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  1. Just clicked on the "I'm a Scot living in London" thread and it took me to the dribbling simpletons Politics forum. Christ, can we not see what part of the forum new threads are in - thought it would be about pub recommendations or some such - so I don't feel as dirty as I do from having read a post in that godforsaken hellhole.
  2. So why did they reverse it in the first place?
  3. I'd doubt it, it's the most meaningless game of the season for Edinburgh. You think they'd have wanted it on to give their stiffs a runout.
  4. 😂 🤣 Best pitch in the top flight.
  5. It was just a troll trying to get posters to out players, everyone knew what he was doing and the only thing that went was the horror of a thread.
  6. I'm confused - are these not the same lights as those mobile ones they had a few weeks ago?
  7. Its a Knockout legend. One for the kids there.
  8. Edinburgh City photo makes it look a lot darker.
  9. See on Twitter that the ref called their game off tonight as he wasn't happy with the lights. David Stoker @davidstoker_lfc Interesting evening so far... rolled up at @Camelonjuniors only to find that the ref had called off the game due to the lights being unsuitable.
  10. Well it took them about 8 years to move from Shawfield to Cumbernauld (via Firhill etc.)
  11. Plenty of vegan sushi options available.
  12. Dont' be stupid, be a smarty go and join the Nazi party
  13. His ineptitude as a manager offers great insight into why he's so terrible as a pundit.
  14. How on earth do you know that the players just accepted it as they were concentrating on Falkirk?
  15. Was at the Oldham game in September and I'd have emptied him then, even though they won - two terrible teams serving up a dreadful game of football.
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