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  1. Here is one from over here about Workplace Health and Safety
  2. Yeah, that was a fascinating moment.
  3. Jonjo Shelvey is not a very smart man So who is going to be the next Newcastle manager? My money is on Brendan Rodgers who loves a project and would love to have all of that money at his disposal
  4. Reporting that the fan has been stabilized. Great news
  5. 10 years ago this weekend I saw racing driver Dan Wheldon die live on TV, now this is happening live on TV. Fucking grim
  6. Looks as though a fan had a medical emergency. Reguilon noticed it and had the ref stop the game. Paramedics are administering medical attention to the fan
  7. Good on everyone to get the game stopped so 100% focus can be on the poor person in the crowd. This is bad and I am really worried for them
  8. I legit wonder how long Man United will stick with Ole. They have too good of a squad to be playing this poorly so something has to give
  9. The "Bad Sport" Documentaries are excellent. The Calciopoli one would be of particular interest to folks here but the one about former Racing driver and weed smuggler Randy Lanier is also excellent
  10. I get that "Alexander-Arnold" is a lot of syllables but yeah calling him by his first name is annoying
  11. I have always liked Claudio Ranieri (and not just because my wife's last name is also Ranieri - no relation) but he has a big task with this Watford team. That goal was too easy for Liverpool
  12. I didn't realize they signed so many goalies that season
  13. If we make it, I hope we can score a goal this time
  14. Panama were tough to break down and it took a bit of Alphonso Davies magic to do it but once it happened the floodgates opened. Super happy for the win
  15. Canada needs to hire Craig Levein to teach shithousery, apparently it's the only way to get penalties in CONCACAF
  16. Scotland are really good at playing with the emotions of the fans
  17. Jamaica played tough and the awful pitch really limited out ability to play our free flowing game. We were probably good enough to Nick a 1-0 win but Jamaica played well. The game on Wednesday against Panama is massive now
  18. I think we should be OK against Jamaica, but we have lost 3 players due to suspension for that game. Michail Antonio not being available for this matchday is a huge blow for Jamaica, he's by far their best player
  19. We just need to keep on trucking and picking up points. Our next two games are Jamaica away and Panama at home, these are the teams we are really competing with for 3rd place. I also like how we have decided to play our November home games outdoors in Edmonton against Costa Rica and Mexico. That's top class shithousery by the CSA to use our climate to our advantage
  20. 1-1 at the Azteca is a fantastic result for us, and we were good value for it as well Allez les rouges!
  21. Have I mentioned that CONCACAF refs are garbage Meanwhile Mexico fans are once again chanting homophobic shit
  22. But in the end, they will win more football matches so pesky things like beheaded women, teenagers, and journalists are of secondary concern.
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