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  1. Yet Wembley, which is hosting it’s first game at the Euros a day before Hampden can have fans for the FA Cup final on the same day as this game. Amazingly this thing about Uefa taking control of the stadium seems not to apply there. The total acceptance of the SFA saying this without anyone questioning it is crazy
  2. Sarwar was decent in the first two but had a bit of a nightmare tonight. The rest were much of the same as the other debates, probably Sturgeon’s best showing tonight of the 3. I’m not sure how much (if any) these debates matter though. It is quite fun to have a wee laugh at them all arguing tbf
  3. Perez going on about making games shorter already alongside a few other bizarre comments this evening. This is going to be a funny watch, especially if the others have left him in charge
  4. They were actually asked to be one of the 3 other clubs, which shows they’re already struggling for interest
  5. Porto next to announce they’ve rejected it. Not sure this is going to be the killer for the rest as some seem to think
  6. The decision at our disallowed goal is baffling. Absolutely nothing in it at all
  7. It's 48 Premiership games plus up to 6 from the play-offs. It'll be interesting to see how many play-off games they show - BT rarely showed the semis, and only showed the quarters once, which was when Rangers were in it. I’m pretty sure the only time BT didn’t show the semis was the first year when they only had the final on. The following year they showed all the rounds( Rangers in the quarters), then after that they showed both the semis and final. Hopefully Sky will do the same
  8. He's just going to split the green list vote. What the f**k is he doing I think it’s quite safe to say that anyone who is even considering voting for the Greens won’t be voting for this party instead. They’ll take some of the list vote from the SNP, probably not very much though. The only probable losers seat wise are Labour and the Tories
  9. Basically unless you live in the Highland/islands or in the South voting for the SNP is a waste of time since they’ll have won all/almost all of the constituencies that are in the list area which makes it very hard for the SNP to get seats via the list vote. The Greens will be taking list seats that would otherwise end up going to Labour or the Tories so you’d be strengthening the SNP’s position if anything
  10. She made a comment at the start about possibly being able to move a bit quicker or words to that effect. No detail on what would trigger that though. My my hope for the levels system is that the current level 3 basically disappears and the remaining 3 move up one with level 0 in the new system being the no restrictions type of thing Boris promised yesterday. If we were to be moving in to a level of restrictions similar to the current level 2 at the end of April that would be an acceptable start.
  11. Not allowing myself to think too much about the 21st of June due to the track record of BJ of failing on dates over the last year. If it happens then great but just don’t see it. The rest however seems pretty sensible and cautious for him. Hopefully NS gives us similar levels of lifting the restrictions tomorrow but I’d be happy if there’s no dates mentioned at all really and it’s focused on vaccinations and hospital numbers, that way there’s less chance of being let down
  12. A quick look at that boys twitter should put your mind at ease. Irrelevant of the team Celtic put out though we are losing this
  13. Well Killie’s whole squad was made to isolate by public health Scotland because they weren’t happy with what was going on around seating plans at meals etc so I’d guess if Celtic don’t provide detailed info on stuff like that then the same will happen to them. Since it’s a body unrelated to football I’d be surprised if we see any difference in approach just because it’s Celtic and not one of the smaller teams. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sturgeon isn’t keeping tabs on this either
  14. That’ll be down to the NHS contact tracers so nothing Celtic can do there. I’m sure the rules for being on a plane with a positive case is anyone in the 2 rows in front and 2 rows behind will need to isolate so I’d imagine that will cover a few players. Then there’s the problem of the pictures showing that they were following social distancing at the start of the week so will they believe Celtic if they say they were at the end of the week? Unless there’s enough time for all of that to be worked out before the game there’s no way it should go ahead unless Celtic play their youth team
  15. As much as Hanlon’s had a shocker with the clearance, where’s Madden getting the retake from for the equaliser, crazy decision
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