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  1. That’s it. It opinions as you say. Especially as we haven’t seen the boy in a Falkirk shirt yet. I genuinely hope he does well.
  2. There are also others saying “he’d be the last of our four strikers to get a deal” and others elsewhere saying not too fussed. Not all comments attributed to p&b
  3. I’m no going to say all (I’ve seen some of the messages left on the signing announcement yday which were out of order) but the vast majority of us want all our signings to do well. it’s surely perfectly normal though when the previous record isn’t all that great, the team we took him from aren’t too fussed to be sceptical and we had/have a striker who scored more and done the same job and he was slated all season. our strike force (as it stands) is MacIver, Allan & Oliver. Do you think that wins us the league? I’m no sure. I’d love to be wrong, in fact hope I am. I wish the boy the best, hope he finds his feet quickly and he can develop into a sellable asset.
  4. I said he was stinking and didn’t merit a 2 year deal. also I wasn’t posting about signings being average I posted about our money still being spunked away - one of the examples I gave was even a 2 year deal for Nesbitt.
  5. Nesbitt is nowhere near as bad as some on here make out - 1st season granted he was stinking like everyone else. As has been pointed out highest number of assists for us - doesn’t matter if they came from corners, long punts whatever. The energy he brings to the team is much needed - I was surprised he was in TOTY. His form like everyone else around him badly tailed off. Worth a 2 year deal? No. We don’t need security there, no one’s battering the door down looking for Aidan Nesbitt and he’s no leaving a cushy number here. Worth a 1 year deal in my opinion. Paying for Allan (not playing him plus he doesn’t fit mcglynns style), 2 year deal for AN, and a 2 year deal for a striker who has 7 goals in last 39 appearances. We’re chucking money away still.
  6. Agyemans no coming in as cover. He’ll be on the left (of your 442). I think mcglynn will revert to type - 4231
  7. 7 goals in 39. Oliver’s return for us was more he was slated to f**k.
  8. We’re in trouble if we don’t get promoted - per JS answer on Falkirk Daft.
  9. I asked Jamie about options being taken up from mcginn & Oliver (no idea about PJ) on twitter yesterday. He said they are “confirming a full squad list later this week hopefully. There are a few discussions still ongoing but hope to provide a list asap”
  10. Nicky Hogarth released by Forest. Sure he’ll have plenty options.
  11. I’d have mcglynn gone. Didn’t lay a glove on our rivals, no title challenge, the arse fell out our season after defeat at EEP and to top it off he watched us go 5-0 down (something I still cannot believe). The 2nd leg - the players clearly had no belief and just went through the motions. He cannot change a game when things are going against us and cannot deal with opposition managers making changes during the game - see mcpake & McCabe. My reason for getting rid of him is he won’t change next season - it’ll be the same tactics, formations, passive football full of over playing in ineffective areas. His interview post Airdrie 1st leg didn’t do him any favours either. The “improvements” we’ve seen aren’t as impressive as made out - they are only impressive compared to our worst ever season. Considering the whack of cash he’s been backed with - I’d expect some improvements.
  12. 4.5-5. Some decent recruitment. Improvement on our worst ever season. Loss of Alegria was a blow. Unfortunately no title challenge, didn’t beat Dunfermline once. We made a habit of bottling big games. Losing 7 points to Kelty. After the EEP defeat we fell to bits and never recovered culminating in an humiliation in the first P/O game and what looked like a training game in P/O 2nd leg. The less said about his interviews after the P/O the better. Not confident in him going forward.
  13. McDonald would be a solid league 1 keeper. Certainly an upgrade on any keeper we’ve had whilst down here. can’t see us getting him anyway. Probably end up at another championship team.
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