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  1. Can they wait to sign him until after Tottingham Hotspurs have played Villa in their first match please
  2. Think the football team is called Farul Constanta
  3. I would absolutely hate it if we ended up becoming the new Man City and people thought I was a glory supporter [emoji41]
  4. Annoying, supposed to be a competition for lower league clubs
  5. Roma away is shite I think. Torino home and away are nice other than the sponsor. Genoa one is superb.
  6. Just looked a bit like our dog, also found on a main road. A Patterdale/Staff/something else Terrier.
  7. What breed of dog was she Spring Onion?
  8. Going into that room certainly made me nervous, whilst reading the book. Not do much the Hedge creatures bit. Film was better with the bit where she sees what Jack has been writing I thought. As ever, the Book gives you more detail about the characters and also an insight into what they're thinking. Will have to look up Hereditary and Under the Skin.
  9. Tedy Bruschi has had a second stroke. Seems to be okay though.
  10. Condom machine had 'for refund, insert baby' on it
  11. Man City home kit looks too dark a blue for them. The Omonia home kit and Bologna kits are great.
  12. Since I've said that it has been all Senegal and Mane has just had a penalty saved. Kenyan Keeper has made 3 good saves.
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