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  1. What’s the big deal mate , his attitude hasn’t been poor imo , his attitude towards football is spot on , men like him in the amatuer game are great , passionate about all levels of football , a die hard attitude , ok no team has a given right to any pitch over another team , his passion maybe over took his thinking , towards the grange pitch , but I see where he’s coming from towards playing their , he’s want to give shortlees their best chance of winning this match to progress to semi of Scottish , and let’s be honest it is the biggest game in Ayrshire this week bar none , fans can walk to game and so on , and is their home away from home , regarding matches played .
  2. Oh well , as the old saying goes . We’re coming to get yous , lol shortlees are back , if their is a return of the Kier . Hahaha .
  3. Hahaha cunny , Your new nick name shud be the AUTHOR , I like it mate , come on let us know the goss wae kier , is the king returning lol. Reckon shortlees title odds will tumble if theirs a return of the Mack haha
  4. 2-1 now glenburn , on hurlford Twitter page lol
  5. Lol can just see cunny fae shortlees doing the highland jig , up and down the living room floor , shouting yes we’re BACK hahahahaha
  6. Top 2 in what ? Goals conceded ?
  7. Another Scottish cup winners medal , at the end of season , awrite , hahaha
  8. The talbot are getting it awrite , deal wae it .
  9. He’s only been asking you out for coffee and cake , wtf is wrong wae that , hahaha. And remember it’s Brownings cake hahaha
  10. Go get them Mick , give it your all as I know you will , hope it works the way you want .
  11. Lol their is no such thing as a friendly , hahaha , looking like the Darvel are comingtogetyis. Lol , 10 men for full second half . Tasty , hahaha.
  12. Top notch , was it Mick that put this forward to the club , during the discussions , before accepting the job .
  13. Hurlford thistle , are Cheating baaaaastards. Fact , end ov.
  14. Lol mate , don’t think referee is going to try and swing a league title , a reckon Mick would rather not win it , than have a twelfth man on the park, he gives everything for the cause, if the referee makes mistakes that’s his problem , colville would rather win it on merit , than have loonballs come on and say the ref this the ref that . IMO , they would rather lose it , than be given a helping hand , surely this is ridiculous.
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