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  1. Russell McLean anyone? Think I’d take a punt on him, reckon he’d bag a few more goals than sammon.
  2. In the same way that Kevin Cawley has been here during poor periods as well as the good, I can’t imagine you saying that continuity isn’t a good thing with him, seeing as exactly the same as Paddy he’s given his all for the club and had more success than failure. Paddy has stepped up to take the team when managers have moved on despite making it very clear that he had no interest in being the manager at any point, and for that he deserves respect and thanks for his effort for the club. If he goes, he should go with everyone’s best wishes and would be a big loss. Don’t think anyone is trying to say that the upturn in form was down to Paddy, but even Rice himself has said how important Paddy has been in helping give Rice an understanding of the squad and allowing him to hit the ground running.
  3. Am I missing something, why is Paddy leaving a good thing (if true)? Been a terrific servant for over 10 years and we’ve had some great times while he’s been here under several different managers.
  4. If we beat Cove on saturday I reckon we're in with a real shout. Queens Park can't beat anyone and Falkirk are dreadful, with the new manager bounce and the players playing with a bit of freedom and confidence, 8 points in 10 games with a game against Queens Park still to come doesn't seem impossible to me.
  5. After basically a perfect start, that was one of the worst performances of the season, and there's been plenty. Stood off East Fife far too often and while I felt the penalty was harsh, the goal was deserved and had been coming for about half an hour at that point. Wasn't sure about the pass-back but Hutton could easily have just launched it and there would have been no issue, totally avoidable. Second half was an embarrassment with just hopeful long balls to a 5ft 6 winger playing up front and very little creativity and ideas. Why the manager continually picks 3 holding midfielders with no creativity, while leaving our best holding midfielder on the bench and putting our 2 most creative players on either wings and leaving them totally isolated is beyond me. Just leads to us totally bypassing Cawley and Scougall and punting the ball and hoping for the best. IMO we're now at the point where if Mulraney doesn't sack him then the blame for this disaster of a season shifts from Ferguson to Mulraney - the writing has been on the wall for weeks/months, and action is now needed imminently if we're to rescue this shambles.
  6. Yeah can see the positives for him if he was coming back, more meant it in the sense he could easily be playing championship football or for a team higher up in our league who are winning more often than us and are a more free-flowing attacking team. Can see Partick Thistle taking him now they've lost Rudden.
  7. Ferguson in the advertiser saying that if Henderson isn’t back by the end of the week then he’ll have to look elsewhere as we only have one striker. Why has this taken so long to get a plan B together? Henderson not returning is hardly going to be a massive shock seeing as he’s been very good for us in a very poor season, I don’t see why he would want to return, so you would think we would’ve had a second option available. Obviously not.
  8. Blaise Riley-Snow signed on loan from Raith, central midfielder apparently. Probably did need someone in there but not as big a priority as a striker and probably a left back.
  9. In ordinary circumstances a point away at Montrose would be a good result, but I felt Montrose were there for the taking today, particularly first half. We played a lot of aimless punts up the pitch but they really struggled to deal with them and were extremely open at the back, and with a bit of care in the final third we had plenty 2v2 and 3v3/4 opportunities that we easily could’ve capitalised on. So frustrating watching us constantly sit off and refuse to press. That said we did make a good clearance off the line and rode our luck at times in the second half so a point was probably a fair result. Point doesn’t really do us a lot of good in the scheme of things if we’re looking for a play-off place, but need to hope the point can breed a bit of badly needed confidence for the coming weeks. Next week against an out of form Queens Park is another massive game in terms of getting away from the bottom and starting a run of form that can push us up the table, I’m just not sure Ferguson can set us up positively enough to take the game to them and win.
  10. No interview with Barry this week? Or do we only get them after 5-0 wins?
  11. Absolutely no chance Ferguson will turn our season around, doesn’t have a clue tactically. Only plus point is we’re still only 6 points off the play offs, punt him and give a new manager January to put his stamp on it.
  12. I’d be happy to chip in for Falkirk to take him.
  13. Could have been very different had Bonnyrigg scored that chance in the first 15 seconds, but overall an excellent performance and scored some great goals. Not a surprise to anyone but big Andy was excellent and didn't put a foot wrong. Not sure what the story is with Durnan and whether he'll be back for next week, but (hopefully) looking forward to a Durnan-Andy partnership at the back, with Mendy still looking a bombscare today. Get the feeling Henderson is easily frustrated, and rightly so when long balls go flying over his head, but when he starts running with the ball he is frightening and a level above the rest. Plenty of positives from today, need to back it up with an important game coming up next week.
