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  1. With the signings you boys are making make that 5 seasons in this bloody abyss,nae luck.
  2. Ando lost his form completely after the New year last season and surprised Raith have taken him,as for Victoria played okay at times but nothing out of the ordinary.
  3. Really strange one this.His form tailed off big time last season for Stranraer and was even dropped at one point,looking like his best days were behind him,don't think many Stranraer fans will be fussed he's left.
  4. As I said in a previous post if Queens couldn't beat Montrose over 2 legs they didn't deserve to be anywhere near the Championship.The Angus club are workmanlike but to be honest not a lot between them in 4th in League 1 than Stranraer in 8th,in fact if Easy Fife hadn't imploded,it would have been them in the play offs,if I had been a betting man I would have lumped on Queens on Saturday.The final should be won by Queens as well,Nisbet is a danger but can honestly see Queens winning both legs.My own team beat Raith up at Starks only last month,plus they are not very good away from home,looks like Queens will escape this time.
  5. True but we had just too many missing, Super star KT wasn't playing for starters
  6. A game which meant absolutely nothing to Stranraer and it showed.Human nature I suppose to down tools after the job is done.No offence to Airdrie but they couldn't have hand picked a better last 2 games ie Arbroath speculating for next season and Stranraer with 6 or 7 out and on the beach just wanting the season to end.We played 3 kids from our South of Scotland reserves and they all showed good confidence,the boy McColm with a nice shot and turn well saved by the diamonds keeper. Not a game which live long in the memory box.
  7. Just had to be nosey and see how Dumfries is handling this relegation scenario.Got to be honest love to see Queens in League 1 next season for purely financial reasons,a couple of derbys at Stair pk and the new year fixture.Although early season I forecast Queens would struggle after watching our game against you in July and after Harkin left was convinced you would be in the bottom 3.Not really sold on Naysmith and so it's proved.For what it's worth if you land in the PO against Montrose you should win,they are workmanlike but if you can't beat them you deserve to be in League 1.The problem will come in the final and it might be written in the stars that John Baird and Dale Hilson will come back to haunt there former club,providing Forfar beat Raith.I'll be keeping a close eye on proceedings at Palmerston while watching a dead rubber at Stair park.Just can't bring it to myself to wish you all the best,but Queens fans must be really nervous.
  8. Thankfully this is an absolute dead rubber for the blues as we are decimated with injuries etc,the bench will probably be full of kids from the South of Scotland League,if not we will have 2 on the bench,a Keeper and one other.Midfielder Kyle Turner is suspended,Jao Victoria can't play and 4 or 5 first team squad are injured.The small squad now coming home to roost.But we finish 8th no matter what happens on Saturday,so basically apart from beating Airdrie for the first time this season and good to go out on a win cliche that's it for Stranraer.We continue to punch above our weight and with budget restraints it will continue for the foreseeable future,but have every faith in our Manager to keep us in League one for that future.
  9. Yip Cigars are out tomorrow and probably Jao Victoria and Kyle Turner's last game for the club,Jao is unavailable next Saturday against his parent club Airdrie and K T is suspended next week,and fully expect KT to move up a League or 2 next season.The blues have won there last 3 and are playing well,but Dumbarton have Dom T who can change a game,haven't a clue how this will go,but as far as Stranraer FC are concerned it's job done for the season and with the smallest budget in this league,quite an achievement.
  10. Brilliant midfielder and could possibly be in Tommy Wright's plans for next season.Has struck up a great partnership with Kyle Turner son of Saints legend Tommy and we'll miss both big time next season.
  11. Take these with a pinch of salt at times but good to see Kyle Turner getting mentioned in dispatches,I've been banging the drum about KT for the past 3 seasons and I'm resigned to the fact he'll move on the during the summer,if he follows in the footsteps of his old man Tommy,the kid is going to have a great career.Just don't get Hilson in these teams,I've watched Stranraer 4 times against Forfar this season and Baird makes Forfar tick,to be honest Hilson has been poor against us this season and couldn't possibly have him in front of Baird,but all about opinions I suppose.
  12. Now the blues are safe I'll have a wee dig at this.We will be losing Kyle Turner off to a higher league,back to parent clubs will be Innes Cameron,Ali McCann,P J Crossan and Jao Victoria.Probably would try and keep,Currie GK,Hamill,Brownlee,Cummins,MacDonald,MacManus and Elliot who have all shown good form at one time and another this season.Young McGowan could be worth another season,Mark Lamont is frustrating at times but can play well
  13. Obsessed Not obsessed mate but just an opinion on a football forum.A team who are averaging 1 penalty in every 3 games is quite a stat,imo.
  14. Just watched the replay,another non penalty for Montrose,Craig Napier the ref so that explains it.Watched Montrose penalty count since Rennie dived at Stair pk and got another non penalty,that's now 11 penalties for the season,put that against Stranraer who are on 1,but there again these things even themselves out or so i'm told,what a load of tosh.Dont know how many Montrose have scored this season but penalties must make up about 20 odd per cent which is amazing,cute or cheating you decide?
  15. A stroll in the Spring sunshine for the blues with a very comfortable 3-0 victory.The game was effectively over after 12,with 2 well worked goals from Mark Lamont and Ali McCann.The visitors never really recovered and it could have been 5 or 6 in all honesty as Stranraer coasted it,with Max Currie in the blues goal having precious little to do in the 90,with the kid Elliot putting the icing on the cake with a 3rd near the end.The midfield youngsters of Stranraer Kyle Turner and Ali McCann bossed the game and Innes Cameron up front although not scoring gave the Brechin defenders a difficult afternoon.So job done for Stranraer as we continually punch above our weight in this League,lowest crowds, lowest budgets etc,so fair play to Stevie Farrell for giving us League 1 action next season and the loan signings of the now departed Stuart Millar,ie,Cameron, Victoria and McCann who have helped us to secure our status.As for Brechin,as poor a side I have seen at Stair pk for some time, without Craig Thomson they pose no threat and sadly Andy Jackson is gone,good player in his time in this League but time seems to have caught up with him.
  16. How were Forfar odds on to beat Stranraer but are now 17/10 to beat Stenny,don't get it Ammo
  17. There again the only thing you getting from looking back is a sore neck.
  18. Yeah,I've had Mates on constant telling me in recent weeks that Stranraer did there coupon.I think because they see odds on against Stranraer they think the other team will win,I keep on telling them there is precious little between 2nd and10th in this league,any team can win on any given day.
  19. If your selling Dobbie for next season,I'll pay a Tenner for him to go to Stranraer
  20. Wow,were Stranraer 3/1 against Forfar,okay now to say but that was some price.
  21. Up to you Ammo,but I wouldn't bet a penny on this league.The form book says aye.
  22. Let's get away from all this Raith nonsense and get back to the game.Brilliant stuff on the Stranraer Twitter feed this morning,after Jamie Hamill gets dogs abuse from the eejits at Starks park at a corner,a resultant goal sees Jamie picking the ball out of the net and laughing at the eejits,honestly this just keeps getting better and better.
  23. Probably one win away from the target set on day 1,stay in this League.Been a bit of a roller coaster but the end game is in sight.The visitors won here recently in a bit of a smash and grab,but we are in better form.Looking forward to it.
  24. It's nice to be nice, don't worry I am enjoying this
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