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  1. Renton/Buchanan, replacements at last for Stewart/Hemmings.
  2. I'm well aware but decided to be charitable to both clubs i.e. Alloa relegated ( likely ) and Brechin promoted ( possibly ). Thanks for Bucks
  3. Because we all know that the arse cheeks will never ever let it rest. Please see the many P and B threads on this topic some several years old and many pages long.The proposals will almost certainly be revived again this season and next, especially as Rangers and Celtic colts now at last have a toehold in the SPFL. via the Lowland League.
  4. I am wittering on about the Scottish Government, specifically the First Minister and her science chum Jason Leitch making travel from Scotland to Manchester area a crime because of high Covid rates, then doing an abrupt U Turn. Now Dundee has the highest Covid rates in Europe ( far higher than Manchester ) and the number of cases here in Fife are also increasing rapidly, yet no ban on travel has been imposed. Total inconsistency and hypocrisy.
  5. Don't think Nicola has declared travel to the USA a crime or has unbanned it after the Mayor gets pissed off like Manchester. Dundee on the other hand?
  6. Is Dundee, besides being the Covid Capital of Europe, a suburb of Manchester?
  7. Loved the aftermath of the Pollock Goal with Mango mouthing " Oops Sorry " or something like it
  8. Apparently applies to all Parliamentarians as well as to BBC and all Government Departments. Who checks the course content, as well as all lectures, Lecturers and those in charge of the programme for any evidence of conscious or unconscious bias?
  9. I am reluctant to venture into the thickets of regionalism , particularly Scottish, but the recent controversy over Brexit Welsh V Aussie Lamb comes to mind. In a Scottish context I understand the description refers to Aberdonians and those further north or is that considered racialist.
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