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  1. Matt Renshaw just padding up to go out to bat in the Second Test ... one pad on each leg - and one in the back of his pants!! (sorry, stolen from Twitter!)
  2. The trouble in India is that however many preparation dumps you have, the next one is just around the corner, and usually when you least expect it!!
  3. “You couldn’t dream of a more fitting baptism to the bubbling cauldron that is a test cricket Tour of India than what befell rookie Australian opener Matt Renshaw in his first innings. Despite finding form with the willow, the panic-stricken 20-year old was struck down by the old sub-continental favourite ‘Delhi Belly’ whilst at the crease, with the sudden and ferocious attack of diarrhoea forcing him to sprint from the field or face certainly pooing his pants live on television” http://www.news.com.au/sport/cricket/what-did-everyone-expect-matt-renshaw-to-do-when-he-got-the-runs/news-story/198e29857f33911010c8e4f69c1b239a That was the background to, believe it or not, an Australian radio phone-in about whether the young batsman should have messed himself rather than ran for the toilets with just 15 minutes left before the lunch-break in last week’s First test between India and Australia in the Indian city of Pune. Former Australian cricket captain Allan Border who was commentating at the time, went off on a major rant about Renshaw letting his country down by leaving the field, suggesting that if the lad had ended up doing it in his pants, so be it. That's top-class cricket, so to speak! Bearing in mind Renshaw had sprinted from the pitch holding his stomach whist desperately trying to reach the toilet before it was too late, you would have thought the furore of million on television watching him running as the backs of his white trousers rapidly turned brown would have provoked major sympathy from on-lookers but guess what? The Aussies were divided in their opinion of whether Renshaw should have abandoned his wicket or remained there and likely soiled his briefs uncontrollably in front of everyone. If anyone has ever been to India and experienced an un-announced wet fart, immediately followed by a 10-second warning that you are about to experience a major and messy ‘blow-out’, they would have tremendous empathy, trust me! Can anyone believe the Australian public seriously would have considered it acceptable for a budding young sportsman to have suffered the stigma of pooping his pants, in white trousers, in order to help his national team win a Test Match? So, would you have voted yes to ‘dirtying his pants’ (as the radio show put it) or no and running like the wind to avoid an unfortunate trouser-accident? And what would you have done in Matt Renshaw’s predicament?
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