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  1. I liked Jimmy's Boots best, but the storyline was always that he lost or had the boots stolen and was shite, then recovers them and is great again
  2. Arseholes have arranged a TEAMS Meeting at 3pm. Should still be able to watch the second half with my camera turned off and the TV sound off....
  3. Planning to set up a TV in my office (the small bedroom)
  4. We could maybe have a bit of the Proclaimers, if only cos my Missus hates them
  5. I think that is another reason why RBs seem to get paid less than other positions. Most of them only have a few seasons at the top of the game.
  6. Hope Notts County win. Torquay always stink out League 2. Also, if Notts come up, Nottingham is a great city for an away day (could draw them in the League Cup
  7. France and Italy have the best ones
  8. Only recently realised that Scotland's first game is at 2pm on Monday. Working from home, so sure I can manage to get a TV into my office....
  9. Here is Meatball, relaxing with an off field beverage
  10. Shockingly Robyn went to sleep 5 minutes before the game kicked off
  11. Am I allowed to post a picture of Meatball McGinn, or is that just reminding us about the tournament again?
  12. Prefer the World Cup, as I likely seeing countries I haven't seen before and don't know a lot about. Like when Senegal beat France, or Costa Rica doing fairly well with future Real Madrid Keepers Navas in goal.
  13. Leicester seem to be doing good business. They needed a forward, as Vardy may just be fading slightly.
  14. About time Germany got some games
  15. Hajduk Split are probably seen as the second biggest team in Croatia
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