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  1. I did put Iain Jenkins name forward previously. He was among those interviewed but Bollan was appointed. I wonder if Mixu is available; he has his home in Burntisland.
  2. I was expecting some Pars to offer him. Barry Ferguson is another.
  3. Interested to know if Liam and Robbie are suspended for next League fixtures or for cup fixtures only. A few players must also be close to Yellow card limits (Fraser Mullen?)
  4. Cop26 and the mass visit with no restrictions is in total conflict with current Scottish government policies. What particular science is being followed or applied ?
  5. My wife and I had ours on Friday morning. Almost fully recovered today but we both had painful arms and shoulders over the weekend - oh and Cowden lost to compound my misery.
  6. I have known for some time that the Manager ( and coaching staff ) are tactically inept. I'm sorry, the performance today was completely unacceptable.
  7. Our sympathies! We are on day 10 and still at the horrible coughing, sneezing, snotting, stage. Tissues are currently almost as hard to get as bogrolls were.
  8. Both my wife and I. Not Covid: we do regular tests and had our booster/flu shots yesterday. Also instructed to go to A & E with a persistent heavy nosebleed caused by too much nose blowing. Thank God for the NHS. Buy Shares in Kleenex.
  9. I did say next Saturday and not this Saturday.
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