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  1. As much as Hanlon’s had a shocker with the clearance, where’s Madden getting the retake from for the equaliser, crazy decision
  2. The majority of tickets that go on sale to members will be the cheap ones. The English FA had a breakdown on their website of the numbers of tickets they had for each category. Something like 8000 out of 12000 tickets for their fans at Wembley were the €50 ones
  3. I’ve got the same feeling that I had for the Scotland game on Monday. 1-0 St Mirren inbound
  4. The clubs should be binning the company that’s doing the testing. That’s multiple f**k ups including two sets of false positives
  5. I’d be surprised if there’s any away fans before next year
  6. You’re miles off with pretty much every word of this post. Players have different rules to everyone else that they have to follow and clearly they’ve pretty seriously broken the rules. Sturgeon is absolutely laying into them, and if players from every club were doing this then we’ll have no football to watch
  7. You’re right in saying it’s nothing to do with him playing for Hibs. However he was playing well for a top 6 side and McLeish basically told him that he wasn’t interested in him and if he wanted to play internationally then it wasn’t going to be for us.
  8. We’ve not actually announced any staff redundancies yet, it’s all made up pish. Next week sometime is the end of the 30 days consultation on wage cuts/redundancies so presumably we’ll find out then. I’d be surprised if there weren’t a few cuts in places but I’d be astonished if it’s anywhere near 70. How many non playing staff would that leave at the club?
  9. 1. Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Hibs 4. Aberdeen 5. Motherwell 6. Hearts 7. Kilmarnock 8. Ross County 9. Livingston 10. Hamilton 11. St Johnstone 12. St Mirren
  10. Not what he was like at all tbh, looked good on the ball and played some really good passes. Will be one of the first names on the teamsheet every week this season once he settles
  11. The reaction of the Cambridge fans about Berry is a good sign too
  12. Think our games if it's the same as last year will be Alloa(A), Arbroath(H), County(A), Montrose(H) Would rather it was the opposite
  13. Ayr were unseeded so it'll be a different round of fixtures
  14. Efe has signed a two year deal according to the mail. Unbelievable bit of business
  15. Thought we were alright. Raith are total gash though think you'll be struggling to stay up tbh. Fraser Murray looks a great prospect
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