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  1. Hurlford thistle , are Cheating baaaaastards. Fact , end ov.
  2. CSAFL

    Lol mate , don’t think referee is going to try and swing a league title , a reckon Mick would rather not win it , than have a twelfth man on the park, he gives everything for the cause, if the referee makes mistakes that’s his problem , colville would rather win it on merit , than have loonballs come on and say the ref this the ref that . IMO , they would rather lose it , than be given a helping hand , surely this is ridiculous.
  3. They have done consistently well in league , just need to go that final step,but considering the quality shortlees have had legally, and the quality thistle have illegally, then they’ve done well to be in their wae a shout as late in the season. Who knows , with shortlees in transition next year , and if Willie tarmac stops wasting money , they might win it next year . Lol
  4. west cup

    Oban to win 2-1 . Score and win Lump on lol
  5. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

  6. Scottish cup predictions

    Off course especially when it’s breaking the rules,Lol, or getting an unfair advantage on the honest teams , like say Stewarton , who deserve more credit , for their wee run . maybe didn’t get as far , but done it the right way lol.
  7. Scottish cup predictions

    Why should you deserve credit for getting to the semi final, when you are paying half yer team . The question was asked whether it was a waste of cash, and I think it was , their not good enough for a team that’s full of paid players.
  8. Scottish cup predictions

    Off course it’s cash wasted , probably had the budget of a junior team , lol . Let’s be honest here they got absolutely terrorised , against colville , they haven’t been convincing all season imo , money ripped into peices and flung into fresh air , they are horrendous , considering their paying their players .
  9. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Wouldn’t say Mick is pipping up as you put it , showing his enthusiasim towards job , and happiness towards signing the best player in Ayrshire for his team , nothing wrong, with that. It wasn’t that big a secret anyway , lol
  10. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Kier knapp , your player now Mick , lol , knew you were going to get him , massive coup , friendship and duo respect probably swayed it for you. Off course with some BUDO as well,exciting times ahead for darvel , might become a fan next year hahaha.
  11. Scottish cup predictions

    Lol , was finished before it began mate . Lol
  12. Yes mate , you are correct on this one I can’t argue , I was being a sarcastic asshole wae that post last nite , think I had one to many , he’s doing a great job .
  13. Ryan will have to give his mate , mr Hamilton a call , for an advance on his future thistle management career, to spend on players at new farm , to be top 5 in premier league , different ball game , lol
  14. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Hope they give you enough dough to have a right good go at it. Success doesn’t come free in the juniors as you will be aware of anyways. So they need to back you with as much as they can , would personally like to see you do well. Good luck,
  15. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Ok mate fair response , cheers .