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  1. Shocking final this. Hearts not even interested in playing.
  2. Genuine truth tho. Absolutely horrendous standard right now.
  3. Bit ironic that when you’re on a Falkirk thread lol.
  4. Yup. This thread’s fanboying of him is just bizarre.
  5. Easily the worst thing I’ve ever seen on this thread.
  6. That’s not true though, is it? Raith were given the league. We’ll never know how it would have ended with a quarter still to go. They’ve absolutely shat the bed this season. After all the GW saga as well which he supported? No thanks.
  7. The base of that squad still looks pretty shite tbf. I’d be very surprised if we make the playoffs, regardless of any additions.
  8. Never been more disgusted with our club. Absolute cretins in charge. Each year we just plummet to lower depths.
  9. Kris Boyd . That’s an absolute stinking list of individuals but it’s what we deserve.
  10. Think it was more to do with in comparison to the win rate of the last 36 games, showing that it’s getting worse, not better.
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