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  1. Stranraer v Champs elect

    As I said in a previous post 36.sometimes he looks like Simon Donnelly,most times he looks like Dougie Donnelly.
  2. Stranraer v Champs elect

    Yip,being watched by several clubs,out of contract and out of Stranraer at end of season.He'll probably not be in League 1 team of the season in May,but all blues fans know he should be.
  3. Stranraer v Champs elect

    Battling performance by the blues,strange performance by Arbroath.Ths blues nearly won it but 2 worldlys by the lichties keeper gained them a point.Some damn good performances by Stranraer players,never seen Linn so ineffective,but why does Campbell not start with Wallace.Btw League 1 refs, wow just wow.
  4. Stranraer v Champs elect

    A draw might not be a bad result for both teams here.The blues are gradually getting to that magic 40 point mark and a draw here would probably mean another couple of wins should be sufficient.As for Arbroath a point closer to the title and honestly think Forfar or A N other are not good enough to rack up enough points to catch the Red lichties even now,but another couple of victories would make sure.
  5. The League 1 Squeaky Bum Battle

    Just looking at the Brechin fixtures they have left,very hard for them to stay off bottom spot.
  6. Stenny v Stranraer

    We are special people,Neilly got it opened for Car 54
  7. Stranraer v Champs elect

    Can confirm the Pavilion bar will be open,sky sports in the fitba bar showing Walsall v Barnsley in League 1, pavilion bar council telly.
  8. Stranraer v Champs elect

    To blues fans Luke was a bit of a enigma, definitely got a bit of talent,as for Wallace loved him at Stranraer.
  9. Stranraer v Champs elect

    Great stuff.The pavilion bar will probably be open but not 100 per cent certain,if not travel into the town centre where the Stranraer fc fitba bar will welcome you boys and girls with open arms,about 10 mins walk from Stair pk.
  10. I think they call this in the business a free hit for Stranraer.A win and it's a smashing result,draw and it's a good point and defeat no surprise.A win against Stenny last Saturday was imperative as we knew Arbroath were on the horizon and slight dip of form or not they are the best in the League.Our 4 games against the lichties this season have all been tight scorelines apart from the 3-1 at Gayfield earlier on in the season.The blues could possibly name the same side for the 3rd game in a row,which has been a rarity this term.Really impressed by our on loan midfielder from StJohnstone ,Ali McCann,and hopefully him and young star Kyle Turner can do the business.Still a very young looking squad,they will be tested by the experienced Arbroath side.After the Stenny result the pressure is of slightly and the blues can go in with a bit of confidence.Hopefully the Red lichties will bring a few down as this season has been horrific for attendances from travelling fans,even Raith could only muster about 50.
  11. Stenny v Stranraer

    You could blame it on the bevy but that's just his normal standard of posting tbh.
  12. The League 1 Squeaky Bum Battle

    Think stats might suggest otherwise.
  13. Stenny v Stranraer

    Listen to the excellent It's no easy on Thursday morning when we discuss our victory over Stenny,anybody get the feeling I'm enjoying this
  14. Stenny v Stranraer

    One of the highlights of the day Jamie Hamill giving it back to the tanked up eejits in Hospitality.I think if the Stranraer fans had shouted the swearing at a Stenny player we might found ourselves turfed out, security seemed to ignore them,an absolute pleasure to cuff them.
  15. Stenny v Stranraer