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  1. To be fair, both Napoli goals were terrific goals
  2. Fair play to Jack Hendry. He's really come along as a footballer in the last couple of years. He took plenty of slagging off (myself included) but his performance tonight was fantastic. He's come a long way since his Celtic days where his decision making and positioning was quite poor.
  3. Did the same, without an injury that's not a red card. It was a foul maybe
  4. I just missed the incident, but this looks really bad
  5. I think that the fact that Mane was moving away from the play they determined that he was not interfering
  6. Went to go see a live football match for the first time in 2 years to see Atletico Ottawa play against Halifax Wanderers (officially styled as HFX Wanderers but that sounds super pretentious to me). They don't open the North Side Stands for Atletico games but the South stands were decently full. Quality of this league is to be expected of a league where Fraser Aird is a top player, but it was a good day out. Halifax won 2-1 with an 89th minute winner after some dubious defending from Ottawa, I am sure that a lot of P&B'ers can understand that scenario!
  7. Agreed, OGS has no more excuses. At the very minimum he needs to keep Man Utd in a close title battle, if they miss out by less than 5 points then he may be spared, but they need to be in that battle at the end of the season. Meanwhile there is a game on, and Mo Salah has scored his 100th Premier League goal
  8. As much as I am happy that two Canadian born players were in this final, Raducanu is British and Britain deserves to celebrate having a US open champion
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