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  1. Would we only receive the minimum allocation of away tickets in this instance?
  2. Mctominay at ch & tierney at rb in a flat back 4?
  3. Sam Stanton would walk into that team IMHO.
  4. We were playing BSC Glasgow, no idea of the score though.
  5. How’s the ticket purchasing system operating at your place now gents? Last time I was over it took 15-20 mins to get to the front of the queue. Just wondering how long to allow for it tonight.
  6. I’m told that we’re interested in Ryan Conroy along with Peterhead & Brechin. Peterhead being his preferred option.
  7. I’m led to believe there’s a defender from Petershill signing soon.
  8. Ffs, give us all some peace and go back to supporting Celtic. All you seem to do is have a pop at the club on any platform at any opportunity.
  9. Paton was sitting with Loy in the seats below the hospitality area last week.
  10. I believe he got his calf injury in training in the week leading up to the EK game.
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