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  1. What's The Worst Thing You Have Ever Seen?

    In terms of injuries/terrible things related to the human body, probably the worst I saw was some old guy fall on curling ice and hit his head. I can still remember the smack as his head hit the ice and the blood on the ice. Otherwise I have seen some pretty terrible Fringe shows in the past, including the one where the performer got bored in the middle of his already terrible show and started juggling plates badly. I think I was one of about 4 people in the audience
  2. Football Manager 2019

    I have pre-purchased FM19 (saved 10% on steam) but I may just wait until the full version comes out in a couple of weeks.
  3. I tore a muscle in my back a few years ago, the pain was at it's worst when I was in my preferred sleeping position.
  4. Football Manager 2018

    With FM 2019 coming I am just going to wind down any existing games. I'm about to be sacked by Marseille (sitting 10th in my second in February of season after having finished 3rd the first). As it turns out signing 31 year old Jesse Lingard on a free transfer wasn't as good an idea as I thought it was Edit: Was expecting the sack after losing 3-1 at Lyon but have been on a pretty decent run since, up to 6th in Ligue 1 and into the Champions League Semi-Final!
  5. Dulwich Hamlet will not be televised

    So apparantly during Dulwich's game this weekend their goalie, Preston Edwards' car was towed in the middle of the game! He found out as they announced the number plate over the Tannoy...
  6. Next Partick Thistle manager

    He did get Wigan promoted as manager, so that's a positive.
  7. World Cup 2019 Qualifiers

    Yah, on the women's side CONCACAF is still very much a two horse race. The Americans and us are so far ahead of the rest of the confederation it's a bit sad. Only surprise is that Mexico weren't as strong as they have been in the past.
  8. World Cup 2019 Qualifiers

    Canada will join Scotland in France with a 7-0 win over Panama.
  9. Iconic imagery

    Francesco Toldo put on one of the best goalkeeping performances I have ever seen in that semi-final.
  10. Ligue 1

    We shall see how this goes. I liked Henry as a player, I also thought he was a good pundit but being a player and pundit does not automatically make you a good manager, see McCann, Neil.
  11. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    i never got the hatred towards samaras. my mate whos a celtic fan used to end up frothing at the mouth at him. seemed to be an easy scapegoat. I think it was his habit of not turning up for some games that got people frustrated wtih him. I never agreed with the level of hate some fans had for him, but could get annoyed when he would go missing in games. He was one of the last links to the successful and fun Gordon Strachan era at Celtic.
  12. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    Georgios Samaras has retired. One of those players who on his day could be brilliant, on other days immensely frustrating. Scored plenty of goals for Celtic and I wish him well in his retirement
  13. Ligue 1

    The latest member of the "What have you done for me lately"? club