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  1. Nah he’s utter pish. Just cause he stood out at an Alloa side that got sent packing to league 1 means absolutely f**k all I’m afraid.
  2. Fair play to those who went but f**k me, boiz lost their nut at the leveller. I was stone faced watching it on the laptop.
  3. When we rock up and purchase 2k season tickets after last season, we get everything we deserve. Deans, Holt and Sheerin absolutely have to go. Nothing will get any better with any of them remaining in their positions. This club is well and truly dead in its current set-up.
  4. We’ve lost as many as we’ve won so I have no idea why you would make that comment.
  5. In my late 20s and been going to home and away games without fail for the best part of 10 years. Would never have thought about missing a game. Didn’t buy a season ticket this season due to the absolute scum who run this club and haven’t missed it at all. Went along today and left with the best part of 25 minutes to go and couldn’t have cared one bit. Club is absolutely finished as far as I’m concerned unless serious change happens (eg Holt gtf). Never felt so empty when looking at FFC. Then again, Gary Deans said no one else could do a better job than him . To all the numpties who purchased a season ticket this season, you’re just as much to blame.
  6. Did you see his penalty against Airdrie last season?
  7. Was a really good win for your lot today. Brilliant goal and a great defensive performance. Simon Murray was the difference.
  8. Folk have been all over BPM recently regarding him trying to put a lid on the start we’ve had (IN LEAGUE FUCKING ONE, JESUS CHRIST). I absolutely agree with him. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the start Sheerin has had. But f**k me. Been a really tough read in recent weeks. We beat East Kilbride and folk lost the plot saying everything was rosy . Sheerin got it wrong in the second half. To lose to Queens Park at home was a fucking embarrassment. Still not beat a full time team in this league .
  9. Roman getting a boner over a draw at cove rangers.
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