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  1. 8 Bit


    CSAFL Awards Player of the Year 2019/20 - Craig Young Harestanes AFC Young Player of the Year 2019/20 - Lee Hadden Wishaw High FP First Division Player of the Year 2019/20 - Lewis Cameron Oban Saints AFC CSAFL Fair Play Award 2019/20 - Eastfield AFC Referee of the Year 2019/20 - Michael Kerr
  2. 8 Bit


    Csafl cinema cup first round St Pats 2 Oban Saints 4
  3. Game last night: Scottish Amateur FA 2 Shotts Bon Accord 1 https://scotamfaselect.tumblr.com/post/611617357832568832/scottish-amateur-fa-2-shotts-bon-accord-juniors-1 Scorers: Mikey Yuill (45), Ciaran McElroy (65) Scottish Amateur FA: Chic Clark (Fallin), David McArthur (Glasgow Harp), Scott Maitland (Oban Saints), Andy McGown (Fallin), Joe Coleman (St Patrick’s FP), Ryan Crawford (Thorn Athletic), Mark Hansen (Eastfield), Ryan Weir (Bannockburn), Mike Yuill (Tollcross Thistle), Lewis Cameron (Oban Saints), Ciaran McElroy (St Patrick’s FP) Substitutes: Greg McGuinness (Cambusbarron Rovers), Chris Cairns (Tollcross Thistle), Lee Hadden (Wishaw High School FP), Niall McClure (Doune Castle), Jason Cassidy (Giffnock North), Ryan Hynes (Drumchapel United PYM)
  4. 8 Bit


    A couple of interesting central league cup matches this Saturday. Will once again give the likes of Oban and Castlemilk an idea of what they'll be up against should they get promoted. ST PATRICKS FP vs OBAN SAINTS CASTLEMILK DYNAMO vs WISHAW HSFP
  5. Better report than mine from saturdays Oban vs Wishaw game... https://obansaintsafc.blogspot.com/2020/02/cup-hopes-blown-away.html
  6. Oban Saints 0 Wishaw 2 Weather not great and astro pitch does not combine for good football. Not much in it in the first half. A couple of half chances for either team. Wishaw go ahead from a penalty. Second half Oban come out and quickly win a corner. Loose the ball, Wishaw break away and score. Good goal. The game then suited Wishaw. Being two ahead, well organised, having a number of big physical players they sat back and either hit on the counter or played long balls. Were difficult to break down. Oban maybe were caught between trying to play football and being physical and ended up doing neither. I enjoy watching Oban. They get the ball on the ground and try and play good football. Just didn't work today. Congratulations Wishaw.
  7. Scottish Amateur Select team had another game last night... Cumbernauld Colts 1 Scottish Amateur FA Select 2 (Half-Time: 1-0) Scorers: Lee Hadden (53), Richie Lawson (68) Scottish Amateur FA: Chic Clark (Fallin), Tyler Fulton (Eastfield), Scott Maitland (Oban Saints), Liam Taggart (Eastfield), Joe Coleman (St Patrick’s FP), John Robertson (Sandys), Lee Hadden (Wishaw High School FP), Niall McClure (Doune Castle), Ryan Hynes (Drumchapel United PYM), Lewis Cameron (Oban Saints), Richie Lawson (AM Soccer) Substitutes: Greg McGuinness (Cambusbarron Rovers), Gary McCulloch (Eastfield), Ryan Crawford (Thorn Athletic), Ryan Weir (Bannockburn), Mikey Yuill (Tollcross Thistle) There's a match report at: https://scotamfaselect.tumblr.com/post/190636059896/cumbernauld-colts-1-scottish-amateur-fa-2-match
  8. Quarter final draw Gartcosh United AFC or East Kilbride Y.M. AFC v Tollcross Thistle AFC Shortlees AFC v Sandys AFC or Braehead AFC Drumchapel AFC v Fintry AFC Oban Saints AFC or Wishaw HSFP AFC v Eastfield AFC Incentive for Oban or Wishaw to get through as best chance of beating Eastfield is to play them in Oban or Wishaw.
  9. Clubs going into the Scottish Amateur Cup Quarter Final Draw (This Tuesday 2pm) Drumchapel AFC Eastfield AFC Fintry AFC Gartcosh United AFC or East Kilbride Y.M. AFC Oban Saints AFC or Wishaw HSFP AFC Sandys AFC or Braehead AFC Shortlees AFC Tollcross Thistle AFC
  10. I wasn't at the game but had a look at the Oban Saints line up. Given everyone being fit and available there would probably have been 2 or 3 others starting. The fullback, number 3 (scored the goal) is in the Scottish League select along with number 10 who is Saints best player. Number 11 is very good. Just doesn't play enough. By the sounds of it not too much in it. Hoping being at home next week will make the difference.
  11. Wishaw 1 Oban Saints 1 Replay in Oban next Saturday
  12. Wishaw 0 Oban Saints 1 half time
  13. West of Scotland Cup 1/4 Final Draw Castlemilk Dynamo or Hurlford Thistle v Eastfield Drumchapel Ams or Glenburn MW v Giffnock North or Gartcosh United or Tarbolton St Joseph's v St Patrick's FP Glasgow Harp v Glasgow University Clear ties played Sat 15th Feb Semi finals draw Tie 1 Castlemilk Dynamo or Hurford Thistle or Eastfield v St Joseph's or St Patrick's FP Tie 2 Drumchapel Amateurs or Glenburn MW or Giffnock North or Gartcosh Utd or Tarbolton v Glasgow Harp or Glasgow University
  14. It's actually Wishaw or Singer Vs Oban. I'm sure Wishaw will get through the Singer game ok. Home advantage will likely make them favourites Vs Oban
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