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  1. His wee tantrum caused great hilarity at full time
  2. Starting 11 was Flem Matty. Dillo. Bolo Webby. Winker. Tezza. Jammer. Yano CJ. Martin
  3. Solid enough performance. Could easily been 2 up inside 5 mins. Unusually 2 mistakes from Dillo and a good passing move cost 3 goals. Ref spoiled it 10 mins into 2nd half sending Cregg off for an incident I never saw or people around me. Fair play to Jim Goodwin who took someone off to make it 10 a side but spoiled the flow of the game. Martin looked good up front though but obvious again we need a couple of players who can take half a chance. We've lost 30 goals in Sanny Gasher and Lewy that need to be replaced but in SP we trust
  4. And finally we are officially in League 1. Hello to everyone and hope we are here for a long time.
  5. Seems ok in here. At least there are no disillusioned Clyde and Berwick Walloper in here. Only for 1 year coz undoubtedly Clyde will be favs to win the league for the 10th year running. Looking forward to going back to a few grounds I haven't seen for many years. Hope Stenny come up then apart from Stranraer no bad for reaching all areas
  6. Loved watching Sanny the last 2 seasons. A true gentleman. Enjoyed a chat with him at EOS presentation. Good luck Sanny on whatever you do. It's been a pleasure
  7. As it happens I’m really pleased for Montrose and Stewart Petrie. Future Arbroath manager. In your dreams. That will not be happening
  8. After waiting so long it was great to finally get over the line. Told my grandson to savour every minute as they don't come along that often. Has been a long 33 years wait for a second title. 1985 on the pitch celebrating with then manager Ian Stewart on my shoulders and had the great pleasure to meet the man again on Saturday after the game. Too many grown men greeting at full time myself included and hugging for far too long. Big thanks to SP Rosco JB Paul and the boys for making an old man very happy and extremely emotional. A final happy retirement to the wonderful octopus Big Chris Temple man and thanks for the memories. Enjoy it Sanny and see you at Legend's Day in years to come
  9. Alan Fleming at Montrose. Made some crucial saves this season and plenty clean sheets
  10. Hope you had a calculator with you. About 200 Mo fans again last night. Outnumbered amount of Cowdenbeath fans easily. No bad for a wet Tuesday in deepest darkest Fife
  11. Certainly won't be the 200 that were down at Stirling on Saturday but sizeable traveling support expected. Have 30+ on our bus at the moment plus usual lot going by car. Would hope for 70+
  12. Just over 24 hours to another mahoosive game for both clubs for obvious reasons. 3 PTS a must to put a gap at the top. Same performance as Saturday and can see us doing it. SP will freshen things up but can't see many changes
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