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  1. England are full of unlikeable players and Pickford is top of the list for me.
  2. If Engurland beat Senegal it will be hilarious to see Harry Maguire try to control Mbappe
  3. The power that Mbappe can put behind his shots is incredible, just needs a small amout of space to let fly
  4. Can't give Mbappe any kind of time on the ball, he will punish you
  5. Good team goal there and a good finish by Giroud. Poland have had some good spells but the cream rises to the top
  6. Australia can hold their heads up high, they played well. That save was vital by Martinez
  7. Too easy for the Netherlands, they are cruising
  8. I still think they are pretty average, but they could still make the Semi finals as their likely quarter final opponent are an equally average Argentina
  9. Someone put something special in the Stroopwafels today, the Dutch have been excellent thus far
  10. I have resisted being petty for long enough. I am now actively rooting against the USA because they are the USA
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