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  1. The retention of Junior membership would suggest that there is an area of doubt with the possibility of fslling back ie Parachute... The official set up will confirm/allay these fears to an extent... If all is carried across as is then my fears are real.. If the governing body use this opportunity to apply equal opportunity to all clubs then great Ie, Top 4 from each league create 1league Next 4 from each league create another and so forth... The winners of each league move into top tier of new set up with the opportunity to win promotion to lowland set up... Just an idea to consider
  2. These are simple questions and observations in a situation where clarity is lacking.
  3. Having spoken with management at Glasgow Perthshire FC there is a genuine feeling of uncertainty. The Future seems more clouded than ever as looking at where we are and where we are headed it would seem that clubs like ourselves are being taken as a token gesture. It remains to be seen what the official decision will be as to league set ups but it seems likely BIG clubs will be favoured with the rest basically fulfilling an obligation to take all on board. As we stand some clubs haven't made official statement of their position, is there a reason? Is there also a reason for maintaining SJFA membership, other than the Junior cup reason as seems fiimsy. Is there a potential parachute if this doesn't work as the organisations hope? My fear is that Lowland will have their way and clubs known as BIG GUNS will be bedded in and the rest of us will be cast adrift. Are there any others with these concerns?
  4. A very strong performance with Billy having to rejig defensively but to a man entire team,subs included were outstanding.Some of the goals...Pauls a stunning edge of the box curler after brushing aside the CB to manipulate the space...then young Jordan firing a wonderful effort past the keeper.With Thommo dominant from our set plays by Logan,who also scored a well taken goal after great work from Ryan.Graeme rounded off a strong CF performance with the penalty having already been denied with the tightest of offsides and cracking the post.As i said even the subs were pivotal with David notching yet again a goal with his first touch...NAE PRESSURE next match lol.Billy building a strong squad in what has been the epitome of a stop start season that showed eary promise...Now after all the setbacks we are starting to see the lads gelling and showing some consistency.Hopefully we get the chance to keep things going this weekend.From a fans view massive thanks to the gaffer and squad for their efforts.
  5. Frodo17


    So its common practice for a manager to arrive at 13:00 for a 13:45 ko????? That just adds to the point i was making...If,as you say he turned up late would seem he had a good idea of what was going on as cant see a team at the top being that shabby.As for being way off we were still there @13:20 and at no point did he attempt to talk to a Shire official which would be at least courtesy.The ref took no time to call off match so how your groundsman,who assured late am game definitely on via a call from Shire official.....Kidology at best and disrespect at worst!!!
  6. Frodo17


    Well travelled to watch Glasgow Perthshire take on Shettleston after club being advised in a late am call that match was definitely on and surface was fine.On our arrival we are told that match was OFF due to unplayable surface which as i mentioned was deemed by Shettleston to be fine.Referee spent best part of five seconds before saying NO CHANCE!!! It would seem at NO point was this match ever going to take place especially when you consider home players still arriving after 13:00 for a 13:45 ko...Is this really the preparation for a match DEFINITELY ON of a team sitting top of league???Kinda makes you think NO....To make matters worse their manager decided not to speak to anyone associated with the visiting side instead sending a minion to take any flak from the fall out which is inevitable considering their negligence...The SJFA really need to step in and ask why NO inspection was requested,confirmed by the referee when one of Shettleston officials suggested it had been.This is a club who revel in making things awkward at best...This match was initially to take place at the seasons start but upon their request Glasgow Perthshire agreed to swith the fixtures....Before match conversations were helad as per normal and they were told of our kit BLACK/WHITE only for them to show up with a clash of kits.Purely an effort to cause unrest.So the thanks you get for agreeing to help another club with ground issues is at very least is to be treated with absolutely NO respect.My image of Shettleston is not one i would wish to have but sadly a club with no integrity.Thanks kindly for a wasted afternoon.
  7. Hi Scott i am mailing from Glasgow Perthshire Junior FC and are actively seeking a first team keeper and wonder if you would like to train tonight at the clubs ground. Thanks, Shaun
  8. First post on here so hello

    The Glasgow Perthshire is the team i will most talk of on here.Possils Black and Whites :)

    The weekend brought another hard earned victory over a stuffy defence orientated performance

    from St Anthony's which is understandable given league position.Falling to a sloppy first and giveaway second

    it took oor Smiddy to haul us back into match before the firsty halfs last whistle.The half seemed to fly past with ourselves passing up a few opportunities which are normally taken.We went for the jugular by playing 3-4-3 trying to blow the Ants away...it didn't quite pan out that way and when a long direct launched effort from the Ants keeper was allowed to bounce it fell to the striker who only had to make minimal contact to redirect the ball into the net.

    Here we are chasing the title and falling 2 goals behind...surely not another Royal Albert collapse???

    Nope....to be fair it was fairly one way traffic with the Shire pushing on at every opportunity...Ryan and Jordans effort and endeavour ensured we maintained the brunt of the ball with the skill and experience of Andy Gibson becoming more potent in this second half.The equaliser duly came from a nice Shire move worked its way to Scott Forrester on the right touchline where he took alovely first touch passing through the legs of the Ants No 7(much to his annoyance having had a wee spat with young Scott minutes earlier :))then whipping a beautiful cross cum shot to the back post beating the keepers right handed effort and into the top corner.

    A piece of brilliance from Scott who has been immense throughout the season whether in defence or attack.

    This sent the ardent travelling support wild but it was only a taste for what lay ahead in the final minute.

    With relentless pressure on a now 10 man Ants due to a wreckless challenge the tide of the match finally turned when a lovely ball over the top was met by JP Craig to simply catch the ball as it dropped and guide into the corner despite the keeper throwing his right hand at it.A final score of 3-2 was merited for Shires

    persistence and endeavour.

    It really was party time on the touchline for the Black and White footsoldiers and soldieresses lol.

    Another hard earned win on the road for oor gaffer Billy.

    Many thanks to St Anthonys for their hospitality and for me the best pitch our boys have played on this season...made me want to get the boots on again.All the best to the Ants.


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