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  1. I wonder if we would have the same reaction to there being no reconstruction had St Mirren been bottom of the Premiership and QOS bottom of the Championship at the time of lockdown. No chance whatsoever.
  2. Most of our playing squad had contracts up to the end of this month and it's not unusual for some not to be offered new contracts until closer to the season starting. Using the furlough scheme for another month, when we were highly unlikely to retain most of them (remember this squad was in line to get us relegated but for the lockdown) smacks to me as abusing the scheme. I'm more concerned with the fate of the club's non playing staff who to be honest go the extra mile for the club. The chairman and the Board's priority is the sustainability of the club and sometimes they require to take decisions that are unpopular in some quarters.
  3. For sure Dykes has proved many of us wrong with his scoring prowess, then again perhaps Livingstone are the perfect team for him. But Dobbs has missed him, of that there is no doubt, but maybe a move to Rangers could be one step too far. Whatever good luck to him and I just hope if he does move on we are able to get a part of the sell on fee.
  4. As many have said already we've managed to get a 'get out of jail card' as a result of the season ending prematurely. But will we be any better off whenever the league (same or expanded league) starts again? Sadly I doubt it. One thing many of us agree on is that with the current management team we are highly unlikely to be one of the league leading clubs. I doubt even with a healthy budget that AJ and SC are capable of improving our fortunes.
  5. Well done the Dobbie Family yesterday for raising over £4,500 for the NHS. The entire family deserve huge credit for doing this. Legends, all of them.
  6. Following yesterday's postponement really good move by the club donating food from hospitality to River of Life charity that helps the homeless. Photo of a rep from the charity, Dan Armstrong and girls from Lite Bites on the website. Well done to all involved in doing this. I hope during the suspension of football that people remember the Arena is open and support the café and other businesses there.
  7. Most credit from last night's game must go to the Queens fans who turned out in good numbers and got behind the players 100%. What we saw was lots of effort but sadly not a lot of skill. For the Manager to single out Gary Oliver just about sums up how good we are going forward. Quite frankly at present we couldn't score in a brothel. I wondered why Hamilton was not brought on to help out Dobbs, or even to replace him, but to bring on Petravicius made us even less likely to score. At least we didn't lose and to be fair Stewart had a few good saves and was generally a safe pair of hands last night...I know by Saturday night I'll regret saying that!
  8. Before last night's game I thought Thistle fans were at the wind up about how bad their team is...I know how bad Queens are...but I was wrong and they are spot on. What we had on show last night was two poor teams who lack skill and two managers who have totally run out of ideas. Okay the players didn't lack effort but at times I thought I was watching a couple of pub teams playing in the Sunday league. Hats off to both sets of fans for sticking with it until the end. We'll meet again...next year!
  9. Yip totally agree but wrap up boys and girls as it's a bit Baltic up here for tonight's game.
  10. I think now I've heard it all...'nothing between both teams'...except four goals! Next to Trump earlier this week saying that Coronavirus is all down to the Democrats that was the most ridiculous interview from AJ so far. McColl must be relishing our visit on Tuesday night. AJ has clearly run out of ideas. However unlike many on here I don't blame a Board who put financial security and sustainability top of their agenda but the product on offer these days is seriously testing this view.
  11. Sandra didn't duck out...she's chasing Johnstone for one of his informative interviews! Cannae wait! Hopefully he's having a chat with the Board and we'll be spared the pain.
  12. Let's hope he does the decent thing because with him around we're done
  13. Just listened to the AJ post match interview. Hardly inspirational and he came across as someone who hasn't got a clue how to sort out our problems. When he came in last season the team got the benefit of the new manager bounce, but in truth we're actually no better than we were last season, in fact I think we've gone back the way. I don't rate him at this level and far preferred the honesty and commitment of Gary N. Okay we may have been relegated had Gary remained in charge, something we'll never know. The Chairman made a bold decision and it worked for him, although I disagreed how he did it. Even with a larger budget, like AJ had at Dunfermline, I doubt this manager will do any better for us at this level. Like a few others on here I'd like to see a change but I doubt we can afford to make the change. If we are relegated, and hopefully this does not happen, then the current management team have to go...surely there's a clause in their contracts to allow a review...and perhaps give Dobbs and Willie Gibson the job to turn us round. Next week nothing short of a win will suffice.
  14. Well if we can afford to we need to get a new Manager, and soon. The AGM will certainly be interesting if AJ is still in post. That's us achieved a play-off spot, but at the wrong end. No chance AJ et al can dig us out of the mire this time round.
  15. At least Gary Naysmith's interviews made sense, were honest, particularly when he acknowledged his mistakes, and he came across as an honest thoroughly decent guy who wanted the best for the club.
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