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  1. I'm beginning to think we have a really good team currently. Certainly the strongest bench i can remember. Elgin really bossed the game and the scoreline flattered Cowden. Onwards and upwards.
  2. Comedy officiating as usual. Can we just play Annan every week?
  3. Very entertaining game with dreadful officiating. As usual very nerve wracking for Elgin fans but great to get a result, especially with Annan losing.
  4. Totally gutted with a draw! That's 3 points dropped in injury time in two games. Very sore!
  5. Great to Shane totally committed and trying his hardest but frustrating that he is having to go so deep to get the ball and so not up front to get into scoring positions. Lots of dodgy moments at the back today. Incredibly frustrating day after a good run. And meanwhile Annan thrash Cove!
  6. 3 at the back has never worked. I would out darryl at left back or left midfield. His most valuable asset often is his attitude and work rate.
  7. I think we are missing Darryl. He is a great man for getting the odd goal from set pieces and the number of times last season when we were on the ropes and he would charge forward and get the odd goal.
  8. I find pretty bad that Aberdeen cannot not bring a better side to Elgin, particularly as it marks 125 years of City. However, great win for Elgin, seems like a few good signings and feeling positive about the season ahead.
  9. Berwick looked the better team for a good spell in 1st half but Elgin dominated the 2nd half and deserved the win.
  10. Oh I do love a win over Clyde. A rare treat these days. One of Elgins best performances this season despite some scary defending. Great to see a striker scoring.
  11. Great to see Elgin with a bit more fight about them. Wilson will get better. He's not suited to full back though. Kerr Hay's winner was a cracker.
  12. I am sitting in a nice warm cosy house thinking shall I go or not? So gutted about recent results, struggling to think when I last saw an Elgin goal. Incredibly a couple of good results and we are still in the playoff bracket. ever the oppomist I am reaching for a warm coat and hat. Up the City!
  13. I think playing this old team inspired Omar. He was excellent. Got to give credit to Annan who seemed to have two players on any City player who add the ball. We were never able to create any space on the ball in the attacking third. Oh what I would give for a few goals.
  14. I like McHale. Couple of good saves. His kicking is maybe a bit dopey but I'd happily see him playing every week from what I have seen. Easy win today but Elgin have played much better. I think we could could have put 5 or 6 past them on a good day.
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