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  1. Hoping for anyone but the Packers and think that the Chiefs are the best team. But, I can't help rooting for the Titans.
  2. Quite exciting so far. Have to say that the Titans have shown no fear in the playoffs.
  3. Part-way through the second episode and a couple of jaw dropping bits. Missus is enjoying it and hates NFL.
  4. Think Da Bears are scheduled to be away to both the Falcons and Jags next season, so hoping to see them again.
  5. Now the Patriots are out, supporting anyone but the Packers. Annoyingly, I'll probably only be able to watch up to about halftime of the Chiefs Titans game, due to work. Will watch the rest on Monday night and try to avoid all news about the Super Bowl.
  6. Do feel about sorry for the Texans. Must be gutted, 24-0 up in the 2nd Quarter and basically look like they've lost the game now.
  7. Should count, only have to have something behind the line. Never seen so fast a turnaround.
  8. Bears did beat the Redskins in the NFC Championship Game
  9. Sorry, I was checking playoff games
  10. 96, Dolphins and Jets in 1986 apparently. Expect it to be broken, as harder to defend nowadays.
  11. Just need the Packers to lose and I can enjoy the playoffs. I mean the Patriots have lost, so I'm already fairly chilled.
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