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  1. Disappointing way to end the season but what a season it has been for us fans. We have fallen a little short but hopefully can build on this next season. Very well done to the management and players. On the game today I think we played very well in the first half and should maybe have been 1 or 2 up. The second half was more even but glenafton took their chances which all good champions do. Been a positive season all around tho. Well done Glenafton and good luck for rest of the season
  2. Would like to see us keep as many of the boys as possible, especially green and Mackie. Think the form of Mackie at the start of the season was excellent and at times unplayable. He needs a run of games in the team to prove that. Green has been excellent for us this season and would like him to stay. Pearson has played well at times for us and is a good squad player to have but can understand if he would want to leave. Would also want duff to stay. Happy with the rest who have signed.
  3. Good core of the squad signed by the look of things with a few others having agreed. Will watch with interest over the coming days to see who else commits. The management team are building something special at the roy. Delighted Fraser, Boyle and Sawyers staying especially.
  4. Clearly offside. Watch the highlights again and get your glasses on
  5. Not quite sure why pollok fans are getting involved in this at all. Video of the incident shows it as a head clash, regardless that it was late. It was still accidental. It's unfortunate the injury the pollok boy suffered, but with it being an accident and not an elbow he must feel he has right to defend himself.
  6. Expecting a response on Saturday after last night. Boys weren't good enough first half but second half they did everything possible without scoring. It was one of they games. We will learn more about this team on Saturday and see if they have the character needed to be a successful team
  7. Big game today. Hope the team are up for this and realise just how much this means as a fan to even be challenging at this stage of the season. MTR!
  8. Well the highlight shows that it was a clash of heads as opposed to a 'deliberate elbow' which only the pollok fans seem to have seen. Boyle is slightly late with the challenge, and unfortunately rowan is injured as a result. Hope he recovers fully
  9. It was a late challenge which led to a clash of heads as you say. The pollok fans on here saying it was anything else are an embarassment. I can think of one boy in the Rob roy team who acts like a "thug". As for the management team, as supporters we are appreciative for everything they have brought to the club and the way they conduct themselves is exemplary every week
  10. To say it was an assault is embarrassing. It's a game of football and no boy in the Roy team would deliberately try and injure another player. It's unfortunate the boy was injured but that's what can happen with a clash of heads on a football park. Its a mans game
  11. Not a red card in a million years. Clash of heads and that was all. Thought the boys played well and another refereeing decision has cost the boys 3 points this season. Should've been a foul on Jordan for their goal and never a sending off. But a point which could be important still with some big games to come up. And as for pollok. Great park that newlandsfield is and all they are is hammer throwers
  12. Well done to the boys yesterday. Showed a fair bit of bottle to come back from 1-0 down. Don't think we started the game great, but grew into the game after conceding. Thought wee watt was excellent along with willie and the defence looked solid. We seem to have a squad this year and that's testament to the hard work maxi and the coaching team have put in. Any news on players signing again for next next year? Is boyle and A Johnstone signed for next year?
  13. Big two weeks of games ahead. Will need to be up for it this week against a good arthurlie side. Hope the boys show their early season form and a win on Saturday sets us up well for Troon
  14. The sooner we are away from Cumbernauld the better. I know we are still without a ground, but I hear there has been some developments with the plot we are buying. I feel next year we should look elsewhere in order to seriously mount a challenge
  15. Big game this weekend against St Rochs. A chance to get back on a winning run but important not to underestimate them as they have some good players and been doing well in the central first. Hope the boys are up for it and we are in the next round come Saturday evening
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