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  1. "Growing up in Glasgow, for years I thought the club's name was Partick Thistle Nil"
  2. Wasn't that around the time of the Billy Connolly joke?
  3. Part of a trend. Anne Budge and some others have little time for part time smaller clubs and wish to deny them existence in the Scottish League set up. There is also an arrogant and self serving belief that eg Hearts and others among the elite should not be relegated (Rangers and Sevco?). The idea of Colts In League 2 refuses to go away even though we are tired of it and useful idiots can always be found to provide media support for this and any future try on.
  4. Why? It wasn't too long ago QP finished bottom of the pack. Dundonald Bluebell ffs🤣
  5. Snap!! I saw the potential some time ago when my wife and I were able to witness the actual funeral service of my wife's brother in Perth, West Australia shown on our large home TV screen as it happened. I mentioned this to CC as an excellent way of earning additional long term revenue for the Club by involving those, like you, in the UK and Ireland unable to attend matches in person but also for the many other world wide Blue Brazil supporters and associates. I and CC were well aware of the problems, expertise and permissions required to set up such as system but Covid provided an early opportunity to realise live transmission of Cowden's games. I am glad to see that CC and the Board have established a really professional stream from the start. I hope the venture provides a long term permanent and lucrative source of funding for the Club. PS Mango's goal was a real beauty and caused absolute mayhem in Kennoway.
  6. Also in the Championship a few years ago (along with Rangers, Hibs and Hearts).
  7. Absolute belter of a goal from Craig Barr. Horrendous conditions at Central Park.
  8. So that's all right then. A dislocation and two or three fractures. Operation sometime soon but absolutely no visitors.
  9. Well said that Man Brad Smith what a player! He broke Cove hearts as well. I hope your mob took defeat more gracefully - with no flying tea urns or bad bad mouthing like Cove, from players, coaches, fans and press.
  10. Beath High had a few of them even though Number Seven was only yards away
  11. It looks increasingly unlikely that the saintly Nicola will permit any fans to attend any games soon. Our only salvation may be PPV with live TV screening. I was recently able to watch a family event held in Perth West Australia as it happened, with a perfect picture on our home TV. It is obvious to me that this is a a sure method of providing a revenue stream for the club, certainly now in these worrying times for all fans but also long term for those fans unable to attend games. I am very ready to pay and I hope the club are looking actively now at screening home games for subscribers.
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