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  1. Ecclefechan. The name's always amused me, reminds me of Slartibartfarst.
  2. Not confident Da Bears will sweep the AFC North for a 3rd time on the spin. Think Browns will destroy us tbh. On the bright side, I like the Browns.
  3. Was probably closer than I thought it would be. Despite the win, seems like a bad one for the Panthers, losing McCaffrey and Horn to injury. Mills didn't do too badly tbh.
  4. If you go right after getting out if the train station, you can avoid being kettled by the police and there's a pub called the Great Western which is quite decent. Otherwise you basically have to drink in Walkabout.
  5. Yeah, said before but our daughter was born on the Wednesday, moved house on the Friday and then my wife and baby came home from hospital on the Saturday. Fair to say it was a hectic week. Think my Missus just wanted to get out of helping me with the house move.
  6. Bears could actually win this week, but is it too early to start thinking about our 2022 Draft Picks?
  7. When I mow the lawn, my dog runs around chasing flies away. I think He wants to be seen to do his bit
  8. Watched the highlights on YouTube and very nearly stopped watching after Hopkins missed the kick, what a mistake by Lawrence! Difficult not to see the Cowboys walking the division unfortunately.
  9. I think this will be Daniel Jones' last season as a starting QB. Can see the Giants moving on from him next year.
  10. Jaffa Cakes won a case against the Inland Revenue by arguing just this. Chocolate cakes aren't vatable, whereas chocolate biscuits are. So by being classified as cakes, they can charge less for them. Anyway, ginger biscuits are awesome. Don't like Bourbons or Custard Creams. The top biscuits are Liebnift though, a shocking omission from the chart above.
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