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  1. Sounds like Taylor Lewan out for the season for the Titans too
  2. Actually some close games at last. Auburn v Missouri had an amazing ending. Missouri got a 4th down stop, then a big pass. Ran the clock down and missed a field goal from about 20 yards. Auburn kicked a field goal in overtime (missed 1st kick, but Missouri offside). Missouri went up other end and player drooped the ball about 1/2 yard from the end zone, fumbling for a Touchback and thereby losing. Then there was Clemson v Wake Forest, where both teams apparently can't be bothered with Defence. About 51-44 to the Oranges, after 2 Overtime possessions each.
  3. Think Pickens is very talented, but probably also a pain in the arse
  4. Remember Ridgeway from the pre Draft talk. Really big Defensive Lineman, that had a decent get-off.
  5. Interesting that most of the Seahawks Super Bowl winning team seem to despise Russell Wilson. Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin for example, have slated him online, revelling in his struggles in Denver.
  6. Think I'm a Calgary Stampeders man. Mainly as they have former Bears RB Kadeem Carey
  7. Cowboys should stick with Cooper Rush. Until after they've played Da Bears. Seems like TJ Watt might be back in about 5-6 weeks time. No word on Najee Harris yet.
  8. Some strange playcalling by the Broncos in the Redzone and also going for a 64 yard field goal (different if it was in Denver maybe). I'd have gone for it on 4th and 5 instead. Sort of game the Broncos had to win if they're gonna make the playoffs you'd think. Seahawks top of the NFC West and Geno had a decent game.
  9. Broncos must be heavy favourites (sorry Swarley)
  10. Bears Win Packers Lose Patriots Lose Fantasy Team Win (thanks Saquan and Justin Jefferson)
  11. Just want to say to all the media that said the Bears are the worst team in Football and did nothing to help Fields. F*ck You!
  12. Agree with that apart from Lions beating the Eagles
  13. Lost to some guy called Marshall
  14. Sounds like Rondale Moore and possibly Ertz out. Obviously no Hopkins either.
  15. Hadn't realised, but 49ers Interior OLine looks a lot weaker this season. In fact other than Trent Williams, it's not too amazing. The other OT has been banged up in Preseason too. If we can force the 49ers to throw, I think we have a chance.
  16. Sounds like Thibodeaux might be out for the opener. Kittle probably out for 49ers and Velus Jones doubtful.
  17. Similar to the Bears. Turned old roster into I think the youngest in the NFL and more cap than anyone else in 2023. Should be better coaching and an easier schedule (first 2 games aside) this year too. I think we'll be competitive. Reckon something like 7-10 record. Think rookie Safety Brisker could be exciting to watch as well.
  18. AFC North - Ravens AFC East - Bills AFC South - Colts AFC West - Chiefs NFC North - Packers NFC East- Eagles NFC South - Buccs NFC West - Rams Super Bowl = Bills beat Buccs
  19. Kinda hoping this player doesn't make it to the NFL, as I can't pronounce or spell his name (copied and pasted it) DJ Uiagalelei Clemson QB
  20. Was gonna bet on Bills to win the Super Bowl, but only 6-1. Hope they beat the Rams.
  21. Yes, the Chargers should at least push them this year and Broncos should improve. Not 100% convinced about the Raiders, as their OLine is atrocious. Decent opener to the season, in what could be a forerunner to the Super Bowl.
  22. And now he's on the Bears Practice Squad
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