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  1. No Trouten or O’Hara, injuries or suspensions?
  2. Will be some laugh when Pressley gets it.
  3. I didn’t think we were particularly great yesterday and at times we looked like we were out of ideas. It’s quite clear that the diamond just isnt working for us at the minute and we are much more comfortable with the 4-2-3-1. We could really do with Dick and Cawley back as well ASAP, especially cawley as his energy is something we really miss. The bigger picture is that despite the fact we haven’t really been great this season, we still have more points and wins than we did at this point last season, with a lot less luck with injuries and suspensions, and there is still a long way to go. A couple of signings and a couple of players back from injury and were in decent shape. People calling for Grant’s head is just bizzare. Bobby Linn was excellent yesterday as well, the main difference between the teams.
  4. Clearly a lot of interest in this then. 5-0 Alloa.
  5. Andy Stirling has been released, seems like strange timing unless the manager is bringing in another free agent. Keilor-Dunn anyone?
  6. The fact that he didnt score any goals in 33 appearances for falkirk, or any in 15 games for stenny, doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.
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