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  1. No, but she did jump over the MOOn' I'll get ma jaikit.
  2. N***** gies me the boak. Maybe should be in the People you Dislike thread
  3. I learned a long long time ago that when she says " I love it " you agree and "it " appears. I do have some red lines (very few ) which usually involve items from the catalogues enclosed with the daily papers. Shades of Billy Connolly there but returning some items can be a real pain in the arse.
  4. I never thought I would ever see the words SNP members are racist Tories (that is around half of them). No wonder the SNP is a tremendous mess, even though Nicola said he didn't mean it. I note that the SNP Acting President/ CEO has not agreed with the First Minister.
  5. I understand the results are due around 2 PM at Murrayfield.
  6. There's a whole bunch of "gaits" on the new development coming into Kirkcaldy. Probably adds a few thousands to the cost of each house even though it doesn't make the area or the new houses more posh.
  7. Kidney Stone while in Fiji. Like TxRover, I crawled out of the car and threw up.
  8. I note the Beeb have rescinded the cancellation of the BBC Singers (cost £1.5 Million) following a protest signed by 140.000 people. If they want to save money, many have been suggesting they should cancel Gary Lineker (cost £1.4 Million) instead. I am confident any petition would easily obtain at least 140,000 signatures.
  9. Sleekit ! Now there's a particularly Scottish word with various meanings.
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