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  1. Wow. I didn’t see any of that, but having seen the vid I’m ashamed to say I’m an affton supporter. I take my young grandson to home games, but after watching that [emoji52] I will not be returning to loch park ‘ever’. I’m finished I don’t want my grandson witnessing scenes like that. This will also be my last post on this form. I’ve had enough. [emoji112][emoji112]
  2. Fair enough, good luck with that [emoji106]
  3. Think you should probably stop typing now, you’re coming across as a bit of a tit. Just saying [emoji6]
  4. Don’t tar us all with the one brush [emoji853] there are many of us who enjoy the football. But I will say, the constant chants about Talbot is nothing short of bloody annoying at loch Park. I go to enjoy a game, not to listen to idiots shouting F the Talbot. We should be concentrating on why we’re so bad lately [emoji52]
  5. Y Thank you, at least I can understand what you're talking about [emoji1303] And Afton will win [emoji39]
  6. [emoji23][emoji23]. It's a no contest anyway, Talbot will be sent back home with their tails placed firmly between their legs. £10 for a win, returns £0. Yeah right [emoji23][emoji23] no financial logic there me thinks [emoji4]. ( always enjoy this fixture, well sometimes [emoji6]
  7. Glenafton 31/10. We have a chance then [emoji23] As a non gambler, I've absolutely no idea what 31/10 means. But it must be good as its high figures, right [emoji851]
  8. Don't be a spoilsport Andy,[emoji23][emoji6]
  9. Absolutely f——ing shocking display. Changes must be made, be it management/players [emoji35] it’s a slippery slide once you start to descend. And on another note. There’s Lynass scoring 3 today against Hurlford. I said we would rue letting him leave. [emoji35] I really liked him playing here, vastly underrated by us, in my opinion.
  10. Depends on our ( Afton) definition of fringe[emoji848] Was he a fringe because the boss thought of him as a squad player only. Or was he a fringe because ( as I think ) a luxury player that didn't always suit the teams game plan. But when called upon,always looked dangerous. Mixed feelings about Conor leaving the Afton, I personally think we should have tried to keep him here, some of my fellow supporters think differently. I think he's missed- they don't [emoji33] all about opinions I'm sure I'm not alone on this [emoji23]I know at least one other the feels like I do.
  11. We had DG down at Loch Park - 08-09, he also went onto play for Talbot. Think he played for Rob Roy too? And as mentioned above he was with the Lok. So he certainly knows his way around the Junior game, best of luck Rossvale [emoji1303] on paper it seems a good appointment. DG [emoji6]all the very best to you [emoji122]
  12. You do talk some shite at times OW . When I left Conor ( correct spelling) was still on the park. He’s old news now, though I’ve said it many times he and Chris D would be missed down here. Look we need to concentrate on what we have in the squad, without doubt we will struggle for consistency this season. We ( supporters )can not be happy with the way we’re playing and yesterday proved this to me. Hence my one man protest [emoji23]
  13. What a F’ing shambles [emoji35]take nothing away from Clydebank [emoji122] but we need to get things sorted, I left with twenty to go, it was embarrassing to watch [emoji58]
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