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  1. Labour supporters voted Tory because (A) they voted Leave in the referendum and were thoroughly pissed off that the party were ignoring the result and doing nothing to hasten our departure from the EU or (B) they voted Remain in the referendum but accepted the result and saw a failure to act as a negation of democracy or (C) they took a right scunner to Jeremy Corbyn. The Referedum in Scotland is following a similar path with the SNP doing everything they can to confuse , obfuscate, cheat, lie and deny action on acceptance of the clear Referendum result. Now that the Election has very clearly helped resolve the Brexit issue, the new Government and the parties can now concentrate on stuffing the incompetent SNP/Green party Scottish,Government in the next Scottish elections.
  2. A majority in Scotland voted to remain in the union.
  3. FCO from 1952 to 1996 with 14 Overseas postings. Thank God for diplomatic immunity. I was involved in a few dodgy incidents.
  4. Replay the game. Nah! Deduct 10 points. Simple, fair and equitable.
  5. Who in God's name wants to have anything to do with an organisation where Prime Ministers can be sent to jail for refusing to do as they are told. The sooner we are out the better!!! Oops almost forgot Spain is more than ready to imprison senior politicians and it is /was not uncommon among the other EU member states. Be very careful Nicola not to piss people off. You already have one very senior party member in the mire .
  6. Ronasldincoo sitting on the seafront holding his breath and expecting a pleasant ( Drifter style) surprise.
  7. N C P The Beasties are back on Cowden's Mantlepiece
  8. Wacky Stupid Pompous fool. Sounds like the President is getting back at the Ambassador for calling him inept insecure and incompetent. I would love to see The US Embassy reports to Washington on the chaos, incompetence and ineptitude demonstrated in Westminster
  9. Certainly couldn't tell from the glimpses on the BBC 6 O'clock news
  10. How do you know it was a woman involved? He/she/it could have been carrying a knife or battery acid.
  11. I certainly could as learned from following Davie Ross. Sorry I don't have footage but my team mates were very quick to follow up in dead ball situations. Mind you it helped that most of the opposing defenders were wee. One other thing I learned. It took lots and lots of practise in training.
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