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  1. I wasn't being serious. He seems to have a bee in his hat about both of us for some reason.
  2. I'm glad Miss Marple has joined P&B. Have you gone and asked those clubs if they know "KP91"?
  3. You've seriously gone and asked people if they know someone from the internet. That has to be a wind up.
  4. Yeah, you still haven't apologised to Glenrothes for the lies you spread about them on here in a piss poor attempt to carry favour with your Ra Jooniers pals. Twat.
  5. Can you at least work out which club are Junior afore embarrassing yourself?
  6. New year, same old tired "arguments" from a poster who was hideously wrong last year but who I guess is doubling down in the hope he's right this year so he can say "telt ye" come August.
  7. There are some offences where the moral high ground is a lot higher than the normal high ground. Kiddie fiddling and sexual offences should be an automatic no no for any club in the SPFL.
  8. Well the lad himself doesn't understand the word "no"
  9. Just spotted the terminally unfunny Chris McQueer on the writing credits alongside 80s "is he still alive" Rikki Brown. Explains a lot.
  10. I take it Alex "not Taggart or indeed replacement Taggart but the third Taggart" Norton cannae get a real job these days. Liked the Corgi F1gag, apart from that a bucketful of meh.
  11. Indeed - but one of the teams is dressed as a bag of Skips, so I'm in simply to see professional cricketers look like they are in an episode of Its a Knockout
  12. You know I love you really BUT its every dog for itself at the bottom and those Tinto sharing swines have put the cat right amongst the pigeons.
  13. KRR are done, worst team by far I've seen this season. Hope the Glens are going doon as well and lastly anyone but the Bens, we welcome the chase
  14. Inverkeithing got in when the going was good though, Rosyth may have issues with the clubhouse being around 50 yards from the cage across a road. Glenrothes Strollers didn't get in last year and my memory says part of that was because of the ground.
  15. But you find it acceptable to say "f**k the pope" in pubs? Aye, we can all see who you really support. ...and my mutton molesting northerner, the SPL doesn't actually exist which real football fans of real clubs and not those who support a 2012 tribute act would know.
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