the promotion trail then i cant think many will begrudge him a move, whether it be this season or next. I would hope this may also act as a nudge to the board for succession planning for life after DY. I would think the relatively stable way the club is run, and the way the board stand by the manager through patches of bad form would make us an attractive proposition for a lot of managers.
  8. Just here out of interest, but if that list is indeed true, it is hard to look past Houston or Stewart As someone who got to enjoy the Raith implosion, John Hughes should be nowhere near your selection process. You feel that once he is past the 'if i shout expletives louder then the team will play better' strategy, then he really has no other tactical nous about him. Young i think would be an ideal candidate, his record doesnt look great on paper for us, but our cup runs last year led to a ridiculous fixture pile up, which for a PT team took its toll on our form. He has turned us into a very good cup team, delivered some of our best league runs in years, and he has an eye for a player - not just over reliance on the seasoned journeymen. I would hate to see him leave Bayview, but i think he will end up in your league sooner rather than later.
  9. I've been wanting this for a long time, with the feeling that the 433 high press style game just doesn't suit us. It inevitably turns into a deep 451 and we struggle to create anything in the opponents half. With the way modern fullbacks push on to provide width, having two upfront essentially man for man with the CBs would at the very lest give the other team problems.
  10. I dont think Falkirk will be top come the halfway point. I think Raith are beginning to find their feet, and an effective system. I do however think Raith and Falkirk will be clear of the pack at the top after game 18. I'm relatively happy with how east fife have started. There are a few games we could look at as opportunities wasted to take all three points, but we have strikers who are capable, a midfield that is as strong as any i have seen at Bayview in recent times, and a defence that is gelling nicely. As many have said, the injury/ suspension situation will have an influence on our season, but outside of Falkirk, i think that can be said for all the other teams in the league. I am most impressed with Dumbarton if i am being honest. From the outside looking in, i thought Duffy had a tough gig at the start of the year, as dumbarton looked like they were taking a while to pull a squad together. When Falkirk ran riot early doors, i reckoned they were doomed to a relegation scrap, but they seem to have regrouped and they are only a point outside the playoffs.
  11. Clyde 1-2 Montrose Dumbarton 0-2 Forfar East Fife 5-0 Stranraer Peterhead 2-2 Airdrie Raith Rovers 3-3 Falkirk
  12. Falkirk are getting a little bit of the medicine Raith had to swallow when they came down. You boys are the scalp, and a point is a decent enough result for most teams in the league, so they sit deep and counter. The fact the Falkirk fans expect three points most games (rightly so given the squad) means that should Mckinnon open up and chase the winner, then he plays right into the hands of the counter attack. I always think if you boys dont get the first goal in a game, you are in trouble. There are enough decent strikers in the league that can punish you from set pieces and counters.
  13. Of all the good wins and away days etc last season, the insanity of this photo is still a top highlight. Makes me laugh everytime i see it.
  14. Out of the blue (for me certainly) but that’s a needed signing if the duggan injury is keeping him out for longer. Seems like a lad that needs to drop down the leagues to establish himself. the amount of chances we create he will have plenty of opportunity to rack up good numbers well done the board for backing the gaffer yet again.
  15. Anywhere between 17-20 points off the first quarter of games is on track for championship winning pace i reckon, every team will have a wobble along the way. I think arbroath had 20/21 points after the first round of fixtures last year, then stormed it in the next quarter of games with 24, as you say your home games will probably come in handy
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