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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    The carrot for boys that want to get back into f/t having been p/t is that you guys are offering a hybrid squad. Prove yourself on a p/t contract and there is the opportunity that you could end up with a f/t contract. I think both yourselves and Airdrie might be able to recruit a some players who are dropping down the leagues with that type of incentive.
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Will be interesting to see how you guys make the hybrid model work. For the amount of teams making regular losses in the championship, you have to think more and more will begin to operate this way as the financial realities begin to bite.
  3. The East Fife Thread

    I could be wrong, but i thought it was same strip with a new sponsor
  4. Game of Thrones

    There's an extent that i actually feel pretty sorry for the actors for that final season. They did a pretty comprehensive press tour before the last season kicked off. For the amount of hype and build up the show got, they must have known that the outcome would be so underwhelming that a lot of fans would hate it.
  5. Next Scotland Manager

    Best man for the job, knows the Scottish game and players, and for the amount of times the SFA have hauled him in, he must be on first name terms with them aswell.
  6. The East Fife Thread

    That will be a shootout for the number 1 jersey, both quality keepers. Another quality signing.
  7. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    That was the worst game of football I have watched. Considering you needed a few goals to make a contest of it, that team looked flat, and played at a pedestrian tempo. Maybe a game too far after a long season, or maybe just a further example of the heart the team has lacked all year. Will be interesting to see what comes out over the next few weeks, regards the players staying for next year. Potentially this is your opportunity to tear it up and start again. Incredible to consider the nosedive since that season under McKinnon. A few crazy managerial appointments and a stable championship team turns into a league 1 mainstay. Will take something special to get up next year, looking forward to the fife derbies tho!
  8. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Might it be that some of your 'better' FT players just agree equally lucrative p/t deals, and the part-time basis is more for the overall squad rather than for example the Nisbetts and Vaughans.
  9. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Bit presumptuous with a second leg still to play, and enough european exploits to show a first leg lead means nothing, but..... if Raith don't go up does the board keep McGlynn? They stood by Smith when he didn't get up, but the pressure on a flying start then ramps up on McGlynn for next season, in what will be arguably a much tougher league.
  10. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Biggest part time team in the country? I don’t think the tie is all over yet with qots, the first goal on Saturday will probably define that... raith still have a chance (slim but there) but don’t kid yourselves on that if you went part time, all of a sudden you are big fish. Part-time players have plenty options, junior teams aswell now with deep pockets, that will make offers even raith won’t compete with. Decent attendances dont equal decent squads. We are pretty much back to the basics of football, squad balance, and building the team around key players who stay fit and on form. Have you signed anyone up for next year, outwith the current squad? If not you are 2 weeks behind everyone else now, and the decent players go fast.
  11. The East Fife Thread

    Will be interesting to see who/how Falkirk recruit, and their level of squad depth. Keep a few of the 'bigger' names on decent wages and you are maybe struggling to balance the books and the squad, but you hit the league with enough quality that in all probability you go back up. An injury to a couple of the high earners and all of a sudden you are in trouble, Raith have effectively shown that over the last couple of seasons.
  12. The East Fife Thread

    Anyone know the club(s) that are in for Docherty?
  13. The East Fife Thread

    The juniors must be littered with stories like this over the years tho, big money benefactors coming forward and throwing money at clubs. In relative terms you probably get more bang for your buck investing in a junior team with regards to cup runs/wins and league challenges. I had always looked at the bigger names in juniors as boys who were falling out of the pro game either through age or a couple of seasons of bad form. The 6 they are reportedly signing could all stay in the leagues comfortably.
  14. The East Fife Thread

    Ferguson at Kelty will probably have a bigger playing budget and better players available, than when he was managing Clyde in Lg2. Wouldnt surprise me if we see a few shock results in the early rounds of the scottish this year
  15. The East Fife Thread

    Superb player for league 1, hopefully a sign of the calibre of players we are still after, and great to have it confirmed so early. Fash resigning would be brilliant, but not sure if he would take the step back down to p/t football, never mind come back to us. But it would be some strike force if he did! Hopefully DY has his eye on a couple of good midfielders and some defensive options, A lot of guys will be getting released in the next few weeks, and clearly there is a lot of work going on in the background. Delighted with the squad so far