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  1. It’s 100% a penalty, get a grip. Absolute needless tackle from Henderson.
  2. Draw was a fair result overall but the game was changed with the gift of a penalty. Some of the football in that first half was sublime.
  3. What’s the script with getting tickets for the away end? There’s no chance I’ll be able to pick tickets up at our club shop between 8-4.
  4. Been quite impressed so far tbf. Playing some tidy stuff.
  5. Will be a pretty grim drop if he falls to Morton or Ayr tbf.
  6. Can we please stop bringing up Telfer ffs. The boy was an absolute waster for us.
  7. Fair enough, don’t know if I’d describe a template Macron kit as a pearler tho.
  8. Eh? It’s just a generic navy and white kit haha.
  9. Macron is cheap shite. Dreading what the next kit manufacturer will be.
  10. Shocking final this. Hearts not even interested in playing.
  11. Genuine truth tho. Absolutely horrendous standard right now.
  12. Bit ironic that when you’re on a Falkirk thread lol.
  13. Yup. This thread’s fanboying of him is just bizarre.
  14. Easily the worst thing I’ve ever seen on this thread.
  15. That’s not true though, is it? Raith were given the league. We’ll never know how it would have ended with a quarter still to go. They’ve absolutely shat the bed this season. After all the GW saga as well which he supported? No thanks.
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