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  1. Without their main centre backs, CIty have been really vulnerable on the counter, not just in this game but in a lot of others as well
  2. That's brilliant from Martial. The way he kept the play alive and the finish off the inside of the post was excellent. Man Utd deserve the lead, City are a mess
  3. City players can complain all they want but VAR got that 100% correct
  4. Just watched the replay of Son's goal an I have to say wow. He went from his own 18 yard box and sliced through the entire Burnley team, got to be goal of the season thus far
  5. If Bournemouth lose Ake for an extended period of time they could find themselves in Relegation trouble. Ake is easily their best player IMHO
  6. Add the 15 mil for Jordon Ibe and it paid for Andy Robertson with change left over.
  7. Andy Walker: Dominic Solanke isn't really a regular goal scorer Dominic Solanke has scored 1 competitive goal in 4 years
  8. He's certainly a long way off the calibre of Allison, Ederson & De Gea
  9. Cracking goal from Malinovskiy to equalize for Atatlanta
  10. Arsenal may be on the longest run of consecutive seasons but which team have played the fewest seasons outside of the top flight in their history?
  11. Before the start of the season I picked Newcastle to be the "big" club to be relegated in amusing fashion, looks like it could be Everton instead. Speaking of which, the man to lead Everton against Chelsea is: Duncan Ferguson!
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