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  1. Let me make it even simpler for you. In which other Scottish League can three teams not be promoted or relegated. In which other league can three of the teams not be eligible to participate in cups/ trophies. The admission of two (and now three) B teams through bribery and lies was permitted by a casting vote. The way the three B Teams were included in the LL is very much a part of the debate The nature of their admission challenges the integrity not only of the Lowland League but of the whole pyramid system.You should also see the Tranent June statement.
  2. One other consequence is limiting of Beeb coverage with no more team news, stats and texts but only the LL scores (which are not always up to the minute.) Now we no longer have BBTV streams, Cowden fans unable to attend have problems.
  3. Wasn't Putin already involved with Botham's todger?
  4. I take it there are still problems with the BBTV stream for tonight's game?
  5. Whoever wins, an Indiref 3. And perhaps a Brexit 2.
  6. The wearing of masks, particularly in winter is a very longstanding tradition in Japan. When I and my family lived and worked in Japan in the sixties and seventies, it was fully accepted that masks would be worn to avoid spreading or catching coughs and colds. Their use during the pandemic was regarded as entirely appropriate and correct.
  7. Played two games as a trialist for the BU's. Looks a good signing. Gives 100% but a yellow card/penalty waiting to happen.
  8. The Sunday Post was always first choice over the Sunday Mail (a better class of read while sitting) plus the chance of wiping your ass on Daphne Broon.
  9. I think the word "Duck" applies.
  10. One of them could win it this year but they won't be in the play offs. Only the Champions can be in the play offs !
  11. So now Ian Blackford and the Deputy First Minister have both been telt by Nicola Sturgeon. That's true leadership !
  12. I missed that on the lunchtime news about the Deputy First Minister who apparently "misheard" a question on the radio this morning Can anyone enlighten me?
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