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  1. Scottish Amateur Football League

    St Joe's 3 Oban Saints 3 FT St Joe's win the league. Congratulations and by the sounds of it especially to the referee. Unlucky Saints.
  2. Scottish Amateur Football League

    Latest Score (somewhere into the second half) St Joe's 1 Oban Saints 3 Waiting for twitter updates is the modern of equivalent of the joys of watching a football game on teletext.
  3. Scottish Amateur Football League

    On an interesting note on the Safl website... Wednesday 15th Oban Saints Vs North Glasgow Colts 18:30 St Joseph's Vs Oban Saints 18:30 Saints will do well to play both games at the same time in different locations. :-) ----- They've change the Oban Saints Vs North Glasgow Colts now to Wednesday 29th 18:30 Chances of this game happening....
  4. Scottish Amateur Football League

    I think North Glasgow Colts have folded or at least aren't going to play their last two games. Will be 3 points for Oban and Alba.
  5. Scottish Amateur Football League

    Alba 0 St Joe's 2 Goldenhill 6 Motherwell Thistle 2 With St Joe's winning Alba and Goldenhills chances of winning the league are gone. Only Oban Saints can stop St Joe's. With the league scheduling a 18:30 fixture on a Wednesday night for Oban away to St Joe's I'd say it's firmly advantage St Joe's.
  6. Scottish Amateur Football League

    Yeah some result for Motherwell thistle. Didn't see that one coming. St Joes beat them 4-3 in mid week and previous to that Oban Saints beat them 5-1 in the league cup though I think the Motherwell Thistle side were under strength that day. A couple of big games in mid week coming up... Alba Thistle v St. Joseph's FP Goldenhill v Motherwell Thistle Top of the table is looking like this: P PTS 1 St. Joseph's 16 43 2 Goldenhill 14 33 3 Alba Thistle 14 32 4 Oban Saints 12 30 They have yet to add three points to Oban for Inverclyde being unable to raise a team against them last week. SJ Joes last two games are against Alba and Oban. Alba need to win in midweek to have any chance.
  7. west cup

    Oban Saints have put up their report of the game https://obansaintsafc.blogspot.com/2019/05/best-of-rest.html
  8. west cup

    3-3 at the moment. Can't be long till extra time.
  9. west cup

    I thought the size of the park might have made a difference in the semi against Shortlees. That Knapp would have lots of space to open up and run at Oban. Never turned out that way.
  10. Scottish cup predictions

    Hurlford just had a penalty saved.
  11. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Oban report of the game can be found here: https://obansaintsafc.blogspot.com/2019/04/finally-final.html?m=1
  12. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Aye the first two sendings off were just a bit of pushing. That kind of thing often happens in tight cup games. Ref without aid of linesmen often just plays on after things calm down, at worse a yellow card each. It was a pretty clean game played in a good spirit. The second sending off for Shortlees, the player in the dugout, I presume was for something said to the forth official? I thought Knapp, Quigley and Gold were good for Shortlees in the first half. Credit to Oban for mostly keeping them quiet in the second half. Oban have improved a lot since last year. Bigger squad,fitter, good solid all-round team with some good individual players. They try to pass the ball and are usually entertaining to watch. Looking forward to the final.
  13. Scottish cup predictions

    I'll go for Colville and Alba to win their respective semi finals.
  14. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Saints got one sent off and Shortlees two. Though one of Shortlees was a player who had been subbed off and was sitting on the bench.
  15. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Oban Saints won 2-1. Deserved after a good second half display.