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  1. Why do you keep saying ‘sit clear at the top’ as if we’re miles ahead? We’re 2 points ahead of Cove Rangers and 3 ahead of Montrose ffs.
  2. Or you’re just getting professionally swept aside by a better team. You will be fine this season.
  3. Our commentary team is an absolute disgrace. Well with you on that. But aye, boy must have his yellow tinted specs on cause the sons have done nothing to speak about.
  4. “When you’re on top, things sometimes just don’t go your way” Wtf is this boy on about 😂. Dumbarton have done absolutely f**k all. Lucky it’s only 2.
  5. The zoom in on Hartley’s face at full time was pleasing. Well worth that £14 admission fee.
  6. Get it fucking roond ye Paul Hartley ya absolute munter.
  7. Does this Sammy boi know that he doesn’t have to shout every single millisecond? Absolutely embarrassing stuff.
  8. Brutal game. Brutal team. Brutal commentary.
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