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  1. Seriously tho, it’s about time FTV didn’t use commentators. Some of the stuff they come out with makes your skin crawl.
  2. I cannot describe how much I want him to leave the club.
  3. Overalll, this is the same feeling for me. Some players I don’t mind, like Miller, McManus and Gomis. But there’s too many players that I just cannot stand (Dixon, Doyle, Buchanan, Durnan to name a few).
  4. This. Everyone giving the ref pelters. Give it to Durnan. The guy is an absolute clown and fucks it for us week in, week out.
  5. Each year we just get bigger and bigger. Fucking love supporting this famous club.
  6. Tbf regardless of the result, Airdrie have and always will be absolute diddies.
  7. How many we taking to this Bairns? 2k? Such a huge fucking club btw.
  8. This was the quarter that Raith could have made a real statement of intent and pulled away from the rest. Thankfully for us, they’ve utter shat the bed and allowed us to get our house in order for the 2020 assault.
  9. Jesus. Clearly still rattled at The Sons sinking 2 unanswered goals past your lot.
  10. That roaster thinking Raith are a few injured players away from being above ordinary.
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