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  1. Strachan + team selection + last nights match = fuking baffling
  2. Wee Henry only ever put "slevers" on
  3. You support a guy who used to steal windows for a living ......away to f**k
  4. Looks like you came too early........problem is it?
  5. Please elaborate so that all the brethren in the central belt can understand.
  6. Would I be encroaching on your territory? Team Tedi?
  7. I'm away to my bed Scotty.....my time here is wasted. It's like dealing with teenagers!
  8. We'll take your word for it Jimmy
  9. If you use the right terms then you can see it. If I post it on here then peeps see who I am.
  10. You're just jealous because I posted you 4th or 5th or something. What's really getting you is....you're not rememberable enough to be posted in the top 3...........Loser.
  11. Let me get this right.... You want me to remind YOU of something you've said? Are you kidding me on?
  12. The only thing wanky about that post was you. Creaming aff about yer tenure!
  13. See what I mean.......I'm not the only one you know.