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  1. It can take a hell of a long time for financially shaky clubs to recover from relegation, if they do. Look at how long it took Leeds to get back, or look at teams like Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, Coventry, Portsmouth who had long top flight runs before going down and have never come back up
  2. I am happy with that, would much prefer Leeds in the Barclays that Burnley
  3. Liverpool nearly caught out yet again, Allison had to bail out defenders
  4. I still doubt Leeds ability to keep a clean sheet though
  5. Liverpool are playing with fire, also they need to shoot more, too many cute passes
  6. Liverpool were caught napping but surely they will be able to recover
  7. I haven't done a scientific evaluation, but seems to be St. Johnstone have blown a hell of a lot of leads this season.
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