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  1. The simple answer to the problems associated with gulls is to deprive them of food. The statement put out by the club is spot on. Don't drop food and deposit waste in bins. Dumfries has had a particular problem with them for years and while relaxing legislation to enable local authorities to remove nests etc it is, in the main, something that we can all help with by depriving the birds of food. The mess that they leave in and around Palmerston by fouling seats etc is hardly something to attract people to our ground.
  2. I thought Michael Paton's post match interview with Sandra was quite telling. He just came across as someone who couldn't be arsed. He seemed neither happy nor relieved at getting a full time contract. Had this been a new to the club young player then perhaps it was nerves, but not someone who has been around the block a few times. Contrast Paton's interview with Dan Pybus after Saturday's game. He was up for it, enthusiastic, happy to be at the club and excited at the prospect of 'kicking on'. More the attitude I want to see.
  3. Let's get the crap displays over before the league campaign gets underway. Two games and we've lost six goals. Don't fancy our chances against Morton let alone Dumbarton, both away.
  4. Agreed that this was never a 3-0 game. Thought we did well in the first half and should have been at least one up. But in the second half, particularly when Motherwell put on Seedorf for number 44 (think that was his number) then the wheels came off the bus...Mercer could not control him Seedorf. Some promising signs and we were beaten by Premier opposition who came with a full bench. Thought Pybus did reasonably well although tired late on. Not convinced with Hamilton and McCarthy but it is early days. We'll get a better idea after the next three games.
  5. I think AJ should perhaps register again as a player the way our squad and injuries is turning out.
  6. That looks like a really good signing. Let's hope he kicks on with us.
  7. Well really sad that we did not, or could not, push the boat out and re-sign Michael Doyle. I don't blame him if he has a better offer from elsewhere, it is after all a job and no doubt he has a mortgage to pay etc. I suppose the real annoying thing about Doyle going elsewhere is that he clearly liked being with us and I for one wish him well...but not against Queens!
  8. Absolutely agree regarding confidentiality but no news at all when some of last year's team are being signed by other teams is a bit hard to take. Yes we'll be able to field a team of that there is no doubt but what standard will the new signings be? Falkirk, from listings in P&B, are interested in Doyle and also Mark Durnan, both we would like to see back in our team.
  9. Losing Doyle to Falkirk would be a real blow. Okay we knew Dykes and Todd were going. We've lost Jacobs and Stirling to fellow Championship side, one being part time, and with the first week of pre season training almost complete no sign of any new players coming in. The support really needs some assurance that we're going to have a team that will be able to compete, particularly after last season. We must have pushed the boat out a bit to sign Holt and I think it would be folly not to do so for Doyle, who last year always put in a shift, particularly when others were posted missing. I appreciate that our poor crowds mean we are restricted on the size of budget but fielding a team of players other teams are not interested in will hardly increase our fan base.
  10. Well I thought we'd lost Jordan Marshall last year so, on the positive side, we had him for another year. I'm sorry to see him go but it was going to happen sometime soon. I'll be more disappointed if Doyle slips through the net and signs for another Championship club...that would be bad news. I'd also like to see Stirling back as on his game he's an asset.
  11. Hopefully we'll re-sign Doyle and Stirling and get a good experienced goalkeeper on board. Looks like Durnan is Falkirk bound as they splash the cash to get out of Div 1 at first time of asking.
  12. I would love to see Cammy Bell back at Palmerston. He has plenty of experience and would certainly be an improvement on Alan Martin
  13. But Martin gave me the shakes every time the ball came near to him. From being a good goalkeeper with Dumbarton he's ended up being a liability. One of AJ's priorities is to get a reasonable keeper. He also needs to act quick to sign up Connor Murray and Mickey Doyle who worked their socks off today.
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