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  1. Not sure about Kane to City, but I could definitely see Man Utd spunking huge amounts of money on him and giving him a ridiculous contract like they did for Alexis Sanchez
  2. Delighted for Canadians Atiba Hutchison and Cyle Larin for winning the Super Lig! If Lille can hold off PSG then we will have had 5 Canadians on title winning teams in Europe
  3. Alright John Herdman, now time to get your Charisma on and convince this Jebbison lad to play for Canada!
  4. I guess they ruled that Matt Phillips was interfering with the goalie? I agree that's a terrible decision, Liverpool were very lucky to get away with more shambolic defending
  5. Not sure why, but it really annoys me too
  6. That's a good finish from Salah, top class players will punish mistakes
  7. Bye Hamilton, was fun having you in the top flight. Meanwhile Kilmarnock may well join them in the Championship. Their best game plan would be to injure Charlie Adam early in the playoff final* otherwise he will run riot against Killie *note, I don't condone this strategy but Charlie Adam is in fantastic form for Dundee
  8. Sevilla are 1-0 up at half time against Real Madrid. If this result holds we are in for an epic 4 way title battle in the last 3 games. Would be absolute scenes if Atleti, Barca, and Real conspire to f**k it up and Sevilla nicks the title
  9. That's a bit harsh, but he's no more than League two standard
  10. Rhys Williams is the worst of a bad bunch of Liverpool reserve CB's
  11. Fraser Forster reminding everyone not to get discouraged if a manager tells you that you're shit and banishes you to the reserves. He's been excellent so far
  12. Leicester are in the process of bottling their chances of a Champions League place, they are the English Aberdeen
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