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  1. Shettleston 2 East Kilbride Thistle 0 Big game for us next weekend at home to Ardrossan....a big test to keep our unbeaten run intact Good to win and get 3pts today but the clean sheet is a big bonus...defensively we where solid....
  2. When foxes dig a hole they leave the soil at the side of the hole.....just like gravediggers....easy solution push it back in,pat it doon and game on....
  3. Cue the bankies fans rage at the goals been stolen at Greenfield......🤐
  4. Jamie McKenzie at Gartcairn...wouldn't surprise me if he went senior....
  5. Cant comment about yesterday as I didnt arrive until 1pm....shortly after the Shettleston Manager who had just arrived before me ,so your comment about him not wanting to speak is way off..... On the first meeting the referee was contacted as he is always a day or two before the match,like any other visit to keppoch we always play in all white,as our away kit is all black... the referee agreed again all white. but my understanding is your new kit has an all white back with the number and this was a concern for the ref on matchday....simple mistake ,but by who and as for kello the keeper opted to play in red training top as the kit you supplied,a good gesture I may add ....was like a nightgown on him
  6. All down to 9th place with only 4 pts the difference it looks like a a very competitive season is on the cards....
  7. Failed my standard grade geography by getting ill on scrumpy jack and tipex ....4 hr exam fck that
  8. Yes but before the fan clearly entered the field of play....hence the Kello official leaving the dugout to get him to return behind the barrier...
  9. I coach under 16s in the glasgow league ...there is a team from Lochgilphead.....a team from Kilbirnie and one from Balloch....it happens all over Scotland
  10. Really need glasses and to stay off the shandies. Your centre McGrotty caused all the bother last time and your number 4 lost the plot today but if you want to deflect from the scudding you took today fill yer boots. read my 1st line....best team won,no doubts about that The rest is just unnecessary ....spectator keeps in check and looks at his alcohol intake then maybe things would have been different ...... and never a scudding ....10-1 defeat to Pollok is a scudding....
  11. scooshed a bottle in his face after the red which is not acceptable ....lol ....referee didnt handle the situation but needed help to control the crowd ...to be fair one Kello guy went to the crowd behind the goal and in no in certain terms warned them ....the players father then was accosted by several fans for trying to get his boy away.....
  12. Kello 3 Shettleston 1 no complaints today regarding our performance and the result.... but on our 2nd visit of the season today to Kello again our players where subjected to attacks from the crowd..... My understanding is they got hammered for the earlier league tie where players had to endure a torrent of abuse and physical attack at half time.....seems they haven't learned their lesson Today their was much the same with Ryan Frances spat at and after a heated argument with another supporter was approached on the field of play by the supporter where he was abused and attacked...protecting himself he was red carded,...... after last weekends game that had its flashpionts a stronger referee was needed and sadly we got a another upcoming upstart with no knowledge of the game...... We are always labelled a gang ....which is laughable when u see some of these deep Ayrshire teams supporters and their behaviour .........
  13. Kello have updated their page saying that, no official's are willing to travel down to do the inspection, meaning that they are left with a situation as too, they put it off without official say so, or play it, but if match ref puts it off before kick off they then get left with no comeback and are liable for everyone's expenses, now surely if they have followed the correct steps and asked for the inspection then the should be afforded the request regardless of the distance the refs have to travel, if not then there going to go on the side of caution and put a 50/50 decision off rather the run the risk of being left with a massive expense bill what page is this on game is on
  14. hopefully its game on and not one of these fixtures that keeps getting postponed. Worst display of the season last weekend from us and looking for a reaction,influential players back from suspension and injury will hopefully see us through..... Glad to see its not the same referee as last weekend,hate having a go at refs but his display was poor....
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