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  1. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    A H D D H H A H
  2. Today's scores

    Well done Stevie
  3. Whitlets vics

  4. Girvan

    Think your better of at whitletts it's going to be a long season at girvan under spank [emoji12]
  5. Girvan

    Do you honestly believe spank had any input no one takes him seriously Are you his new assistant ??
  6. Girvan

    Don't think anyone would go with spank he is clueless
  7. Girvan

    Wonder if it's Jamie I mean lineo [emoji53]
  8. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Surely Jamie wouldn't be welcome back there ???
  9. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Tbf spank deserves what he gets it's no the first time he has tried for a new job [emoji122][emoji122]
  10. Girvan

    2 more than darvel
  11. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    spank is the new manager at girvan without Greg now
  12. Girvan

    Wonder who will replace barbour
  13. Whitletts v Maryhill Play-off Match Report

    Why don't you f..k off
  14. ADL Season 17/18

    You are a complete fanny 🖕🖕
  15. ADL Season 17/18

    6 pts aye we will soon find out 🖕