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  1. yip both you and bb look really good in semi. bb will be favourites they are scoring plenty and oban are not loosing many so agree should be a good game
  2. mick oban played colville a few times always quite close games seem to be a good cup team
  3. who will win the west cup oban or bannockburn
  4. I'm also an oban supporter who was at the game and das scooter is saying it as it was good hard game won by better team on the day good luck to shortless
  5. oban alba and goldenhill all in last sixteen so would think the standard in there league must be ok
  6. congrats to colville from oban saints all the best in next round
  7. sorry dutchman thought you were talking about oban game which was also played on a terrible pitch
  8. Having been in the oban changing room i can assure you that nobody thought this was going to be an easy game in fact the very opposite was said.Any team that gets to the last 16 of the scottish have got there on merit and deserve respect . Letham are a good team and we are looking forward to another cracking game. .
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