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  1. It's actually Wishaw or Singer Vs Oban. I'm sure Wishaw will get through the Singer game ok. Home advantage will likely make them favourites Vs Oban
  2. 8 Bit


    Inter League Trophy 1/4 Final Central Scottish AFL 2 Aberdeenshire AFA 1 Scorers for Central Finnigan (St Pat's) Cameron (Oban Saints)
  3. 8 Bit


    You might be right. Not sure. I actually got it wrong in that if each team played twice they'd play 16 games. If that was so Saints would need one more game to win the league. Might make sense to play 3 times as some teams season could be over by the end of February if there was only 16 games.
  4. 8 Bit


    I think three more wins out of the six games left will do it. Did considerably well today seeing as they started two U18s in midfield.
  5. Today's games 4th Round Bridgend AFC (GDSML) 5 Singer AFC (GCAFA) 6 5th Round Drumchapel AFC (CSAFL) 3 Murieston United AFC (LEAFA) 1 Gartcosh United AFC (CSAFL) 1 AM Soccer Club AFC (KoFAFA) 0 Giffnock North AAC AFC (CALE) 1 Cowie Thistle AFC (AAFA) 2 Glasgow Harp AFC (CALE) 1 Eastfield AFC (CSAFL) 2 Kilmarnock United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 1 Braehead AFC (S&DAFA) 2 Shortlees AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 2 Castlemilk Dynamo AFC (CSAFL) 1 Tarbolton AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 1 Glenburn Miners Welfare AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 5
  6. 8 Bit


