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  1. The post match Aberdeen meltdown has been quite enjoyable, I see Roos is getting involved as well now. It’s pretty embarrassing considering the penalty we did get was a 50/50 decision and there were 2 of the most blatant handballs you’re going to see that we didn’t get. I thought it at the time and seeing it in the highlights Stewart could easily have been sent off for the foul on Boyle in the first half as he was through 1 on 1 if he hadn’t been brought down.
  2. Yeah Melkersen is still out, must’ve been a dull one if it’s kept him out so long. Hopefully that means we get to see big Kuharevich and he doesn’t turn out to be a Lithuanian Dave
  3. At what level? RFS are Scottish League 1 level at a push.
  4. We’re having an applause before our game on Saturday. Will be interesting to see how much applause there actually is.
  5. Hearts at home to Celtic that Saturday so we had to move it anyway. Friday night is miles better than the Sunday at 3 and should be a good crowd at those prices
  6. It’s already happened at Tynecastle the other night. The reality is that there will be a number of games up here where the silence is disrupted to varying degrees
  7. Assuming the SFA will have one the first Scotland game, the Ukraine game ending up being pushed back to this month will have saved them from the spectacle of having a minutes silence for the queen before a weekend evening kick off against Ireland.
  8. To be fair if he is capable of winning a header and holding the ball up he’s an improvement on Doidge. You’d imagine Youan, McKirdy and Boyle will be the first pick front 3 so he just needs to be useful enough as an option from the bench.
  9. If he manages to f**k the McKirdy signing up then that’s surely the end for Kensell
  10. James McCarthy is a great fit for us based on the last year. May as well have a wheelchair ready for him when he arrives at the training ground. Would be nice if we could sign a player that wasn’t either a child or a cripple.
  11. Fletcher wouldn’t have come to Hibs to possibly get off the bench for 20 minutes some weeks. He would never have started in a Johnson team and we’ll only use a striker like that if we’re chasing a game late on and going a bit longer.
  12. He’ll be strolling through games based on what I’ve seen. I’m surprised he’s not involved with us as a squad player this season
  13. I can’t believe Van Bronkhorst actually thinks they’d get to the groups of the Champions League with McLaughlin as number 1.
  14. If they’re desperate to get him off the wage bill it’s not unthinkable that he ends up back at Hibs and we just effectively write off the rest of the instalments they have to pay us. If you were in for him you’d think they’d be looking for at least the money they’ll still owe to us which prices you out. I still can’t believe there wouldn’t be a couple of Championship sides down south interested but none of them seemed to be when they could’ve had him for 500k a year ago so not sure they would be paying 3x that now.
  15. Really? I honestly don’t think he’d improve our starting 11. Can’t beat a man and his end product is poor. Got a bit of pace but also has an injury record that rivals Magennis’.
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