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  1. What makes you say that like? Far more worried about Cove than Partick.
  2. Big man go take 5, you’re needlessly biting at everything.
  3. You joking? The two of them are just shouting over each other every single second. Fucking painful to listen to.
  4. It’s just shadwell talking his usual shite. Nothing new.
  5. Quite happy with this tbh. We got dumped into this league on merit, wouldn’t feel right getting a free ticket back out of it.
  6. Not really interested in getting a free pass to the championship tbh. 3 years of being a joke, I was hoping this season was a chance to sort ourselves out and we clearly haven’t. If we are in this league again next year, we have a second chance to get it right.
  7. Buzzing for my only two away games to Partick next season tbh.
  8. This is getting boring now. Just let the Raith boiz up. They are clearly desperate to get promoted by default. On reflection, thank f**k we’re not in their position. Anything they do from this point onwards is tainted.
  9. Just watched that Raith chairman’s howler on SSN. Unbelievable levels of cringe on display.
  10. Pretty much this. My interest in football has been drifting for about 3 seasons with the absolute mess our board have turned us into. This season has been literally the most boring, uninteresting, dreadful season I’ve sat through since beginning in 2002/03. The thought of sitting through that all again because the winner was picked at a random stage in the season - don’t think I could be arsed.
  11. Imagine using a meaningless caramel wafer cup fixture to try back up your argument lol. The boy’s right that we shouldn’t be in this position considering the budget we have, regardless it’s not really relevant. But considering how desperate the Raith chairman came across on Sky Sports News a few weeks back, I’m not surprised it’s being reflected within some of the supporters.
  12. Any Raith boi believing that this is a fair proposal are in denial.
  13. Is a decent Raith squad tbh, coupled with us being hopeless under imposter Ray has resulted in a very exciting title race. Hoping it gets the conclusion it deserves.
  14. Tbf this was cringe from the FTV boiz. Especially in hindsight considering we got shagged in the final.
  15. Never watched the re-run of the hibs game today, but appreciate the clubs effort in terms of putting it on. What I will say is that season is without a doubt the most enjoyable season I’ve had supporting the club since starting in 2002. A major factor in that was Houston. Watched back his post match interview there and felt ashamed for shouting for him to go. Without a doubt my favourite Bairns manager of all time. Folk can say it was right for him to go, but in hindsight it genuinely wasn’t. That team had everything you’d want as a Bairns fan. Mix of nostalgia with Miller and Kerr, experienced pros like Bairdy and some of our own like Sibbs. When Houston got the job I was delighted. He desperately wanted to be the man who took us back to where we all wanted to be, gutting that it never happened in the end.
  16. Madness how folk are just accepting this. RR are 1 point above us, with 8 games to go and have had the luxury of playing us twice at home. Hearts have every right to challenge their case as well.
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