  14. And also the fact he didn’t even do the press questions after the game on Saturday, Paddy Connolly did it! Doesn’t have time to talk about how we were rotten on Saturday but has plenty time to talk about his anger at rangers performance, just wrong for me.
  15. Think the issue is more that he is completely unlikeable and has gotten rid of perfectly competent players who have been terrific for us for years and replaced them with lower league jobbers who are yet to show anything close to being title challengers. Results haven’t been the worst but this is mainly down to late goals papering over the cracks, sat in and blew it against Queen’s Park and 2 freak goals got us the 3 points there, and a goal straight from kick off to get a point at Falkirk with a minute to go. Montrose last week could be seen coming a mile off with his love of sitting in and defending a lead despite being in control of the game. Genuinely worried for us this season, don’t look like we have any idea how to break a team down, feel like we’re going to concede from every attack due to us being all over the shop and we completely bypass the best part of our team, the midfield, with aimless punts to a 5 ft 6 striker. Will be interesting to see if Mendy comes straight back in after his suspension seeing as Howie (not his signing) has struggled to get back in after his sending off, but would not be surprised in the slightest to see Mendy (his signing) come straight back in despite Andy Graham sitting in the stand twiddling his thumbs every week.
  16. Gets plenty of criticism, from myself as well, so feel it's only fair to give him praise but when Mendy plays like that he is unplayable. He's erratic and all over the shop positionally a lot but today he won every header and blocked every shot, a terrific performance from him and our motm by a mile.
  17. As much as I said a point would be a good result before the game, and it still is, that feels like a missed opportunity. Never really got going and played into Falkirk's shaky centre half's hands by giving them as much time as they wanted on the ball. First half we never got going at all and it was pretty much one way traffic, despite probably having the best chance of the half when Henderson broke through. Second half was a bit better and although it looked a penalty, was a blatant foul 20 seconds earlier in the middle of the park. But fair play to the players, they are clearly playing for the manager as it would've been easy to chuck it in the last few games, great scenes at the equaliser. Can only hope Barry will learn to start cawley and not to sit in, defenders at this level are rotten when pressed, pointless sitting off them.
  18. Cawley dropped, that’s a bold/mental call.
  19. Because we've only got one and he's rotten. Robbo might be no world beater at left back but he never lets us down and is solid enough. Big game after a couple of great results, and we can certainly play better as well. Saying that would snap your hand off for a draw, 7 points out of 9 from Queens away, Airdrie at home and Falkirk away would be a great return.
  20. Big game for us and sort of getting to must win territory - lose this and we’re 9 points off top already. Despite a terrific result last week I fear that it was just papering over the cracks and prolonging Ferguson’s stay, but a win here and things look a bit more positive. Few big decisions to make with team line up, Sena back surely has to come in but he is pretty ordinary in front of the defence, as he was on Wednesday, so has to play further up. Hoping that Cawley isn’t the one to make way as he is still quite blatantly one of our best players, but Barry didn’t sign him so wouldn’t be surprised to see him dropped.
  21. The squad we have is more than good enough to be challenging at the top end of the table, and from what we've seen of the other teams there is absolutely nothing to fear from anyone in this division. All makes it more frustrating that we have a manager who is incapable of getting the best out of the squad and is too arrogant to drop players he signed. All very well saying that players aren't guaranteed to start if they are playing poorly and dropping (and releasing) Parry, Andy and Howie, but when he continues to start Mendy, King and Church his argument goes out the window. His substitutions are even more bizarre, playing with 10 men and needing a goal and he decides to take our 2 quickest players off is just baffling. Taking Taggart off has to be one of the strangest substitutions I've seen in god knows how long. There is still plenty time left in the season, and a decent squad for someone to work with. Can only hope that Barry is away soon to let someone with some tactical knowledge come in and work with the players.
  22. Building up or not, was completely bizarre to do so on Saturday when every single fan got behind the team and there was no abuse what so ever. Barry may go on to be a good manager for Alloa and our performances have been decent, but he has a lot of making up to do as far as I’m concerned, very disrespectful and just an embarrassing situation for the club.
  23. What a fanny Barry Ferguson is. Team played really well first half and dropped a bit deep second half, goal was coming and Barry comes over asking who’s been shouting abuse and trying to fight the supporters. Fans were singing and getting behind the team, went a bit flat in the second half, and certainly weren’t directing abuse at anyone. He’s made his bed as far as I’m concerned, get him so far to f**k.
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