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  1. How many days since TEDI and Bennett didn't orchestrate their aliases to try and get people banned?
  2. Him and Ally were working without contracts well before 2011 because they were so fucked and the tax stuff was in the press well before that also. Now they're making out they hadn't a clue about finances
  3. I hope Walters answer about knowing nothing about EBTs till 2011, whilst under oath doesn't comeback to haunt him
  4. Name? Ally McCoist. Occupation? Football analyst Who is the Captain of Rangers? Davie Weir. That'll be all thanks.
  5. Rangers fans glued to Doleman's tweets Whilst pretending not to care shocker
  6. Looks like the **** have been well briefed, lying b*****ds Minutes state "Mr Smith says the prospect of administration would be a shambles" Witness says no recollection of discussion
  7. I see that boycott is really crippling Sir Mike http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/39664287
  8. TEDIs back as Derlei though
  9. Free fire....shite. A 10min scene stretched out over 90mins. Wasnt sure what it was about when I went to see it, first 5min , ok good stuff good characters looks interesting. 10mins in, ooofff here we go this could be sweet. 15 mins in...Oh , OK this is the full film then
  10. Why do people watch these stupid 'who dunnit' crap?
  11. Watching BBC Hardtalk, what is this obsession with trying to get Russians admit they interfere in the Wests elections? Is there any Country in the Arab world or Central America that the US hasn't tried to influence in the last 50 years? wasnt sure if I was watching Veep when some American nonce was greeting about Iran trying influence Foriegn elections
  12. Craig always marches in tune https://mobile.twitter.com/thecelticmeme/status/855000163554930688/video/1
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