    Cambusnethan Talbot 1 Oban Saints 7 Saints still not dropped any points in the league this season.
  7. Oban Saints 5 Renfrew Town 1 Saints played well. Could easily have been 8 or 9.
  8. West of Scotland Cup 5th Round Draw St Joseph's v East Kilbride RR Bridgewater or Glasgow Uni v Dalziel FP Eastfield v Cumnock Drumchapel or Uddingston Anvil v Southside or Glenburn MW AS Airdrie or Castlemilk Dynamo v Hurlford Thistle Giffnock North or Gartcosh United v Tarbolton or Dirrans Athletic Glasgow Harp v Shortlees St Patrick's FP or Glasgow Island v Huntershill
  9. Draw for the 5th round on Friday 6th December at 1pm . Live on Periscope.
  10. Results of the games that got played on Saturday: East Dunbartonshire AFC (SSMAFL) Glenburn Miners Welfare AFC (Ayrshire AFA) FT: 1 : 2 Eastfield AFC (CSAFL) Greenock HSFP AFC (CSAFL) FT: 2 : 0 EK Thistle Colts AFC (GDSML) Edinburgh University AFC (LEAFA) FT: 1 : 1 Glasgow Island AFC (GCAFA) Tranent AFC (LEAFA) FT: 3 : 3 Hurlford Thistle AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Kilmarnock United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) FT: 3 : 4 Leven United AFC (KoFAFA) Lauriston Thistle AFC (LEAFA) FT: 0 : 2 Menzieshill AFC (MAFA) Shawbridge AFC (SSMAFL) FT: 0 : 0 New Farm Loch AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Tarbolton AFC (Ayrshire AFA) FT: 2 : 2 Ormiston AFC (LEAFA) Renfrew Town AFC (GDSML) FT: 1 : 3 Rothie Rovers AFC (AAFA) Oban Saints AFC (CSAFL) FT: 0 : 3 Sandys AFC (LEAFA) Dirrans Athletic AFC (Ayrshire AFA) FT: 1 : 0 Singer AFC (GCAFA) Bridgend AFC (GDSML) FT: 2 : 2 Stewarton United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Shortlees AFC (Ayrshire AFA) FT: 1 : 3 Tarves AFC (AAFA) AM Soccer Club AFC (KoFAFA) FT: 4 : 4 Tollcross Thistle AFC (LEAFA) Nico's United AFC (SSMAFL) FT: 5 : 1 Uddingston Anvil AFC (CSAFL) Glenmuir Thistle AFC (Ayrshire AFA) FT: 6 : 0
  11. Another friendly for the Select team last night: Scottish Amateur FA 2 Camelon Juniors 1 Joe Coleman (50), Ryan Hynes (83) Scottish Amateur FA: Chic Clark (Fallin), Bradley Grieve (Bowhill Rovers), Gary McCulloch (Eastfield), Andy McGown (Fallin), Connor Morgan (Glasgow University), Liam Taggart (Eastfield), Richie Lawson (AM Soccer), Ryan Crawford (Thorn Athletic), Michael Osborne (Sandys), Ryan Weir (Bannockburn), Bobby McKenzie (Sandys) Substitutes: Scott Urquhart (St Josephs), Tyler Fulton (Eastfield), Scott Maitland (Oban Saints), Joe Coleman (St Patrick’s FP), Lewis Cameron (Oban Saints), Mark Hansen (Eastfield), Ciaran McElroy (St Patrick’s FP), John Robertson (Sandys), Ryan Hynes (Drumchapel United PYM) Report: https://scotamfaselect.tumblr.com/post/189322331626/safa-select-v-camelon-juniors
  12. Even less if a challenge this year for St Joe's after Oban Saints left and Alba folded. Will Goldenhill follow? and will St Joe's take their match secretary with them 😄
  13. Reminder of the 4th Round games this Saturday (30th) 1 Giffnock North AAC AFC (CALE) v Dailly AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 2 Hurlford Thistle AFC (Ayr AFA) v Kilmarnock United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 3 Bowhill Rovers AFC (KoFAFA) v East Kilbride YMCA AFC (CALE) 4 Castlemilk BC AFC (SAFL) v Merpro AFC (MAFA) 5 Castlemilk Dynamo AFC (CSAFL) v Fallin AFC (CSAFL) 6 East Dunbartonshire AFC (SSMAFL) v Glenburn Miners Welfare AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 7 Eastfield AFC (CSAFL) v Greenock HSFP AFC (CSAFL) 8 EK Thistle Colts AFC (GDSML) v Edinburgh University AFC (LEAFA) 9 Drumchapel AFC (CSAFL) v Dumbarton Academy FP AFC (CALE) 10 Fintry AFC (MAFA) v Campsie Minerva AFC (CSAFL) 11 Gartcosh United AFC (CSAFL) v Irvine AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 12 Glasgow Harp AFC (CALE) v Bo'Ness Cadora AFC (S&DAFA) 13 Glasgow Island AFC (GCAFA) v Tranent AFC (LEAFA) 14 Glasgow University AFC (CALE) v Cowie Thistle AFC (AAFA) 15 Greig Park Rangers AFC (KoFAFA) v Bannockburn AFC (CSAFL) 16 Harestanes AFC (CSAFL) v Alford AFC (AAFA) 17 Kelty AFC (KoFAFA) v Murieston United AFC (LEAFA) 18 Leven United AFC (KoFAFA) v Laurieston Thistle AFC (LEAFA) 19 Lumphinnans United KoFAFA) v Belleaire AFC (GGPAFL) 20 Menzieshill AFC (MAFA) v Shawbridge AFC (SSMAFL) 21 New Farm Loch AFC (Ayrshire AFA) v Tarbolton AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 22 Newcraighall Leith Victoria AFC (LEAFA) v Braehead AFC (S&DAFA) 23 Ormiston AFC (LEAFA) v Renfrew Town AFC (GDSML) 24 Rothie Rovers AFC (AAFA) v Oban Saints AFC (CSAFL) 25 Sandys AFC (LEAFA) v Dirrans Athletic AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 26 Singer AFC (GCAFA) v Bridgend AFC (GDSML) 27 Stewarton United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) v Shortlees AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 28 Tarves AFC (AAFA) v AM Soccer Club AFC (KoFAFA) 29 Tollcross Thistle AFC (LEAFA) v Nico's United AFC (SSMAFL) 30 Uddingston Anvil AFC (CSAFL) v Glenmuir Thistle AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 31 Whitletts Victoria AFC (Ayrshire AFA) v Thorn Athletic AFC (CALE) 32 Wishaw HSFP AFC (CSAFL) v St Patrick's FP AFC (CSAFL)
  14. 8 Bit


    Good win for the Central Select team today in the first round of the Inter League Trophy. CSAFL 7 SSMAFL 1 Young (41) McElroy (43,65) OG (71) Lafferty (74) Cameron (77) Weir (82) CSAFL await the winners of Aberdeenshire v Dundee Saturday Morning in the 1/4 final.
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