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  1. Aren't Burnley buggered financially if they go down as well?
  2. Yeah, can't see us avoiding defeat. We always seem to give Liverpool a run for their money, but struggle against Man City.
  3. Tbf it used to happen at the start of VAR but it's pointless now. Think it happened at a Palace v Villa game. Not sure what the VAR Offiicial was thinking, as ref had clearly made the right call originally and was nothing clear and obvious to overturn. Tbh, I think VAR Officials should just make the call, like in Cricket/NFL.
  4. Jarvis Landry going to the Saints
  5. Watched some of the Luton v Huddersfield game. Huddersfield were far the better team and probably for the best if Luton don't fluke promotion.
  6. You would hope a good reaction. Seems like the Seahawks were actively trying to trade him away after all.
  7. Got married in 2018 and was surprisingly not really nervous at all. As others say, groom speech is pretty easy and you just have to be complimentary. However, I'm Best Man at mate's wedding next month. Definitely feel more pressure to be funny. Think will mainly be slagging off the groom and his Mum....
  8. My uncle was best man at my parent's wedding. His entire speech was "right, the bar's open".
  9. Seems like Panthers (or Seahawks) are most likely going for Jimmy Garoppolo. Not sure where this leaves Baker Mayfield? Browns may end up releasing him, leaving the Buccs to snaffle him up.
  10. Think I might go to that one. Haven't seen either team. Was gonna see the Packers, but think I could beat the Giants. Think on paper, Vikes v Saints could be the closest contest.
  11. I thought Liverpool were worse for a 'tourists on a day out'.
  12. Jack Sanborn LB and Chase Allen TE are probably the highest UDFAs signed by Da Bears. Heard of a couple of others too.
  13. Saw with Ross that doctors have advised against playing again
  14. Cousin supports Kaiserslautern. Hope they come up. See 1860 are staying in 3. Liga
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