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  1. If Burnley go down, Dyche won't suffer any reputation loss, a lot of clubs could use a manager like him. Celtic for one
  2. It only looks like a big swipe because of slow motion and reverse angles. At the original pace it looks like two players going for the ball and clipping each other's feet
  3. Whatever happened to "clear and obvious" As I saw it, two players were going for the ball and collided, not a foul Also, if you need as many 3D lines as they used to rule out Salah's first half goal, it's not "clear and obvious" VAR as a concept doesn't bother me, but they way they are using it really grinds my gears
  4. senorsoupe


    I'm struggling to get into this years FM. Started a save with Kaiserslautern but haven't found myself all that motivated to play much at the moment. Played 2 competitive games (1 DFB-Pokal and 1 3.Liga) and lost both 2-1 to late goals. My team appears to be full of players on the Leigh Griffiths fitness regimen
  5. Being serenaded by Sweet Caroline in Czech on their way off the pitch must be the final humiliation
  6. Looks as though Celtic are trying to socially distance from Sparta Prague players when in their own box
  7. Oh no! Hope that this isn't true If it is true then I picked the wrong self destructive former footballer to be my captain
  8. This, when I worked in a physical office (pre-pandemic) I would always make sure to go to a quiet area to take personal calls, never wanted to deal with questions from nosy neighbours On the subject of public sector procurement (as a fellow public sector employee, but in a different country), are "procurement" people just as annoying in Scotland as they are here? We also have to go through tons of bureaucracy to buy anything more than a certain value and our procurement people tend to be p***ks about minor errors in the forms. We had one of our poor admin folks have to re-do an entire contract request (which takes a while), because she made a typo on one field and the procurement person rejected it in the system, meaning all the work she did got erased
  9. I picked this up on a Steam Sale, some of my friends already play it and I have to say I find it quite enjoyable! So far I have been doing transport missions (aka Space Truckin') but I am definitely a fan!
  10. In some parts yes, especially Vancouver. Victoria and Vancouver Island in general has a lot less rain.
  11. Montreal probably has the harshest winters of the major Canadian cities, but the tradeoff is that it has the best restaurants and nightlife in the country (for when those things can be fun again). Also avoid Alberta, it's full of redneck morons
  12. To be fair, it's lovely in the summertime here. Canada has a distinct advantage in the murder rate department over our crazy downstairs neighbours but the weather does have some bad patches. The best option would probably be Vancouver Island, still Canada but the weather is a lot nicer.
  13. It started around 3 pm here and went into the night, here is my view this morning. Thankfully I am working from home as the first snowfall of the year always leads to chaos ok the roads as people forget how to drive in snow. This happens every year people!
  14. I know I live in a place where it snows a lot but the first proper snowfall of the year (which happened yesterday) always gets me down. Coupled with COVID fatigue and work being really busy and stressful I've had a rough couple of days. Yesterday in particular I knew I had some stuff to do around the house but I just couldn't bring myself to do anything. Hopefully today will be a better day.
  15. What an absolutely moronic thing to do Red & Kitty Forman say it best
  16. The fact that you get that reference makes me very happy
  17. How many more defeats before Celtic realize that Neil Lennon isn't a good enough manager? Also Scott Brown is finished
  18. Having been involved in government comms planning meetings, I guarantee that Trump using this to try to undermine his own election wasn't part of the potential scenerios. Also there are a lot of panicked comms managers at Elections Canada today
  19. 2/3 on this list. I will absolutely consider myself to be a nerd. I play lots of board games and dice based roll playing games with friends. Also a big fan of comic books That being said I also like sports like football and motorsports. I also like craft beer, cooking, and have a wife so I am not exactly the stereotypical nerd in his mother's basement fuelled by cheetos, frozen pizza, and Mountain Dew
  20. I llive in large city that is fucking cold in winter and the ramdom generator gave me some street in Oulu, FInland, a smaller coastal town in Finland that is presumably fucking cold in winter, so not exactly an upgrade
  21. Now that the dust has settled and Biden is going to win, a lot of anxiety has eased meaning we can just sit back and laugh at the absurdity of it all. At this point Trump, Guiliani et al and their antics are starting to be seen as a big joke to most people, apart from the people who are Trump fans. They are just as crazy as American Trump fans but with fewer guns
  22. More on the 4 seasons total landsacping presser, apparently one of the invited speakers is a registered sex offender... https://www.politico.com/states/new-jersey/story/2020/11/09/man-featured-at-giuliani-press-conference-is-a-sex-offender-1335241
  23. I'm mostly with you, I don't eat much in the way of pastry or cakes. I didn't even eat wedding cake at my own wedding lol. That being said I do have a weakness for gummy candy and dark chocolate covered almonds, just can't bring myself to eat cake, cupcakes, donuts, pie, or other pastry
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