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  1. Belgium vs Scotland

    thought that was in, horrendous ball to give him in that position
  2. League Cup Group C

  3. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Gutted we didn’t get to see more of big Geoff☹️
  4. Jim Goodwin - 9/10 Overall, a successful season. He’s got the best out of our small squad and on our day we can beat anyone in the league. Would’ve been a 10 if not for his tendency to try and sit on a lead. Still gutted about that St Mirren cup game.
  5. Keep/punt/undecided

  6. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Would love to but I get the feeling Dundee might come calling unfortunately. Anyone know if his contract is up?
  7. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    what a team[emoji7]
  8. Alloa v ICT

    I think in general, Goodwin deserves credit for this season as in reality, if we were offered the position we are in now at the start of the season we would’ve taken it. The frustration is that we have a lot of excellent creative players who can really hurt teams, yet we always sit in whenever we go a goal up. Partick thistle last week, and Inverness this week we were in control for both first half’s, but we sit in, both teams make changes and we eventually concede. You could see the goal coming from a mile off today, we just couldn’t get out, but this wasn’t due to inverness being particularly brilliant, it was thanks to us inviting them on to us. I think the run we went on in december has been key to us being in this position, and one of the key factors in this was the fact we kept going behind and coming back, we scored twice in about 8 games in a row. Goodwin couldn’t sit in for long spells, and we let our creative players do the business up front, which was working. It’s still in our hands next week and i am confident we can get the result we need, but we just can’t try and sit in for the whole second half again if we are leading at half time.
  9. Goodwin cost us that today, absolutely dominant for the first 15 until we scored and then we just put 11 behind the ball, was always going to happen.
  10. Think i would go with the same team as saturday. If we play like we did against ross county on saturday, especially first half, there’s no reason why we can’t win this game.
  11. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    Even Sky is bored of him[emoji23]
  12. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    ‘We started bright’ hahahaha get him out
  13. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    get him to f**k.
  14. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    f**k sake man