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  1. I'm watching to the end to see what sort of meltdown Barton has at the refs
  2. Surely he must realize that Harry Souttar is huge and it's hard to jump over him like he tried
  3. Hope Wycombe can win this for two reasons 1. Adebayo Akinfenwa is one of my favourite lower league heroes 2. Joey Barton is a cnut
  4. That's brilliant business for Inter to get Hakimi for that much As for the Serie C playoff clusterfuck, I'm just glad that the team I cheer for at that level (Reggina) have won their league. When we were in Calabria last year Reggina were in the playoffs and my wife's Italian cousins tried explaining the system to me but a combination of wine and language difficulties left me more confused after the conversation than before!
  5. If anyone had Ghislaine Maxwell on their list they might be in for some points...
  6. As a Canadian I pronounce the O in Honda as an O, not an aw. So I pronounce it Hon-da
  7. Or Hawnda. Generally speaking the way Americans pronounce vowels can irritate me. Up here we just tend to elongate the letter O (see aboot or other similar Canadianisms)
  8. I've got a Pale Ale Project from my local brewery, Beyond the Pale, on the go. I now have 4 breweries within a 20 minute walk of my house.
  9. Oh FFS get over it. He's my cousin's husband if you want a different descriptor
  10. Real probably think he's ready to provide competition for Carvajal. RE: Meunier, I think this is a good signing for Dortmund. He can definitely compete in that league and has plenty of experience
  11. Back a dozen or so years ago I was a mod on a F1 forum. Most of the posters were sort of middle aged History nerd types (many were Dutch) and it wasn't a difficult job until some young English dick came on and was generally just being nasty to anyone who dared to criticize Jensen Button (who wasn't a world champion yet). Anyways I decided to give him a temporary ban because I was tired of hearing complaints about him, hoping it would make him f**k off. Instead he just created a bunch of new accounts and started threatening me, eventually he managed to find my address and threatened to mail anthrax or some other nonsense to me. We banned his IP address (which we considered the nuclear option at the time) and he seemed to go away. Never got that anthrax
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